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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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C. elegans, A01: p.43

Cable, Tom, S99: p.6

Cady, Sherry, S01: p.16, 1718

Cahn, John W., S99: p.39

Caisse, Joey, W02: p.48

California Institute of Technology, S99: p.48

Call, Charles, A00: p.34

Callahan, Bridgett, W00: p.25

Callis, James B., W01: p.30

Calne, Donald, W00: p.34

Cambridge NeuroScience, W00: p.39

camcorders, S00: p.11

Campbell, Charles, S99: p.21; A00: p.9; S01: p.26, 2829

Canada Fund for Innovation (CFI), S99: p.9

Canadian Computational Cosmology Collaboration, A01: p.9

Canadian Foundation for Innovation, A01: p.9

Canadian government

Canadian Wildlife Service, A01: p.39

Conference Board of Canada, A99: p.21

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (See Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

forest resources, A99: p.22

Geology Survey, S99: p.9

Ministry of Advanced Education, A99: p.22

National Research Council (See National Research Council (Canada))

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council, A99: p.21; A00: p.15; A01: p.39

sustainability grants, A99: p.37

Canadian Institutes of Health, A01: p.29

Canadian Medical Research Council, W00: p.34


chemotherapy and gene therapy, W01: p.19

drug delivery systems, S99: p.22; W01: p.19

gene delivery systems, W02: p.21

genetic counseling and, A01: p.45

genetic mutations and, W02: p.12

immune barriers and, A99: p.44

leukemia enzyme treatments, A00: p.43

oncogenes, A01: p.44

Order of the British Empire honors, W00: p.45

peptides and, W00: p.7

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.49

prevalence of, A00: p.49

radiation and, W02: p.18

recombinant DNA and, A01: p.49

Stroum Foundation endowment, W00: p.33

swinholide A, W02: p.27

tumor-suppressing proteins research, A01: p.29

ultrasound treatments, A00: p.27

Canyon Park Junior High School, A99: p.17

Capalbo, Susan, A01: p.29

Capaldi, Roderick, S01: p.7

carbon dioxide, S99: p.30; A99: p.24

carbon monoxide, S01: p.8

carbonate precipitates, W02: p.8

cardiac muscle, growing, A00: p.38

cardiovascular systems, A01: p.18

career fairs for information technology workers, A01: p.13

Carlson, Adam, A01: p.2428

Carney, Diane, A99: p.11; W00: p.4044

Carr, Matthew (author), A99: p.6, 2832; W00: p.1823; A00: p.4, 2122

Carr, Michael (entrepreneur), A99: p.6

Carrender, Curt, S01: p.7

Carsten, Laura, W00: p.7; S01: p.1421; A01: p.1619, 4748; W02: p.5, 2427, SciScape

Carter, Bruce, A01: p.4950

Carter, Steve, A00: p.26

Carty, Arthur, W00: p.39

Cascade mountains, W02: p.45

Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ), S99: p.10; W00: p.30

Cassidy, David, W01: p.13

Castillo, Geraldo, A00: p.15

castor plant, A00: p.32

Castro, Fidel, A01: p.25, 27

"Cat's Claw," A00: p.15

cattle, A99: p.27

Cederholm, Jeff, S01: p.53

cell biology

Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

cell division, A01: p.43

combined microscopy, A00: p.4042

Cell Systems Initiative, S00: p.23

Cell Therapeutics, Inc., W00: p.34; W02: p.47


cell division research, S99: p.39

combined microscopy, A00: p.4042

developmental biology, A01: p.41

laboratories at Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

cellular imaging, S01: p.7

Cellular Observatory, A00: p.40

Center, Robert, S99: p.16

Center for Acoustics and Auditory Research, W02: p.10

Center for Advanced Wood Processing, A99: p.22

Center for Bioengineering , S99: p.40

Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE), A99: p.1819. 20; W01: p.36

Center for Computational Biology, S00: p.24

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, W00: p.35, 36

Center for Instructional Development and Research, A00: p.47

Center for Law, Commerce and Technology, A00: p.1213; W02: p.48

Center for Mind, Brain, and Learning, S01: p.3843

Center for Multiphase Environmental Research (CMER), S00: p.7, 13, 40

Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, S01: p.30

Center for Nanotechnology, S99: p.21; S01: p.2627

Center for Process Analytical Chemistry, W01: p.30

Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), A00: p.1112

Center for Science and Technology (INRA and INEEL), W02: p.1112

Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits, S00: p.16

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, S99: p.20

Center for Tsunami Inundation Mapping Efforts (TIME), W00: p.29

Center for Urban Water Resources Management, S00: p.25

Central Washington University

GPS monitors, W02: p.41

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

Cephren Inc., S00: p.6

Cerestat, W00: p.39

Cetus Corporation, S01: p.18

CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), S00: p.14

CH2M Hill Hanford Group, W01: p.22

Chagas' disease, W02: p.22, 23

Chamberlain, Jeffrey, S01: p.13

Chancellor's Distinguished Service awards, A01: p.39

Chandler, Bill, W02: p.33

Charnley, Janet, W02: p.5

charr, nutrients for, S01: p.54

Charters, Marcie, A99: p.17

Chave, Alan D., A99: p.14

Cheatham, R. Lee, S99: p.1617; A99: p.5, 27; S00: p.41; W01: p.18; S01: p.56

Checkoway, Harvey, W00: p.6

chemical engineering, A00: p.36

chemical reaction engineering, W01: p.31

chemical reactor modeling, S99: p.39


American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

atmospheric chemistry, W00: p.17

children's programs, S99: p.42

Dr. Zonk show, A00: p.20

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.25

Linus Pauling Award winners, S99: p.48

nanotechnology and, S99: p.21

natural products chemistry, W02: p.25

ocean chemistry, W02: p.8

PNNL software, S00: p.89

women's equity issues, A01: p.29

chemometrics, A01: p.25

chemotherapy, gene therapy and, W01: p.19

Cheney, Eric, W02: p.43, 44, 45

Chew, Kenneth K., S00: p.44, 45; W01: p.48

Chhoa, Ezekial, S99: p.41

chickens, A01: p.42


brain development, S01: p.40

Doernbecher Children's Hospital, W02: p.21

exposure to pesticides, W00: p.35

juvenile arthritis, S99: p.8

memory research, S01: p.41

pesticide exposure, W00: p.37

SciScape, W02: p.5, SciScape

Washington State education statistics, W02: p.5758

YES Camps, S99: p.4143

Children's Environmental Health Research Center, W00: p.37

Children's Hospital Medical Center, S99: p.8

Chinowsky, Tim, A01: p.35

chip technology

astronomy and, A01: p.9

atomic lasers and, A99: p.7

biochips, W02: p.33

electronic ink, W00: p.9

electro-optic polymers research, A00: p.13

embedded, S01: p.3236

flat panel displays, A01: p.30

gecko adhesion and, A00: p.11

nanotechnology and, S99: p.21

smart polymers and, A01: p.10

Stardust Mission chips, S99: p.38

Chiroscience Group, S99: p.14

chitin, polymers in, A01: p.18

chitosan, A01: p.1619

Chiu, Daniel, S01: p.28, 31

chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), S00: p.14

chlorpyrifos pesticide, W00: p.36

Chowning, Jeanne, S00: p.38, 39

chromophores, S01: p.29

chromosomes, A99: p.7

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cooperative Research Center, S00: p.41

Cisco Systems, S99: p.19

City of Medicine Award, W01: p.31

clams, A99: p.48; A01: p.2023

Clark, Barney, A00: p.38

Clark, Lou, W02: p.41

Clark, William, A99: p.49

Clary, Heather, W00: p.10

cleaning agents in dry cleaning, A99: p.24

Clearnet Inc., W01: p.14

climate change

agricultural impacts of, A01: p.29

Arctic studies, S99: p.29; W00: p.14; A01: p.36

Argo project, W01: p.3234

carbon dioxide and, S99: p.30

Clinton's briefing on, W00: p.45

comet collisions and, S01: p.6

global warming, A00: p.2122

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.28

ice thickness, W00: p.17; A01: p.36

Integrated Assessment Models and, A99: p.30

North Atlantic oscillation, W00: p.45

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.3638

Northwest impacts, W00: p.1823

Pacific Decadal Oscillation, W00: p.20

reliability of forecasts, W00: p.2425

Climate Impacts Group (CIG), W00: p.20, 2425

Climate Prediction Center (NOAA), W00: p.23

climatology. See also weather forecasting

climate models, W00: p.21

data mining climate data, A01: p.28

IARC Center, W00: p.1417

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.3638

robotic aircraft, S99: p.3233

clinical research institutions, A99: p.38

clinical trials and testing

anti-asthma compounds, W02: p.26

Axio Research Corporation, A00: p.23

defined, A99: p.42

natural product drugs and, W02: p.25

Northwest biotechnology trials, W01: p.11

volunteer participation, A99: p.3843

Clinton, William Jefferson

climate change briefing, W00: p.45

International Arctic Research Center, W00: p.1415

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, W01: p.31

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

cloning, tumors and, W01: p.19

Clostridium botulinum, A00: p.34


Arctic studies, S99: p.28

ionosphere discharges, A01: p.33

pollution effects on, W00: p.17

virtual modeling, A99: p.29

Clurman, Bruce, W00: p.33

clustering technique in data mining, A01: p.28

coagulation, ultrasound treatments for, A00: p.28

Coast Salish prehistory, A01: p.4748

coastal estuaries, A01: p.21

Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport project (COAST), W02: p.21


coastal estuary shellfish safety, A01: p.21

Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport project (COAST), W02: p.21

coastal processes, W02: p.21

CoCensys, Inc., W00: p.39

Coeur d'Alene mining district, W01: p.35, 36

coevolution, human health and, W00: p.3032

Cohen, Josh, W00: p.89

coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering, A00: p.42

cold halocline layers (CHLs), W00: p.17

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), W01: p.16; A01: p.38

Coleman, George, W02: p.33

Coleman, Howard, S01: p.10

Collins Foundation, A99: p.37

Colony, Roger, W00: p.15

Columbia Basin Advanced Technology Center, W01: p.22; W01: p.18

Columbia Basin College, W01: p.22

Colwell, Rick, W02: p.12

Colwell, Rita, S00: p.5, 11, 1415

Combes, Stacey, A99: p.44; S00: p.3437; A00: p.811; S01: p.3236

CombiMatrix, W02: p.33


Jupiter and, W00: p.13

mass extinctions and, S01: p.6

Stardust Mission, S99: p.3438

commercial harvesting of oysters, S00: p.44

commercialization of technology

Bayh-Dole Act, W01: p.16

dry cleaning technologies, A99: p.24

exotic microorganisms, S01: p.18

optical engineering, A99: p.5

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory technology transfers, S00: p.8

SIRTI research, A99: p.26

Washington Research Foundation, S99: p.6

Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists funding, A01: p.29


between academe and employers, A99: p.50

Oregon State University science communication program, S99: p.27

science writing, W00: p.5, 5051; S00: p.5051; S01: p.5859

theory, S99: p.16

communications industry

Illuminet services, A01: p.31

rapid change in, S00: p.15

satellites and, W00: p.42

community college programs

Bellevue Community College, W02: p.49

Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life (REVEL), A99: p.16, 17

Seattle Central Community College, S00: p.39

Shoreline Community College, S00: p.39

Spokane Community College, A99: p.26

community outreach. See outreach programs

Compass Capital, A99: p.6


biological diversity, W00: p.32

understanding of, S00: p.15

virtual reality modeling, A99: p.30

weather forecasts, W00: p.2425

Composites Fabrication and Assembly Center, W00: p.43

compost in biosolid remediation, W01: p.37

Computational Molecular Biology program, S00: p.24

computed tomography scans (CTs), W01: p.10, 11; W02: p.56

Computer Adventures camp, A99: p.6

computer chips. See chip technology

computer equipment

hardware for bioinformatics, S00: p.24

University of Oregon grants, A99: p.37

computer languages, machine thought and, S99: p.46

computer modeling and simulations

Arctic warming, A01: p.36

astronomy, A01: p.9

earthquakes, W02: p.40

Puget Sound, A99: p.2832

space biomedical research, A01: p.6, 7

computer monitors. See display technology

computer sciences and technology. See also software

adaptable circuits, S99: p.40

audio file processing, W02: p.10

BIO '99, S99: p.49

bioinformatics and, S00: p.1824

brain development research and, S01: p.40

Center for the Design of Analog-Digital Integrated Circuits, S00: p.16

data mining, A01: p.27; A01: p.2428

electro-optic polymers research, A00: p.13

enrollment figures, A01: p.13

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.26

future developments in, S00: p.15

hardware for bioinformatics, S00: p.24

implantable mini-computers, S01: p.33

Intel research laboratory, A01: p.8

legal aspects of technology, A00: p.13

machine thought, S99: p.4546

McDonnell grants, A99: p.37

mouse alternatives, S00: p.41

National Science Foundation, S00: p.10

neural networks and, S99: p.47

parallel processing software, S00: p.8

smart polymers and, A01: p.10

telemedicine technologies, W02: p.2832

computer security, data mining and, A01: p.25

computer-aided engineering design, A00: p.15

computerized tomography scans (CTs), W01: p.10, 11; W02: p.56

Comstock, Kenine, W01: p.43, 44

concentrations of toxins, sensors for, A01: p.23

Concord Communications, S00: p.6

Concur Technologies, Inc., W01: p.25

condensed matter physics, S99: p.21

Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia, A00: p.20

Conference Board of Canada, A99: p.21

confocal microscopy, A00: p.40

congestive heart failure, S99: p.8

consciousness, machine thought and, S99: p.46

conservation. See also environmental restoration

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

awards, A00: p.20

forestry, A99: p.22

leadership program at University of Montana, S01: p.13

oyster beds, S00: p.44

salmon runs, S01: p.53

conservation biology, W01: p.43; A01: p.39

construction, building. See building technologies

construction, public. See public works in Washington State

consulting, Stratos Product Development, W00: p.11

Consumer and Criminal Justice Cyber Clearinghouse, A00: p.12

contaminants. See pollution

controls (clinical trials), A99: p.42

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), W01: p.44

Cook, Beverly, W02: p.12

Cooke, Fred, A01: p.39

Cooper, Mark, A01: p.43

Cooperative Extension Energy Program, W00: p.8

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Services, S99: p.39

Cooper-Hewitt Museum, S99: p.26

copper mines, W01: p.36

corals, W02: p.25; Win. 02: SciScape

cord grass, A99: p.3536

Corixa, S99: p.12; W01: p.25

Corliss, Jack, S01: p.19

Cornell University

conservation leadership programs, S01: p.13

Duffield Hall Nanofabrication Research Facility, S01: p.30

power industry research, S99: p.9

coronal mass ejections (CMEs), A99: p.10

Corps of Discovery, A99: p.49

cosmogenic nuclei dating, W02: p.37


Northwestern research, A01: p.9

Supernova Cosmology Project, S99: p.8

Costa, Lucio, W00: p.36; W00: p.35

Costerton, J. William, A99: p.18, 19

costs of research, A00: p.4950

Coulter, John, W02: p.38

Council for Responsible Genetics, A00: p.33

Couret, Lisa, A00: p.26

Cowen, James, W01: p.12

crabs, A99: p.3336; A01: p.17

Craig, Dick, A99: p.24

Cramer, John, S99: p.46

Cranney, John, W01: p.17

Crapo, Mike, W02: p.11

Crawford, Ron, W02: p.11

CRD recorders, W01: p.33

credit card fraud, A01: p.24

Critical Access Hospital Program, A01: p.29

crops. See agriculture

cross-disciplinary research groups. See interdisciplinary research

Crosson, Robert S., S00: p.16

Crum, Lawrence, A00: p.25, 26, 27; A01: p.78

cryobots, S00: p.9

cultch, S00: p.45

Cummins, Rich, W01: p.22

Cunningham, Al, A99: p.20

Cunningham, Matthew, S00: p.40

Curacin A, W02: p.25

Curra, Franco, A00: p.26

Current Environmental Solutions, W01: p.20

currents, ocean, W01: p.33

Curry, Edith, W02: p.38

Curtis, Wendy, W01: p.11; S01: p.10

cyanobacteria, W02: p.25

cyclic neutropenia, W01: p.46

Cypress Semiconductor, S99: p.14

cystic fibrosis

clinical trial systems, A00: p.23

Inologic Inc. therapy, W00: p.34

PathoGenesis grant, W00: p.33

Tobi drug, S99: p.14

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, W00: p.33; A00: p.23


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