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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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bacterial isolation and, A99: p.18

clinical trials, A99: p.39

delivery systems, S99: p.22

E. coli and, A99: p.11

fusion-competent vaccines, A99: p.9

HIV/AIDS, A99: p.9; A99: p.38

immune systems and, A99: p.38

mucosal vaccines, A99: p.38

Vaezy, Shahram, A99: p.6

van Belle, Gerald, W02: p.21

van der Waals attraction, A00: p.910

Van Ornum, Joel, A01: p.18

Vancouver Aquarium, A99: p.13

Vancouver Island ecosystem, S01: p.52

Vanson, Inc., A01: p.18

vBNS (very high performance Backbone Network Service), S99: p.19

vehicles. See aircraft and aircraft industry; automobiles; traffic; transportation research

venture capital and investors

gifts to University of Washington Business School, S00: p.6

information workers and, A01: p.12

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

University of Washington-related startups, S99: p.12

Washington Research Foundation, S99: p.6

Vernon, Jack, A99: p.37

Vernon, Robert, A00: p.39

Vertical Integration in Research and Education program (VIGRE), A99: p.37

Very Fast Decision Tree system (VFDT), A01: p.26

very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS), S99: p.19

veterinary medicine

Oregon State funding, W02: p.21

Washington State University facility, W00: p.34

videoconferencing programs, W02: p.29, 3132

Viking missions, A00: p.19

Vincent, Richard, S99: p.31

Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center, S01: p.12

Virtual DSP, S99: p.44

Virtual Puget Sound (VPS), A99: p.2832

virtual reality

GigaPop project and, S99: p.19

University of Washington research funding, W00: p.3334

Virtual Reality Lab, W02: p.18

Virtual Reality Lab, W02: p.18

viruses. See also names of specific viruses

anti-viral drugs, S99: p.7

drug delivery and, W00: p.7

hepatitis C, W01: p.10

HIV vaccines and, A99: p.9

raw shellfish, A01: p.23

white blood cells and, A99: p.44

Visio Corporation, S99: p.19; A99: p.6

vision, biochemical reactions in, S00: p.25

VLSI Technology, S99: p.7

vocational coursework, S00: p.3839

Vogel, Viola, S99: p.21; S01: p.26, 28

Vogt, David, W01: p.31

Vokos, Stamatis, W00: p.46

volcanic action

comet collisions and, S01: p.6

extraterrestrial volcanic activity, A99: p.14

hotsprings, S01: p.15

hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.8

landslides and, S01: p.11

Mid-Atlantic ridge, S01: p.20

ocean floors, A99: p.13

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.10

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.13

seafloor volcanoes, S00: p.16

Vollum Award, W00: p.45


children's science programs, S99: p.42

clinical trials, A99: p.3843

von Gersdorff, Henrique, W01: p.31

Voss, Jim, W02: p.15

Voyager Program, S99: p.36; A99: p.14, 16

VPS (Virtual Puget Sound), A99: p.2832


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