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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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R & D. See research and development


Doppler radar, S00: p.1314

electro-optic polymers research, S01: p.29

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.11

SeaWinds project, S00: p.41


sensors, A99: p.24

Space Station experiments, W02: p.18

radio frequency technologies, S01: p.7

radio stations

Arctic Science Journeys show, A99: p.48

Internet radio stations, W02: p.11

radio telescopes, A00: p.46

radioactive waste, S01: p.12

radiometer buoys, A01: p.38

rainbow trout, S99: p.31; S01: p.54

Ralph Coats Roe Medal, W00: p.45; S00: p.48

Raman scattering, A00: p.41, 42

Ramasastry, Anita, A00: p.12

Rampino, Michael, S01: p.6

Ramsey, Justin, S01: p.46

Ramsey, Paul, W00: p.39

Ramulu, Mamidala, W02: p.49

Randall, Linda, S99: p.40

randomization (clinical trials), A99: p.42

Ranken, J. Thomas, S99: p.49; A00: p.23

rapeseed (canola), A00: p.31, 32

Rare Earth (review), W00: p.1213

Rasul, Firoz, S01: p.37

Rathmann, George B., A00: p.20

Rathmann Family Foundation, S01: p.37

Ratner, Buddy D., S00: p.30, 31, 32; A00: p.34, 38

Ray, Tom, S99: p.46

Rayfield, Emily, W02: p.56

RealTime BioSensor, A00: p.34

receptors on cell surfaces, A99: p.44

recombinant DNA, A01: p.49

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), W01: p.25

recruitment of information technology workers, A01: p.13

recycling technologies, A00: p.3637

red sprites, A01: p.3235

red tube worms, W02: p.9

Redman, Regina, S01: p.17

Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities program, A00: p.36

Reed, Brian, A00: p.37

Reed College

biology program boost, W01: p.46

Collins Foundation grant, A99: p.37

Vollum award, W00: p.45

Reeves, Blain, A99: p.35

Reflection software, W01: p.24

Regional Climate Models (RCMs), W00: p.23

Regnier, Michael, A01: p.8

rehabilitation, brain injuries, S99: p.27

REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.), W01: p.25

Reid, Bob and Jean, A00: p.15

Reiss, David, S99: p.8

REM sleep stage, W00: p.37


acid mine drainage, W01: p.3537

bioremediation, S00: p.8; A00: p.12

companies, W01: p.20

ecological restoration, W01: p.16

groundwater contamination, A99: p.20

INRA support for, S01: p.12

remote access technology, telework and, W00: p.8

remote control systems, GigaPop project and, S99: p.19

Remote Measurement Systems, S99: p.12

remote sensing. See also sensors

stream temperatures, S00: p.25

Yellowstone National Park maps, S99: p.27

renewable resources, A99: p.24. See also natural resources

research and development (R&D)

biotechnology clinical trials, W01: p.11

Cell Systems Initiative, S00: p.23

certification program in research ethics, W00: p.33

federal investment in, S00: p.5

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.78

internships, S99: p.44

National Science Foundation, S00: p.10, 14

pharmaceuticals, S00: p.21

Ph.D's role in, A00: p.47

research universities and economic development, S00: p.49

SeaMED, S99: p.23

University of Washington-related startups, S99: p.12

university posts, A00: p.19

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life (REVEL), A99: p.16, 17

Research and Technology Development grant, S99: p.16

research parks

Northwest parks, W01: p.1423

Pacific Northwest Technology Park, W02: p.33

Research!America, A00: p.19, 4950

respiratory diseases, W00: p.6. See also specific diseases

retinal displays and scanning, A99: p.6

retroviruses, A99: p.9, 44

REVEL (Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life), A99: p.16, 17

reviews. See book reviews

Reysenbach, Anna Louise, S01: p.19

RFID (back-scatter radio frequency identification), S01: p.7

rheumatoid arthritis, S99: p.8; A99: p.4142

Rhines, Peter, W00: p.45

ribonucleic acid. See RNA

Rice University, S99: p.21

Richart, David, A99: p.3940

Richey, Jeff, A99: p.29, 30

Richland, Washington, W01: p.20

Richmond, Geraldine, A01: p.29, 39

Richmond mine, California, W01: p.35

Riebeek, Holli, S01: p.12; A01: p.68, 3235; W02: p.1420, 3441

Riggs, Sharon, A99: p.36

Riley, Chuck, W01: p.17

Ripley, Dale, W01: p.33, 34

Riser, Stephen, W01: p.32, 33

Ritenour, Lee, S99: p.44

Riverfront Research Park (RRP), W01: p.16, 18, 19, 23

rivers and streams

role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

salmon runs, S01: p.54

stream temperature research funding, S00: p.25

urban streams, S00: p.25

RNA, W00: p.7; W02: p.2223

Robert and Jean Reid Endowed Fund, A00: p.15

Roberto, Frank, S01: p.19

Robertson, Stephanie, S99: p.1011

Robigou, Veronique, A99: p.17

Robinson, Bruce, A00: p.13; S01: p.29

Robinson, John, A99: p.37


cryobots, S00: p.9

flying robots, S01: p.36

gecko "stickiness" and, A00: p.8, 10

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.7

laser-tracker systems, A99: p.23

unmanned submarines, W01: p.17

rock samples, W02: p.43

Rocket Space Corporation-Energia (RSC-Energia), W00: p.41, 44


Sea Launch Company, W00: p.4044

Stardust mission, S99: p.37

Rockpoint Oyster Company, S00: p.44

Rodriguez, Rusty, S01: p.17

Roe Medal. See Ralph Coats Roe Medal

Roelink, Henk, A01: p.42

Rogers, J. W. "Bill," S01: p.37

Romaniuk, Paul, A01: p.29

Roos, John, W00: p.25

Rosen, Dan, S99: p.20

Rosenfeld, Ron, W02: p.21

Roseth, Robert, A00: p.47

Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc., S99: p.14; A01: p.31

Roster, Doug, A99: p.35

Rothrock, Drew, S99: p.29

Roy, Ron, A00: p.26

Roy, Tom, S01: p.13

Roy, Troy, W02: p.4748

Royal Academies of Medicine, W02: p.23

Royalty Research Fund grants, S99: p.22

Rumblefish, W01: p.18

rural communities

hospital facilities, A01: p.29

rural nursing, W02: p.21

videoconferencing outreach, W02: p.31

Rural Nursing Excellence Fund, W02: p.21

Russia, Arctic environments in, W00: p.16

Russian Academy of Sciences, W00: p.16

Rutgers University, A99: p.1617

Ruzzo, Larry, A01: p.28


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