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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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habitat destruction

bullfrogs and, S01: p.51

environmental restoration companies, W01: p.20

Lubchenco's work on, W00: p.45

oysters, S00: p.46

radioactive wastes, S01: p.12

restoring salmon runs, S01: p.5354

urban streams, S00: p.25

Hadwiger, Lee, A01: p.19

Haguerud, Ralph, A99: p.28

Hajduk, Stephen, W02: p.22

Hale Prize. See George Ellery Hale Prize

Halevy, Alon Y., W01: p.31

Halley's Comet, S99: p.36

Hamlet, Alan, W00: p.20

Hammer, Margaret, S01: p.11

Hampton University, S01: p.37

handheld ultrasound devices, S99: p.7

Hannan, Rich, S00: p.29; S00: p.27

Hansen, Gary S., S99: p.6, 44; A99: p.6

Harborview Medical Center

Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

AIDS Clinical Trials Unit, A99: p.40

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cooperative Research Center, S00: p.41

Harbour Centre, W02: p.48

hardware, A99: p.37; S00: p.24

harmful algal blooms (HABs), A01: p.21

Harrill, Rob, A00: p.3839; A01: p.10; W02: p.1011

Harriman, Peter, A00: p.48

Harris Semiconductor, S99: p.7

Hart, Roy, S01: p.22

Hartmann, Dennis, A01: p.27, 28

Hartwell, Leland H., S99: p.39; W00: p.4849

Harvard University

elephant ivory DNA, W01: p.44

John F. Kennedy School of Government, S99: p.39

nanotechnology research, S01: p.27

Hashimoto, Ryutaro, W00: p.15

hatcheries. See fish hatcheries

Hatfield, Mark O., A00: p.20, 4950

Hauch, Kip, A00: p.37, 38

Hauschka, Steve, A00: p.39

hawkmoths, S01: p.3336

hazardous chemicals. See toxic chemicals

hazardous waste. See toxic chemicals


implants and, S00: p.31

ultrasound applications, A00: p.2429

health, human. See also medicine and medical research

airborne infections and diseases, A00: p.34

biomarker research and, A00: p.12

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, W00: p.36

clinical trials, A99: p.3843

coevolution and, W00: p.3032

costs of, A00: p.49

Environmental Health Initiative, A00: p.40

health law studies, S99: p.40

impact of defibrillators, S00: p.17

laboratory automation instruments, S99: p.7

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, S00: p.8; A00: p.18

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.4849

research ethics program, W00: p.33

sciences and, A00: p.5

space travel and, W02: p.18

telomeres and, A99: p.8

healthcare. See also medicine and medical research

Agilent Technologies Healthcare Solutions Group, W01: p.10

D2H2 (Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare), W02: p.29

Entrepreneur of the Year awards, A01: p.31

medical genetics counseling, A01: p.45

online, W01: p.2627

telemedicine, W02: p.2832

hearing disorders

brain development research and, S01: p.40

grant support for research, S01: p.13

Oregon Health Science University grant, A99: p.37

heart disease

defibrillators, S00: p.17

growing tissue research, A00: p.3839

heart transplants, A00: p.38

prevalence of, A00: p.49

heart transplants, A00: p.38

Heath, Ross, A99: p.16

heavy metals

acid mine drainage, W01: p.35

wetlands treatment, W01: p.37

Hebgen Lake, Montana, W02: p.37

Hedge, George, S00: p.78

Heerensperger, David, W01: p.25

Heiberg, Andy, A01: p.37

Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center, S00: p.37

Helfield, James, S01: p.54

Hell Creek Formation, W02: p.56

Hellier, Barbara, S00: p.29

Helms, Susan, W02: p.1420

Henderson, Maureen, W00: p.45

Henderson, Scottie, S00: p.36

Hendricks, Sara, A99: p.19

Henry, Clarissa, A01: p.44

Henry Stommel Research Award, W00: p.45

Henson, Joan, S01: p.17

hepatitis C virus, W01: p.10

herbal remedies, W01: p.46; W01: p.43

herbicides, A99: p.36

Hermanson, John, A00: p.19

Hershberger, William, A99: p.48; W01: p.48

Herwig, Russell, A01: p.21, 23

Heuchera grossuulariifolia, W00: p.30

Hewlett-Packard Company

engineering graphics lab grant, A00: p.15

F5 software for, A01: p.31

Reflection software and, W01: p.24

Hiebert, Randy, A99: p.20

Higgins, Gregory M., A00: p.1112

High Energy Physics Center of Excellence, S01: p.37

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), A00: p.27, 29

High School Human Genome Program, S00: p.38

high school programs. See educational outreach

higher education

changes in Ph.D education, A00: p.47

forecasts, S00: p.49

information technology workers and, A01: p.1314

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

high-tech industry

Berg's tenure in, S99: p.23

Eastern Washington, A99: p.27

GEAR UP program, W00: p.34

internships, S99: p.44

Northwest technology parks, W01: p.1423

physics and, W00: p.39

product development firms, W00: p.11

technology markets and research parks, W01: p.17

University of Washington support of startups, S99: p.1215

university partnerships with, W02: p.48

Washington Research Foundation support, S99: p.6

Washington State reports, S00: p.41

High-Z Supernova Research Team, S99: p.8

Hille, Bertil, W00: p.45

Hilliard, Nancy, A99: p.25

Hines, Sandra, S99: p.2830; W00: p.2425; W01: p.3234; A01: p.3638

Hirschman, Charles, S99: p.40; S99: p.39

Hirt, Paul W., A00: p.48


astrobiology program, S99: p.43

climate history, W00: p.22

Coast Salish prehistory, A01: p.4748

Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

information workers and employment, A01: p.1215

medical history, W00: p.33

network access to resources, S99: p.20

Northwestern, A00: p.48

Pacific oyster industry, S00: p.4246

space exploration pioneers, A00: p.23

technology in America, S00: p.48

WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, A00: p.48

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

AIDS protein research, S00: p.23

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute work, W02: p.23

vaccines, A99: p.9, 38

Hjorth, Roland, A00: p.12

Hobbes, Thomas, S99: p.45

Hochstein, Jim, W02: p.47

Hodge, Alan, S99: p.38

Hodgkin's disease, W02: p.27

Hoffman, Alan, A01: p.29

Hoffman, Allan S., A01: p.10, 19

Hoffman, Sarah, S01: p.19

Hoffmann La-Roche, A01: p.49

Hog Island Oyster Company, A99: p.33

Hogan, Craig J., S99: p.8, 47; A00: p.46

holograms, A99: p.27

Holst, Eric, S01: p.13

Holtey, Dugan, S01: p.2223

Holtom, Gary, A00: p.42

Holzworth, Robert, A01: p.33

HomeGrocer.com, Inc., W01: p.25

Homestake Gold Mine, South Dakota, W02: p.13

homology modeling, S00: p.23

Hood, Leroy

on bioinformatics, S00: p.19

Institute for Systems Biology, S01: p.26, 30

on Merck grant, W01: p.46

startups, S99: p.14

University of Washington program, A99: p.46

Hoover, Robert A., S00: p.7; W02: p.11

Hope Heart Institute, A00: p.38, 39

Hopkins, Paul, S99: p.48

Hopkins, Ron, A01: p.39

hormones, S00: p.16

Horner, Celeste, W02: p.5556

Horner, Jack, S99: p.89; S00: p.16; W02: p.5556

Horner-Reich, Blaize, W02: p.48

Horowitz, Russell, W01: p.25

horticulture, S00: p.29. See also agriculture; botany

Horvitz, Eric, S01: p.33


Critical Access Hospital Program, A01: p.29

hospital-acquired infections, S00: p.32

medical center information systems, S99: p.7; W02: p.31

online medical records, W01: p.2627

rural facilities, A01: p.29

hotsprings, S01: p.15, 16, 18

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, A01: p.43; A01: p.42

Reed College biology program funding, W01: p.46

Scholars, A99: p.11

University of Washington grant, W00: p.34

Howard University, S99: p.9

Howat, Gwyn, W00: p.19

Howell, Ronald S., S99: p.6; W01: p.18, 23

HP. See Hewlett-Packard Company

Hubbard, Steven, S00: p.41

Hubble parameter, A01: p.9

Hudson, Hugh, A99: p.10

Hughes Space and Communications Company, W00: p.41

Hulten, Geoff, A01: p.26

Human Genome Project (HGP)

bioinformatics, S00: p.2122

Cell Systems Initiative, S00: p.23

genetic counseling and, A01: p.45

High School Human Genome Program, S00: p.38

Olson's work, W01: p.31

technologies applied towards parasites, W02: p.22

human growth hormone, A01: p.50

Human Immunodeficiency Virus. See HIV

Human Interface Technology Lab, S00: p.41

human papilloma virus (HPV), A99: p.39

Human Research Facility, W02: p.17

humanities education

importance of, W01: p.56, 4950

sciences and, A00: p.56

Humboldt State University, S01: p.16

hummingbirds, S01: p.46, 48

Humphries, Courtney, S99: p.1820

Hunt, Alan, W01: p.13

Hunt, Andrew, S01: p.6

Hunter, Bill, W01: p.31

Huntsman, Lee L.

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellowship, S99: p.40

on higher education, S00: p.49

on Intel/University of Washington collaboration, A01: p.8

on interdisciplinary centers, S01: p.40

on Technology Enterprise Institute, W01: p.21

Hussey, Jeffrey, A01: p.3031

"Hutch High" program, W00: p.33

Hutnak, Michael, W01: p.12

hybrid plants, S01: p.47

hydrology, W00: p.23

hydropower, climate forecasts and, W00: p.25

hydrothermal flux, W01: p.12

hydrothermal vents

black smokers, A99: p.1215

fluid circulation and, W01: p.12

Lost City Mid-Atlantic vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.89

origins of life and, S01: p.19

Hypacrosauraus, W02: p.56

HyperLynx, S99: p.44

hyperspectral imaging, S99: p.27


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