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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Dalton, Larry, A00: p.13; S01: p.26, 29

Dame, Debbie, S99: p.44

Dame, Steve, S99: p.44

dams, role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

Daniel, Tom, S01: p.33–34

Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs, A00: p.12–13

dark matter

Big Bang theory, S99: p.47

collaborative research, A01: p.9

McDonnell grants, A99: p.37

neutrinos and, W02: p.13

Darling, Bruce, S01: p.28, 30

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency)

bioterrorism detection funding, A00: p.34

medical ultrasound research, A00: p.26

microscale component research funding, S00: p.16

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

ultrasound research, S99: p.7

unmanned submarines research, W01: p.17

Darwin, Charles, S99: p.45

Darwin among the Machines (review), S99: p.45–46

Darwin Molecular, S99: p.14

data mining systems, S00: p.21, 23; A01: p.24–28

data visualization in proteomics research, W01: p.9


clinical trials, A99: p.43

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

Illuminet services, A01: p.31

Daugherty, Michael, S00: p.41

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

fellowship awards, S99: p.40

implantable mini-computers funding, S01: p.34

science communication grant, S99: p.27

David F. Robitaille Professorship in Mathematics and Science Education, W01: p.31

Davis, Muse, S00: p.36

Davis, Russ, W01: p.34

Dawson, Geraldine, A00: p.15

deafness. See hearing disorders

deaths on battlefields, A00: p.29

decision trees in machine learning, A01: p.26

deep-ocean data, tsunamis and, W00: p.29

defense, national. See national defense

Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. See DARPA

defibrillators, S00: p.17

Delaney, John, S99: p.43; A99: p.13, 15, 17

Delaware Art Museum, S99: p.26

Deming, Jody, S99: p.43; S01: p.15, 16–17; Win. 02: SciScape

democracy, technology and, S00: p.48

Dempsey, Neal, S00: p.6

Denis Thienpont Prize, W02: p.23

Denton, Denise D., A99: p.50; S01: p.34

deoxyribonucleic acid. See DNA

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.30

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.13, 14

West Coast Ballast Water Management Working Group, A99: p.36

Derkey, Bob, W02: p.36

Des Groseilliers icebreaker, S99: p.28, 30

Desert Storm veterans, W02: p.23

design, building. See architecture

detection systems

airborne bacteria, A00: p.34

earthquake detection, S99: p.10–11

fault detection, W02: p.37, 39

ion detectors, S99: p.37; W00: p.10

nonsense detectors, A00: p.5

shellfish toxin detection, A01: p.20–23

spore detection, W02: p.33

tsunami detection, W00: p.26–30

ultrasound tumor detection, A00: p.25, 27

Detter, Andrea, A99: p.21–22; W01: p.24–25, 26–27

Developmental Biology Group, A01: p.42

developmental biology, A01: p.40–44

Developmental Center, W00: p.43

DeWater, Leslie, W00: p.46


insulin-producing cells and, A01: p.50

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation grants, W00: p.34

research into onset, A99: p.42

Diabetes Prevention Program, A99: p.42

diagnostics. See medical diagnostics

diamonds in British Columbia, S99: p.9

Diercks, Al, S99: p.8

diesel, A00: p.33; W02: p.33

dietary supplements, A01: p.19

Dietrich, William, W01: p.5–6

digiMine, Inc., A01: p.28

Digital Government concept, W02: p.57, 58

digital humans, A01: p.7

Digital Island, S00: p.6

digital relay power protection, S01: p.22

Digital State Award, W02: p.57

Digital Technologies Center (SIRTI), A99: p.27

digital technology, ultrasound applications, S99: p.7


embryos, S99: p.8–9

gorgons, S99: p.8

images of, W02: p.55–56

Montana State University discovery funding, S00: p.16

Diorio, Chris, S99: p.40; S01: p.33, 36

diploid oysters, S00: p.45

Dircks, Anita, A01: p.45

DIRECTV, Inc., W00: p.41

Disaster Resistant Universities program, W02: p.38


National Science Foundation and, S00: p.13

pace of, S00: p.15

Discovery Channel, A00: p.44

Discovery Channel Online, A99: p.48

Discovery Communications, A00: p.44

Discovery Parks, Inc. (DPI), W01: p.17, 18

Discovery Place Research Park, W01: p.14

diseases. See epidemiology; names of specific diseases

Disis, Nora, S99: p.22

display technology

electronic ink, W00: p.9

flat panel displays, A01: p.30

distance education

Inland Northwest Research Alliance, S00: p.7

videoconferencing, W02: p.31

Distinguished Young Scholar's award, W00: p.33

Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare program (D2H2), W02: p.29

Dixon, Dennis, W01: p.18


bioinformatics and, S00: p.19, 22

defined, S00: p.20

elephants, W01: p.44

monkeyflower speciation, S01: p.47

RNA and, W02: p.22

salmon, A99: p.46

taxol research and, A99: p.8

vaccine delivery systems, S99: p.22

viruses, W00: p.7

in vocational biotechnology coursework, S00: p.38

DNA chips, S00: p.22; W02: p.33

DNA methylation, W02: p.12

DNA sequences

bioinformatics and, S00: p.22

data mining and, A01: p.25

genetic counseling and, A01: p.45

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.48–49

doctoral education, re-envisioning, A00: p.47

Doe, Chris, A01: p.42

Doe, Peter, W02: p.13

Doernbecher Children's Hospital, W02: p.21

domesticated plants, S00: p.28. See also agriculture

Domingos, Pedro, A01: p.26, 27

Dong, Faye, A01: p.21, 23

Donnelly, Russell, A00: p.23; A01: p.39

Doppler radar, S00: p.13–14

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, S01: p.13

Dorman, Jennie, A01: p.40–44

Dorpat, Paul, S99: p.47; W02: p.50–53

"dot coms," information technology workers and, A01: p.13

Dot On project, S00: p.41

The Double Helix (review), S00: p.48

double-blind trials, A99: p.42

Douglas, Trevor, W00: p.7

Dow AgroSciences, A00: p.31

Dow Chemical Company, A00: p.31

Dowell, Valoree, S99: p.49

Down syndrome, peptides and, A00: p.15

Doyle, Sean, A00: p.46

Dr. Murray Theline Research of the Year Award, A00: p.20

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

Dr. Zonk, A00: p.20

Drayton, Terry, W01: p.25

Drewnowski, Adam, A01: p.19

Drews, JΨrgen, A01: p.49

Drexler, K. Eric, S01: p.25

drought tolerance of plants, A01: p.19

drug abuse research, W02: p.21

drug delivery. See also pharmaceuticals

cancer drug delivery systems, S99: p.22; W01: p.19

gene delivery systems, W02: p.21

lipids and, S99: p.22

professorship at University of British Columbia, W01: p.31

ultrasound applications, S99: p.7; A00: p.29

vaccine delivery systems, S99: p.22

viruses as, W00: p.7

drug smuggling, W00: p.10

drugs. See pharmaceuticals

Druker, Brian, A00: p.43

dry cleaning technologies, A99: p.24

Dubay, Christopher, S00: p.24

Duffield Hall Nanofabrication Research Facility, S01: p.30

Duke University

conservation leadership programs, S01: p.13

cystic fibrosis research, W00: p.33

hydrothermal vent research, S01: p.20

Lost City hydrothermal vent research, W02: p.8

Dunker, Keith, S00: p.20

Durfy, Sharon J., W00: p.33

Dynamix, A99: p.37; W01: p.18

DynCorp Tri-Cities Services, W01: p.22

Dyson, George, S99: p.45–46


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