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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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IC Designs, S99: p.14


glacier photography, W01: p.3841

icing on aircraft wings, W00: p.39

thickness measurements, S99: p.29

thickness of oceanic, W00: p.17

Ice Age Floods Institute, W02: p.43

ice caps

Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.36

ice cores, S00: p.9

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.2830

icebreakers, S99: p.28

ICOS Corporation, S00: p.19; S01: p.910

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL)

bioleaching research, S01: p.19

Center for Biofilm Engineering collaboration, A99: p.19

Center for Science and Technology participation, W02: p.11

cooperative research efforts, A00: p.18

environmental cleanup support, S01: p.12

Inland Northwest Universities collaboration, S00: p.78

Idaho State University, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

Ikeda, Moyotoshi, W00: p.15

Ikonos, W00: p.39

illegal drugs, W00: p.10

Illman, Deborah L., S99: p.67, 2426; A99: p.45; W00: p.5; S00: p.5, 1015; A00: p.1112, 1618, 4445; W02: p.5, 1420, 5053

Illuminet, Inc., A01: p.3031

Illuminet Holdings, A01: p.31

imagesetters, holographic, A99: p.27

imaging systems

brain imaging, W00: p.34

developmental biology and, A01: p.44

diagnostic imaging needs, W01: p.1011

dinosaur images, W02: p.5556

hyperspectral imaging, S99: p.27

LIDAR surveys, W02: p.39

medical imaging, S00: p.11

MRI (See magnetic resonance imaging (MRI))

multiphoton microscopes, A01: p.44

pulp fibers, A99: p.21

seismic imaging systems, W02: p.39

ultrasound, S99: p.7; A00: p.25

Immedia display, W00: p.9

immune systems

gatekeepers, A99: p.44

HIV infection and, A99: p.9

responses to implants, S00: p.31

rheumatoid arthritis and, S99: p.8

vaccines and, A99: p.38

Immunex Corporation

BIO '99, S99: p.49

Cell Systems Initiative, S00: p.23

Enbrel development, S99: p.8; A99: p.4142

SciScape support, W02: p.5

as University of Washington-related startup, S99: p.13


biofilms and, A99: p.19

immune responses and healing, S00: p.3033

implantable mini-computers, S01: p.33

types of, S00: p.33

incubation, business, W00: p.11. See also start-up companies

incubation, research

biotechnology firms, W01: p.20

Columbia Basin Advanced Technology Center, W01: p.22

research parks and, W01: p.16

Riverfront Research Park, W01: p.19

industrial design, W00: p.11

industrial motors, A01: p.29

industry. See also specific types of industry

biofilm applications, A99: p.18, 20

engineering education and, A99: p.50

forestry research and, A99: p.22

network access to resources, S99: p.20

robot applications, A99: p.23

industry-university partnerships. See university-industry partnerships

industry-university partnerships, S99: p.16

infants. See children

infectious diseases. See epidemiology

Inflazyme, W02: p.26

Info.Resource, Inc., W01: p.11

Informatica, S00: p.6

information sciences

bioinformatics, S00: p.21

University of Washington endowed chair in information systems, S00: p.6

information technology (IT)

clustering of, W01: p.22

diagnostic imaging needs, W01: p.1011

employment demands, A01: p.1215

university/industry partnerships, W02: p.48

information-processing speeds, A00: p.1314

informed consent, A99: p.42

infrared technologies, W01: p.29

Inklination, S99: p.14

Inland Northwest Research Alliance (INRA)

Center for Science and Technology participation, W02: p.11

environmental clean-up support, S01: p.12

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory collaboration, S00: p.7

InnovaTek, W01: p.20


cultivating, S01: p.56

entrepreneurial education, W02: p.4749

Graham Allan on, A01: p.17

Innovation Economy, W02: p.57

Inologic Inc., W00: p.34

INPE (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil), A01: p.35


flight control, S01: p.35, 36

forensic entomology, A01: p.39

Insitu Group, S99: p.33; S99: p.32

Institute for Advanced Study, A99: p.49

Institute for Biological Chemistry, S00: p.16

Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies, W00: p.6

Institute for Nuclear Theory, W02: p.13

Institute for Shock Physics, W00: p.89

Institute for Systems Biology, W01: p.46; S01: p.26, 30

Institute of Global E-Business and Innovation, W02: p.48

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, A99: p.10

Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), A99: p.42; A99: p.38


buoy instrument measurements, S99: p.29

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.26

laboratory automation instruments, S99: p.7

nanotechnology and medical instrumentation, S01: p.30

NASA SeaWinds instrument, S00: p.41

insulin, W00: p.34; A01: p.50

Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), A99: p.30

Integrated Environmental Technologies, S00: p.8

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program (IGERT)

astrobiology grants, S99: p.43

grant programs, S00: p.40

Intel Corporation, A99: p.37; A01: p.8

intellectual property

Bayh-Hole Act, S99: p.12

courses in, W01: p.23

entrepreneurial stance and, S99: p.14

legal aspects of Internet, A00: p.12

Washington Research Foundation and, S99: p.6


extraterrestrial life, W00: p.1213

Friday Harbor Laboratories intelligent systems summer institute, S01: p.34

learning research and artificial intelligence, S01: p.41

machine thought and, S99: p.4546

nature studies and artificial intelligence, S99: p.47

interdisciplinary education

brain and learning research, S01: p.40

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training program, S00: p.40

interdisciplinary research

biomarker research, A00: p.12

coastal processes, W02: p.21

developmental biology, A01: p.42

University of Washington, A99: p.37

internal bleeding, A00: p.28

International Arctic Research Center (IARC), W00: p.1417

international collaboration. See also collaboration

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.2830

International Arctic Research Center, W00: p.15

Sea Launch Company, W00: p.41

International Commercialization Conference (ICC), A99: p.27

International Conference of Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing, W02: p.10

International Glaciological Society, W01: p.39

international law, Internet and, A00: p.1213

International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, W00: p.45

International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), W00: p.22; A00: p.21

International Society for Optical Engineering. See SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering)999}

International Space Station

Helms' tenure on, W02: p.15

injuries and, A01: p.7

projects on board, S00: p.25

International Telework Association and Council (ITAC), W00: p.8

Internet. See also Web developments and technology

audio file processing, W02: p.1011

clinical trials and, A00: p.23

legal commerce issues, A00: p.1213

medical records and, W01: p.26

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.14; S00: p.11

network developments, S99: p.1820

software companies and, W01: p.24

telemedicine technologies, W02: p.2832

Internet service providers

F5 Networks software, A01: p.31

spam and, A00: p.12

internships and apprenticeships

Friday Harbor Laboratories, S00: p.34, 35

high-tech industry, S99: p.44

startups, S99: p.44

intracellular recordings, S01: p.3336

invasive species

bullfrogs, S01: p.5052

Northwest non-natives, A99: p.3336

inventions, nature and, S99: p.47

investigational new drugs (INDs), A99: p.42

investors. See venture capital and investors

Io, A99: p.16

ion channels, W00: p.45

ion funnels, W00: p.10

ionosphere, A01: p.35


environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.25

gecko adhesion and, A00: p.9

ion detection, S99: p.37; W00: p.10

IPWireless, S00: p.6

iRobot, A00: p.10

Iron Mountain, California, W01: p.35

Irwin, Rita, W01: p.31

ISPs. See Internet service providers

Issaquah Health Research Institute. See Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI)

IT. See information technology (IT)

Iverson, Richard, S01: p.11

ivory, elephant, W01: p.43, 44


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