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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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W. M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry, S00: p.25

W. M. Keck Foundation, W00: p.33; S00: p.25; W01: p.13

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

Wagner, Tracey, A99: p.7, 10; S00: p.1824

Walker, Doug, W01: p.2425

Walker, Scott, A99: p.5

Wallace, Mike, A00: p.21

Walsh, Tim, W02: p.36

Walters, Kenneth D., S99: p.1215

Wang, Grace, A99: p.19

Ward, Kimiora, S01: p.46, 47

Ward, Peter, S99: p.8; W00: p.1213

Warner, Emilie, S00: p.78

Warner-Tuhy, Alana, A00: p.37

warning systems for tsunamis, W00: p.2630

Warren, Stephen, S99: p.40

Warwood, Bob, A99: p.20

Wasatch fault, W02: p.37

Washington Biotechnology Action Council, A00: p.33

Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, S99: p.8

Washington Higher Education Telecommunication System (WHETS), S00: p.7

Washington Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program (MESA), S00: p.25; W01: p.31

Washington Research Foundation

audio research funding, W02: p.10

investments, S99: p.67

lipid research funding, S99: p.22

services, W01: p.2

technology transfers and, W01: p.23

WRF Venture Capital, W01: p.18

WRF Venture Center, W01: p.23

Washington Research Foundation Venture Capital, W01: p.18

Washington Sea Grant

contact information, A99: p.51; W01: p.51; S01: p.57; A01: p.51; Win. 02: 59

invasive species research, A99: p.33

objectives, A99: p.32

oyster culture commemorative project, S00: p.43

polymer research funding, A01: p.17

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership, W01: p.47

SciScape support, W02: p.5

sea floor research funding, A99: p.14

shellfish toxin monitoring research, A01: p.21

Virtual Puget Sound and, A99: p.30

Washington Software Alliance (WSA), A01: p.11, 12; W02: p.46, 57

Washington State Biomedical and Biotechnology Association, S99: p.23

Washington State Convention Center, S99: p.48

Washington state government

Consumer and Criminal Justice Cyber Clearinghouse, A00: p.12

Department of Agriculture, A99: p.36

Department of Ecology, A99: p.3132

Department of Fish and Wildlife, A99: p.33, 36, 48; S01: p.53

Department of Health, A01: p.22

Department of Natural Resources, W02: p.36

Department of Transportation, S99: p.27

Governor's Commission on Higher Education, S00: p.49

Governor's Trader of the Year, S00: p.17

Innovation Economy, W02: p.57


medical school funding, S00: p.49

Washington Technology Center, S99: p.16; A00: p.34

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network funding, S99: p.10

public works history, S99: p.47

strategic partnerships for, W02: p.58

Technology Index Report, S00: p.41

Utilities and Transportation Commission, A00: p.12

Washington State Outstanding Biology Teacher Award, S00: p.39

Washington State Quality Award, S00: p.17

Washington State Special Education Advisory Council, A00: p.20

Washington State Technology Alliance, S99: p.23

Washington State University

archaeology curriculum changes, W02: p.33

awards, honors and grants

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

antibiotics grant, S99: p.27

Eminent Faculty Award, A01: p.39

engineering graphics laboratory, A00: p.15

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program, S00: p.40

Justin Smith Morrill Memorial Award winners, S99: p.39

NASA low-gravity research grant, S00: p.25

National Medal of Science, S99: p.39

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, S01: p.37

Web site accolades, S01: p.37

Year 2000 Washington State Award for Excellence in Teacher Preparation, A00: p.20

biochemistry, S00: p.16

biology, A99: p.19


chitosan research, A01: p.19

genetic research on oilseed plants, A00: p.31

chemical engineering, S00: p.7, 13, 40

collaboration efforts

Applied Process Engineering Laboratory support, W01: p.20

ARC participation, A99: p.49

Cooperative Extension Energy Program, W00: p.8

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

faculty advisement on, S01: p.41

industrial motor energy reduction research, A01: p.29

INRA participation, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

OPTO-NorthWest participation, A99: p.6

Research & Technology Park, W01: p.18

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

as University of Washington partner, S99: p.19

Washington Higher Education Telecommunication System (WHETS), S00: p.7

computer sciences, S99: p.9

contact information, W01: p.13

ecology studies, W00: p.30

education, S01: p.37

educational outreach, A99: p.45


Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits, S00: p.16

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, S99: p.9

Wood Materials and Engineering Lab, A99: p.25

history, A00: p.23


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center, S99: p.27

sleep research, W00: p.3738


anti-matter research, W01: p.13

Institute for Shock Physics, W00: p.89

positron accelerators, W01: p.13

seismology, W02: p.40

Tri-Cities branch campus, W01: p.22

veterinary medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine, W00: p.34; A00: p.48

veterinary school, S99: p.17

Washington Technology Center

baseball bat funding, A99: p.25

Cheatham's directorship, S99: p.1617

chitosan research, A01: p.19

conferences organized by, A00: p.34

Dot On project, S00: p.41

grants, S99: p.16

internship program, S99: p.44

OPTO-NorthWest participation, A99: p.5, 6

size and location, W01: p.18

Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, W01: p.30

Wasley, Patricia, S01: p.43

Wasser, Sam, W01: p.43, 44

waste management

PEM (Plasma Enhanced Melter), S00: p.8

radioactive wastes, S01: p.12

sampling devices, A99: p.27

space recycling, A00: p.3637

waste remediation, S00: p.8

waste recovery, chitosan and, A01: p.18


clarification, chitosan and, A01: p.18

quality, shellfish and, S00: p.44

surfaces, Richmond's work on, A01: p.39

world water budget, Win. 02: SciScape

Water and Land Resource Division (King County), A99: p.29

wave physics, W00: p.8

wavelengths of atomic lasers, A99: p.7

Wavtrace, S00: p.6

weather forecasting

Arctic studies, A01: p.36

Argo project, W01: p.3234

data mining and, A01: p.25, 28

equations, W00: p.2021

global warming, W00: p.20

high-resolution western prediction systems grant, S99: p.27

observational gaps in stations, S99: p.32

robotic aircraft and, S99: p.3233

SeaWinds instrument, S00: p.41

snow forecasts, W02: p.5053

virtual modeling and, A99: p.29

virtual reality research, A99: p.32

weather station data, S99: p.27

Weaver, Craig, W02: p.35, 36, 39

Web developments and technology

business plans for Web applications, A99: p.6

clinical trial information-dissemination, A99: p.43

clinical trial information-gathering, A00: p.23

data mining, A01: p.2526

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

electronic ink technology, W00: p.910

legal commerce issues, A00: p.1213

machine thought and, S99: p.4546

medical information systems, S99: p.7

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.14

Numinous Technologies, Inc., S99: p.7

online medical records, W01: p.26

Oregon State marine research network, S00: p.25

Pacific Northwest GigaPop Project, S99: p.1820

personalization, A01: p.2627

screaming mouse product, A99: p.27

telemedicine technologies, W02: p.2832

weather forecasting system, S99: p.27

WebCanvas software, A01: p.28

WRQ software, W01: p.24

Webb, Doug, W01: p.34

Webb Research Corporation, W01: p.34

WebCanvas software, A01: p.28

Weber, Marc, W01: p.13

Web-x, W02: p.48

Weigl, Bernhard, W00: p.39

Weinblatt, Vivian, A01: p.46

Wenk, Edward, Jr., W00: p.45; S00: p.48

West Coast Ballast Water Management Working Group, A99: p.36

West Page Swamp test area, Idaho, W01: p.37

West Seattle High School, A99: p.46

West Valley Middle School, A99: p.17

Western Economic Diversification Canada, A99: p.22

Western Regional Aquaculture Center, A99: p.48

Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, S00: p.2629

Western Transportation Institute (WTI), A99: p.37

Western Washington University

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

Shannon Point Marine Center, A01: p.21

Washington Technology Center, S99: p.17

Western Washington Weed Coordinator, A99: p.36

Westrick, Ken, A99: p.31

Wetherbee, Jerry, A01: p.18

wetlands, W01: p.3637

Wetzel, Eric, W00: p.43, 44

Weyerhaeuser Company, S01: p.54

whales, S00: p.41

whirling disease, S99: p.31

Whitaker Foundation, S99: p.22

White, Ronald, A01: p.6

white blood cells, A99: p.9; A99: p.44

Whitehead, Lorne, W00: p.9

Whiteley, Arthur, S00: p.37

Whiteley, Helen, S00: p.37

Whitesides, George, S01: p.27

Whitney, Don, W02: p.48

Whittaker, Marci, A00: p.37

Whitworth College, A99: p.26

Wiegers, Eric, A00: p.27

Wignall, Janis, A99: p.46; W02: p.5

Wild 2 comet, S99: p.35

Wild Salmon Seafood Market, S00: p.46

Wild Trout Research Lab, S99: p.31

Wilderness Society, W01: p.25

wildlife conservation

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

awards, A00: p.20

elephants, W01: p.43

Martell's work in, A01: p.39

oyster beds, S00: p.44

salmon runs, S01: p.53

University of Montana program, S01: p.13

wildlife management, S01: p.51

The Wildlife Society, A00: p.20

Wiley, Diane, W01: p.18

Wiley, Steve, W01: p.9

William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

architectural design, S01: p.30

associate directorship, S01: p.37

Cellular Observatory, A00: p.40

Electrodynamic Ion Funnel project, W00: p.10

Futrell's directorship, S99: p.2426

as Pacific Northwest National Laboratory lab, A00: p.18

proteomics research, W01: p.9

Williams, Dafydd R. (Dave), A01: p.7

Williams, Kath, A99: p.24

Willows, Dennis, S00: p.35; S01: p.34, 35

Wilson, William Julius, S99: p.39

Wimberger, Peter, S00: p.38

Winckler, jack, A01: p.33

Wind, Robert, A00: p.41

wind generators, A99: p.27

Wing-Robertson, Stephanie, A99: p.23, 24

wireless communication, A99: p.27

Wogman, Ned, A99: p.24

women scientists, A01: p.29

Wood Materials and Engineering Lab, A99: p.25

wood products industry, A99: p.22, 25

Woods, Nancy Fugate, A00: p.15

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, A99: p.13, 17; W01: p.32

workforce. See labor force

World Climate Research Program, W00: p.16

World Health Organization, W02: p.22

World Wide Web. See Web developments and technology

WRF. See Washington Research Foundation

WRF Capital, W01: p.23

WRF Venture Center, W01: p.23

WRQ, Inc., W01: p.2425; A01: p.12

WSA (Washington Software Alliance), A01: p.11, 12; W02: p.46, 57

Wu, David, A00: p.43

WWAMI Rural Health Program, W00: p.33

WWAMI Rural Telemedicine Network, W02: p.31

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, S99: p.8


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