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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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T cells, A99: p.9

Tacan Corporation, A00: p.13

tags, radio ID, S01: p.8

Taholah High School, W01: p.47

Tailor, Chetankumar, A99: p.44

Takei, Maseo, W02: p.26

Talaris Research Institute, S01: p.3843

Tan, Ying, A99: p.37

TAQ polymerase, S01: p.18

Targeted Genetics Corporation, A01: p.31; W02: p.21

taxol, A99: p.7

Taylor, Bill, A99: p.33

Taylor, Cynthia, S00: p.41

Taylor, Megan A., S99: p.1617, 2122; A99: p.1217; W00: p.46; S00: p.48; A00: p.48

Taylor, Michael, A01: p.35

Taylor Shellfish Company, S00: p.46

Taylor United, A99: p.33

teaching. See education

TechHatch program, W01: p.18, 20

TechLink program, S99: p.27; W01: p.16, 18, 20

technology. See also research parks; technology transfers

ATP (Advanced Technology Program), A00: p.17

biotechnology's importance, S99: p.50

business plans, A99: p.6

culture of innovation, S01: p.56

democracy and, S00: p.48

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards in, A01: p.3031

law/technology MBA program, W02: p.47

legal aspects of, A00: p.13

licensing (See licensing technology)

military and civilian applications, A00: p.26, 29

national problems and, S00: p.14

policy, Roe Medal winners and, W00: p.45

research parks (See research parks)

research universities and economic development, S00: p.49

technology-based business (See high-tech industry)

transfers (See technology transfers)

University of Washington Business School's Technology Initiative, S00: p.6

Washington Technology Center, S99: p.16

Technology, Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurship Center, W02: p.48

Technology, Innovation and Management MBA program, W02: p.47

Technology Alliance, W02: p.57

Technology Enterprise Institute, W01: p.2123

technology transfer

economic statistics, W01: p.21

expanding in Washington State, W02: p.58

Federal Laboratory Consortium honors, S00: p.8

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.8

Oregon Science & Health University office, A00: p.20

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, A99: p.24; A00: p.19

SIRTI commercial applications, A99: p.2627

technology parks and, W01: p.15

University of Oregon, A00: p.19, 20

University of Washington, S99: p.14, 22; W01: p.21

University of Washington startups, S99: p.12

Technology Transfer Act of 1986, A99: p.24

tectonic plates. See plate tectonics

telecommunications technology

electro-optic polymers, A00: p.13

electro-optic polymers research, S01: p.29

expanding in Washington State, W02: p.58

tsunamic buoy warning systems, W00: p.28

videoconferencing networks, W02: p.31

telecommuting, W00: p.8


GigaPop project and, S99: p.19

Internet technologies, W02: p.2832

ultrasound applications, A00: p.26

Telepartners program, W02: p.29, 3132


fiber optic telescopes, A99: p.1217

student-built, A00: p.46

University of Washington Observatory, A99: p.49

television dishes, A00: p.46

teleworking, W00: p.8

telomeres, A99: p.7, 8

temperatures. See also climate change

global warming, W00: p.23

stream temperature research, S00: p.25

Tempest, Andrew, A99: p.6

Temple University, W00: p.7

Templex Technology, W01: p.18

Ten North, S00: p.6

Tennelec/Nucleus Inc., A99: p.24

Tennenhouse, David, A01: p.8

terrorism, A00: p.3435; W02: p.33

Tevenan, Matthew, W01: p.12

Texas Instruments, A01: p.22

Texas Space Grant Consortium, A00: p.36

text data mining, A01: p.27

Theline Award. See Dr. Murray Theline Research of the Year Award

ThemeRiver, A01: p.25

ThemeView, A01: p.26, 27

theonella swinhoei, W02: p.27

theopalauamide, W02: p.27

therapeutic agents, immune system gatekeepers and, A99: p.44

therapeutic drugs. See pharmaceuticals

therapeutic ultrasound, A00: p.2429

Therion Biologics Corporation, A99: p.9

thermal turbulence, A00: p.23


defined, S01: p.15

hydrothermal vents, W02: p.9

photographs, S01: p.21

Thermopolis, Wyoming, W02: p.29

Thermus aquaticus, S01: p.18

Therus Corporation, S99: p.7; W00: p.11; A00: p.27; W01: p.23

Thiobacillus ferroxidans, W01: p.35

Thompson, Elizabeth, S99: p.39

Thompson, John, W00: p.30

Thomson, Rick, A99: p.14

Thong, Jenn, S99: p.41

Thrall, Brian, A00: p.42

Thrall, Karla, A00: p.12

Thummel, Kenneth, S99: p.40

thunderstorms, A01: p.3235

tidal waves. See tsunamis

Tiger Electronics, S99: p.12

tinnitus, A99: p.37

Tjossen, Russ, W01: p.13

Tobias, Ronald, A00: p.44

Toews, John, S00: p.37

Tokay geckos, A00: p.8, 10

Topiaventures.com, W02: p.48

Torok-Storb, Beverly, S00: p.39

Torosaurus, W02: p.56

total internal reflection (TIR), W00: p.9

toxic chemicals

biomarkers for, A00: p.1112

genetics and, W00: p.35

mapping, S01: p.12

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, A00: p.17

toxicology, W00: p.36


kalkitoxin, W02: p.2526

shellfish safety, A01: p.2023


fuzzy logic and, S00: p.41

robotic aircraft monitors, S99: p.33


collaborative thinking, A00: p.47

IGERT funding, S00: p.40

National Science Foundation support, S00: p.13

transplants, A00: p.38

transportation research

Ford Motor Company gift, W00: p.3334

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, A00: p.18

Western Transportation Institute grant, A99: p.37

Trask, Barbara, S00: p.39

Travillian, Ravensara, W02: p.5556

TriDiamond Sports, Inc., S99: p.16; A99: p.25

Trinity-Stevens, Annette, A99: p.1819, 20, 24; S00: p.13

triploid oysters, S00: p.45

Tritonia diomedea, S01: p.3336

"Trojan Horse" molecules, W00: p.34

Truman, Jim, A01: p.44

Trypanosoma brucei, W02: p.22

Trypanosoma cruzi, W02: p.22

trypanosomes, W02: p.22

Tsukimato, J. Emy, S00: p.45


detection networks, W00: p.2630

evidence of ancient waves, W02: p.36

warning systems, S99: p.10

Tu, Mike, S01: p.34

tube worms, A99: p.17; W02: p.9

tuberculosis, W02: p.23

tumor necrosis factor (TNF), S99: p.8


chemotherapy and, W01: p.19

magnetic resonance imaging, W00: p.7

oncogenes, A01: p.44

oxygen supply, A01: p.44

tumor-suppressing proteins research, A01: p.29

ultrasound detection and healing, A00: p.25, 27

Turcott, Margaret, W02: p.49

tusks, elephant, W01: p.43, 44

twin studies, S00: p.41


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