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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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M. cerebralis parasite, S99: p.31

M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, S99: p.27

MacConnell, Beth, S99: p.31

MacGowan, Patricia, W01: p.31

Machine, Marcos, W01: p.48

machine learning and thinking, S99: p.45–46; A01: p.26

Machine Vision symposium, A99: p.5

machine vision, A99: p.6

Mack, Christoph, W00: p.11

MacKenzie, Alexander, A99: p.22

MacLean, Katie, W02: p.12

Madia, William J., A00: p.17, 19

Madison Canyon landslide, W02: p.37

magma, ocean floor, A99: p.13

MagnaDrive Corporation, A01: p.29

magnetic fields

brain changes during learning, S01: p.43

fault detection and, W02: p.37

malaria treatments and, A00: p.23

solar winds and, A99: p.10

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

confocal microscopy, A00: p.40–42

defined, W01: p.11

magnetic resonance microscopy, A00: p.40–42

Merlin Data Works, Inc., S99: p.7

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.11, 14

Oregon Science & Health University funding for, W02: p.21

Philips as vendor for, W01: p.10

viral protein cages and, W00: p.7

magnetic resonance microscopy (MRM), A00: p.40–42

magnetically-assisted fluidized bed, A00: p.37

magnetoencephalography (MEG), S01: p.43

magnetometers, fault detection and, W02: p.39

malaria, A00: p.23; W02: p.23

Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards, S00: p.17

malnutrition, plant research and, A00: p.31

Manatash Ridge Observatory (MRO), A99: p.49; A00: p.46

Manduca sexta, S01: p.33–36

Manila clams, A99: p.34

Manley, John, W00: p.39

Mantua, Nathan, W00: p.22, 25; A00: p.22


data mining and, A01: p.25

entrepreneur of the year awards, S99: p.23

information technology workers and, A01: p.12

internships, S99: p.44

nanoparticles and, S01: p.29

robots, A99: p.23

Stratos Product Development, W00: p.11


Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

Northwestern geology, W02: p.42–45

Yellowstone National Park, S99: p.27

MARC Analysis, S00: p.8

Marcotte, Dave, W00: p.39

Marcus, Andrew, S01: p.7

Margon, Bruce, A00: p.5–6

marine biology

chitosan, A01: p.16–19

Friday Harbor Laboratories, S00: p.33–37; A01: p.42

marine biotechnology, Win. 02: SciScape

medicines, Win. 02: SciScape

Vollum Award, W00: p.45

marine industries

over-fishing, W00: p.33

Sea Grant Program, A99: p.32

Marine Invasive Species Task Force, A99: p.36

marine policies, A99: p.32

marine resources. See oceanography

marine sponges. See sea sponges

marine sticklebacks, S00: p.40

Mariner missions, A00: p.19

Marker Gene Technologies, Inc., W01: p.18, 19, 23


data mining and, A01: p.25

internships, S99: p.44

markets for technologies

global marketplaces and engineering, A99: p.50

technology markets and research parks, W01: p.17

University of Washington-related startups and, S99: p.13

Washington Technology Center, S99: p.16

Markey Molecular Medicine Center, W01: p.46


Antarctica compared to, S00: p.9

biomarkers for extraterrestrial life, W01: p.46

biosignatures, S01: p.17

microbial life, S99: p.43

Mars Pathfinder mission

gecko robotics and, A00: p.10

public interest in, A99: p.16

Marston, Phil, S00: p.25

Martell, Art, A01: p.39

Martin, Richard O., S00: p.17

Martin, Roy, A00: p.26

Mary Woodard Lasker Charitable Trust, A00: p.49

Mass, Cliff

on gaps in observation technology, S99: p.32

on La Niña, A00: p.21

on snow forecasting, W02: p.51

weather database work, S99: p.27

mass extinctions

causes, S01: p.6

extraterrestrial life possibilities and, W00: p.13

Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowships, A00: p.4

mass spectrometry

Futrell's work in, S99: p.25

ion funnels, W00: p.10

in proteomics research, W01: p.9

Stardust Mission, S99: p.37

W. M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry, S00: p.25

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, A01: p.26

Mastroianni, Anna, S99: p.40

material sciences and engineering

anti-matter research, W01: p.13

baseball bats, A99: p.25

nanotechnology and, S99: p.21; S01: p.26

National Medal of Science winners, S99: p.39


bioinformatics and, S00: p.19

education grants, S00: p.25

National Medal of Science winners, S99: p.39

National Science Foundation, S00: p.10

Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science, S00: p.16

Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program (MESA), S00: p.25; W01: p.31

Mathez, Edmond, A99: p.15

MathSoft, S99: p.14

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization (MALDI), S00: p.41

Matsen, Frederick A., W02: p.30

matter, quantum laser array experiments and, A99: p.7

Matula, Thomas, A00: p.25, 26

Max Planck Center for Astrophysics, A01: p.9

Maxson, Linda, A99: p.31

Mayer, James, S99: p.40

Mays, Tyler F., W01: p.10

Mazuca, Jennifer, S99: p.7

MBAlink, W01: p.18

McBride, Ruth, A00: p.23

McCaig, Heather, A00: p.37

McCarthy, Michael, A01: p.35

McCaw, Bruce and Jolene, S01: p.40; S01: p.13

McCaw Cellular Communications, S01: p.13, 40

McClure, Marcella, S00: p.23

McCormick, Richard

on computer sciences and engineering endowments, W00: p.33

on experiential learning, S00: p.35

on interdisciplinary research, S01: p.41

PRISM, A99: p.30

McCoy, Genevieve, S99: p.47

McCoy, John E., A00: p.48

McCoy, Tom, S00: p.11; A00: p.44

McDermott, Lillian C., W00: p.46

McDevitt, Hugh, W01: p.31

McDonnell Douglas, W00: p.43

McElwain, Terry, W00: p.34

McFerson, Jim, W01: p.30

McGeer, Tad, S99: p.33

McGough, Helen, A99: p.38–43

McGrew, Steve, A99: p.27

MCI Worldcom, S99: p.19; A01: p.31

McKay, Chris, S00: p.9

McKay, John, S01: p.47

McKenzie, David, A99: p.10

McKeown, Mary Pat, A99: p.36

McLaughlin Research Institute, S01: p.13

McLeod, Bruce, A99: p.19

McMakin, Andrea, W01: p.22, 28–30

McMaster University, A01: p.9

McNaughton, Bruce, W00: p.37, 38

McPhee, Miles, S99: p.29

McPhee Research Co., S99: p.29

McQueen, Doug, W01: p.16, 18

McQuerry, Dennis, A01: p.24, 27

McTaggart, Kathy, W00: p.8

mechanical engineering

baseball bats, A99: p.25

International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, W00: p.45

Ralph Coats Roe Medal, W00: p.45; S00: p.48

robotics, A99: p.23


democracy and, S00: p.48

K-12 educational media, W01: p.31

natural history film-making program, A00: p.44–45

medical centers. See hospitals

medical devices

analog and mixed-mode circuits, S00: p.16

biofilms, A99: p.18

clinical trials, A00: p.23

defibrillators, S00: p.17

healing with medical ultrasound, A00: p.24–29

immune systems and, S00: p.32

nanotechnology and, S01: p.30

space applications, A01: p.7–8

medical diagnostics

chemical fluid analysis, W00: p.39

ion funnel technology and, W99: p.10

medical imaging, A99: p.5; S00: p.11; W01: p.10–11

nanotechnology and, S01: p.30

point-of-care diagnostics, S99: p.7

portable ultrasound devices, S99: p.7

smart polymers and, A01: p.10

ultrasound, S99: p.7; A00: p.25

viral protein cages, W00: p.7

medical ethics. See also ethical issues

biotechnology and, S99: p.50

certification program in research ethics, W00: p.33

clinical trials, A99: p.42

genetics counseling coursework, A01: p.45

Lifetime Achievement Award, W00: p.45

research ethics program, W00: p.33

medical genetics

pesticide studies, W00: p.35

programs in, A01: p.45

Medical Genetics Clinic, A01: p.45

Medical Imaging symposium, A99: p.5

medical implants. See biomedical implants; implants

Medical Marketing International (MMI), W01: p.20

Medical Research Council (Canada), W00: p.34

MedicaLogic/Medscape, W01: p.26–27

Medicare, A01: p.29

medicine and medical research

Albert B. Sabin Heroes of Science Award, A00: p.19

biomedical space technology, A01: p.6–8

entrepreneur of the year awards, S99: p.23

Human Research Facility, International Space Station, W02: p.17

immune system gatekeepers, A99: p.44

Intel's collaborative research laboratory and, A01: p.8

military medicine issues, A00: p.29

National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, W02: p.21

need for, A00: p.49–50

Oregon Sciences and Health University merger plans, S01: p.11

patient-centered clinical education, S01: p.37

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.48–49

public input, A99: p.43

rural hospital facilities, A01: p.29

telemedicine, A00: p.26

University of Washington School of Medicine impacts, S00: p.49

Medina, John, S01: p.40

Medtronic Physio-Control, S00: p.17

meetings. See names of specific conferences

Meikle, Tim, W01: p.16

melanin in fungi, S01: p.17

Meltzoff, Andrew, S01: p.39, 41, 42


Ginkgo biloba, W01: p.46

sleep and, W00: p.38

MEMS (Micro Electronic Machines Systems), A00: p.8; W01: p.17; S01: p.34


awards, W01: p.31

cross-disciplinary research groups and, A99: p.37

engineering education and, A99: p.50

Presidential Award for Excellence, S99: p.40

Merck & Co., Inc., W01: p.46

Merg, Kurt, W00: p.32

Merlin Data Works, Inc., S99: p.7

MesoSystems Technology, Inc., A00: p.34

messenger RNA, W02: p.22


bioleaching research, S01: p.19

British Columbia geology survey, S99: p.9

heavy metal wetlands treatment, W01: p.37

heavy metals in acid mine drainage, W01: p.35

nanotechnology-based recovery technology, S01: p.28

meteorological buoys, A01: p.38


global warming, A00: p.21

red sprites, A01: p.32–35

snow forecasting, W02: p.50–53

weather forecasting equations, W00: p.20–21

meteors, origins of life and, S01: p.21

Metheny, Pat, S99: p.44

MethylGene, Inc., W02: p.12

Met-Ocean Corporation, A00: p.15

Miami University, A00: p.31

mice, A01: p.42

MiCELL Technologies, Inc., A99: p.24

Michaels, Patrick, A00: p.21

Michigan State University, A00: p.31

Micro Electronic Machines Systems. See MEMS (Micro Electronic Machines Systems)

Micro Encoder Inc., A99: p.6

micro-air vehicles, S01: p.36


extraterrestrial life possibilities and, W00: p.13

in hydrothermal vents, S01: p.19–21

iron-encrusted, S01: p.21

microbial commercial products, S01: p.18

microbial life, S99: p.43

psychrophiles, S01: p.17

thermophiles, S01: p.15

Microbial Technologies, W01: p.36


astrobiology program, S99: p.43

bacterial communities, A99: p.18–19

extreme environments, S00: p.40

fish parasite studies, S99: p.31

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.7

subsurface microbiology, S00: p.40

University of Washington astrobiology program, S99: p.37

microbiosenors. See biosensors

microchips. See chip technology

micro-electromechanical systems. See MEMS (Micro Electronic Machines Systems)


collaboration in research, A01: p.6–8

NASA facilities, S00: p.25

space recycling research, A00: p.36–37

Micronics, Inc., S99: p.7; W00: p.39

Micro-Optics Devices and Applications symposium, A99: p.5


in black smokers, A99: p.15

hydrothermal vents, W02: p.9

Leeuwenhoek's work with, A00: p.40

sea floor, A99: p.14

microprocessors, digital relays and, S01: p.22

microscale component research, S00: p.16


combined optical and MRM, A00: p.40–42

micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), A00: p.8

microscopic chips. See chip technology

Microsoft Ballpoint Mouse, W00: p.11

Microsoft Corporation

data mining research, A01: p.25

F5 software for, A01: p.31

funding for Bioinformatics, S00: p.19

GigaPop site and, S99: p.19

history of information workers, A01: p.12

network bandwidth importance, S99: p.20

Numinous purchase, W01: p.23

OPTO-NorthWest participation, A99: p.5, 6

WebCanvas software, A01: p.28

Microsoft Research

advisors for, A01: p.39

data mining, A01: p.28

embedded biochip research, S01: p.33, 34

microtubules, S01: p.28, 31

Microvision Inc., A99: p.6

Mid-Atlantic ridge, S01: p.20; W02: p.8–9

Middleton, Dale, W02: p.43, 45

MidiAxe guitars, S99: p.44

migration patterns of elephants, W01: p.45

Mikolajcik, Anne, S99: p.34–38, 43

Milburn, Hugh, W00: p.28

Miles, Edward, W00: p.24–25

military technology

shock physics, W00: p.8–9

ultrasound, S99: p.7; A00: p.26, 29

Milken Institute, W01: p.22

Miller, A. Dusty, A99: p.44; A00: p.20

Miller, Bruce, S00: p.36; W01: p.48

Miller, Darcy, A00: p.20

Miller, John, S00: p.24

Miller, Robert C., Jr., S99: p.14; W01: p.21

Milton, Stuart, A99: p.5

Mimulus cardinalis, S01: p.44–49

Mimulus lewisii, S01: p.44–49

Mine Waste Technology Program, W01: p.36

minerals, S99: p.9

miniaturization in nanotechnology, S01: p.27

mining industry, acid mine drainage and, W01: p.35–37

Mink, Jodi, W02: p.49

Minnesota Power Electric, A99: p.10

Mitchell, Cindy, A99: p.46

Mitchell, Reg, A00: p.20

mitochondria, S01: p.7

mitten crabs, A99: p.33, 34–35

mixed-mode integrated circuits, S00: p.16

Miyagi, Joe, S00: p.45

MMI (Medical Marketing International), W01: p.20

model systems in developmental biology, A01: p.42

modeling and simulations

astronomy, A01: p.9

global warming, A00: p.21

proteins, S00: p.23

robotic aircraft and weather, S99: p.32

space biomedical research, A01: p.6, 7

thermal turbulence and, A00: p.23

modems, W00: p.28

molecular biology

Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

BIO '99, S99: p.49

bioinformatics and, S00: p.24

brain development research and, S01: p.40

importance in next century, S99: p.50

parasites, W02: p.22

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.48–49

proteomics and, W01: p.9

molecular biotechnology, W01: p.46

molecular evolution, S00: p.35

molecular genetics, S01: p.45

molecular parasitology, W02: p.22


confocal microscopy, A00: p.41

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.25

Fourier imaging correlation spectroscopy, S01: p.7

fullerene molecules, S01: p.6

gecko adhesion and, A00: p.9

marine-derived molecule usages, W02: p.24–27

nanotechnology, S99: p.21–22

nanotechnology and, S01: p.25

protein binding, A01: p.10

proteins, S99: p.40

receptors on cells, A99: p.44

red sprites and, A01: p.35

shock physics, W00: p.9

"Trojan Horse" molecules, W00: p.34


Arctic climate, A01: p.36

shellfish, A01: p.20–23

monitors. See display technology

monkeyflowers, S01: p.44–49

Monsanto, A99: p.36

Montana Biotech Corporation, A99: p.19; S01: p.18, 19

Montana Biotechnology Center, A99: p.9

Montana Public Broadcasting Station, A00: p.44

Montana state government

Department of Environmental Quality, W02: p.33

Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, S99: p.31

Montana State University. See also Montana State University-Bozeman

Advanced Technology park, W01: p.18

AIDS protein research, S00: p.23

biochemistry, A99: p.7–8

biomarkers for extraterrestrial life, W01: p.46

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research, S00: p.16

extremophile research, S01: p.17

fault detection research, W02: p.37

fungal studies, A99: p.7–8

INRA participation, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program funding, S00: p.40

Mountain Research Center, A00: p.23

Museum of the Rockies, S99: p.8–9; A99: p.49; W02: p.55

paleontology, S99: p.8–9

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

research parks, W01: p.18

Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science, S00: p.16

TechHatch, W01: p.18, 20

TechLink, S99: p.27; W01: p.16, 18, 20

Montana State University-Bozeman. See also Montana State University

Big Sky Institute, A00: p.45

Center for Biofilm Engineering, A99: p.18–19, 20; W01: p.36

Center for Computational Biology, S00: p.24

climate change research, A01: p.29

College of Arts and Architecture, A00: p.44

electrical engineering research, A99: p.19

EPICenter sustainable building pilot building, A99: p.24

Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

National Science Foundation support, S00: p.11

natural history film-making program, A00: p.44–45

Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, A00: p.23

solar explosion research, A99: p.10

solar physics research, A00: p.19

virology, W00: p.7

Western Transportation Institute, A99: p.37

Wild Trout Research Lab, S99: p.31

Montgomery, David, A99: p.29

Moon exploration, W00: p.44

Mooney, Sian, A01: p.29

Moore, Bradley, W02: p.27

Moore, Roger H., A01: p.30–31

moraines, W01: p.39, 40

Morgensztern, Susan, W02: p.23

Morison, James, A00: p.15; A01: p.36, 37

Moritz, Richard, S99: p.28; A01: p.37

Mossberg, Thomas, A99: p.7

Mote, Philip, W00: p.20

moths, W00: p.30; S01: p.32–36

motion sensors, S99: p.10, 11

Motorola, W01: p.24; A01: p.31

Mount Washington copper mine, W01: p.36

Mountain Research Center, A00: p.23

Mourad, Pierre, A00: p.25, 26

mouse devices, A99: p.27; S00: p.41

Mowry, Clayton, W00: p.41

MRI. See magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

MRM (magnetic resonance microscopy), A00: p.40–42

MSE Technology Applications, Inc., A99: p.20; W01: p.36

Mt. Baker Ski Area, W00: p.19

mucosal vaccines, A99: p.38

mud flat habitat, A99: p.36

mudslides, A99: p.29; S01: p.11–12

Muehlbauer, Fred, S00: p.29

Muldoon, Leslie, A99: p.44

Mullis, Kary, S01: p.18

multibeam bathymetry, W02: p.39

Multimedia Imaging symposium, A99: p.5

multiphoton microscopes, A01: p.44

multiple sclerosis, S99: p.27

Multi-University Research Initiative, W02: p.10

Munn, Maureen, S00: p.38

Murdock Charitable Trust, S00: p.38

Murphy, Jeremiah, A00: p.46

Murphy, William J., W01: p.18, 22

Murray, Charles E., A00: p.39; W01: p.31

Dr. Murray Theline Research of the Year Award, A00: p.20


low gravity and, W02: p.17

muscle contraction, A01: p.39

recording muscular information, S01: p.33

space travel and muscle deterioration, A01: p.6

Muscular Dystrophy Association, S01: p.13

muscular dystrophy, S01: p.13

Museum of the Rockies

dinosaur embryos, S99: p.8–9

dinosaur images, W02: p.55

hunt for Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

music file processing, W02: p.10–11

music synthesizers, S99: p.44

mussels, A01: p.20–23


genetic drift and biodiversity, W00: p.31

genetic mutations and cancer, W02: p.12

machine thought and, S99: p.46

Mutayoba, Ben, W01: p.44, 45

Mytilus galloprovincialis, A99: p.34


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