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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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P-glycoprotein, W01: p.42

Paauw, Douglas S., S01: p.37

Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association, A99: p.33, 34

Pacific Comlink, A01: p.31

Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO), W00: p.20, 23, 25

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER), S99: p.11; W02: p.40

Pacific Lutheran University

entrepreneurial education, W02: p.47

MBA information, W01: p.45

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (NOAA)

Arctic studies, S99: p.29

Global Circulation models, W00: p.27

NeMO project, A99: p.16

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Group (CIG), W00: p.20, 2425

Pacific Northwest GigaPop Project, S99: p.1820

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). See also William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

Applied Process Engineering Laboratory support, W01: p.20

atmospheric sciences, W00: p.21

bacteria fingerprinting, S00: p.41

Cellular Observatory, A00: p.40

Center for Biofilm Engineering collaboration, A99: p.19

Cheatham's tenure at, S99: p.16

data mining research, A01: p.24, 25

as DOE lab, S00: p.7

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, S99: p.2426; A00: p.40

Environmental Technology Division, S00: p.8

Fundamental Sciences Division, S01: p.37

Galaxies tool, A01: p.27

Joint Global Change Research Institute, W02: p.33

Madia's directorship, A00: p.19

Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization, S00: p.41

microbiology, S00: p.40

Nanoscience and Technology Initiative, S01: p.37

nanotechnology leadership, S01: p.26, 28

New Venture Creation Lab participation, W02: p.49

OPTO-NorthWest participation, A99: p.6

Powell's directorship, A00: p.1618

proteomics initiative, W01: p.9

Solid-State Energy Conversion Alliance, W01: p.46

Spatial Paradigm for Information Retrieval and Exploration (SPIRE), A01: p.27

staff startups, A00: p.34; W01: p.30

Superfund research funding, A00: p.11

technology transfer honors, A99: p.24; S00: p.89

ThemeRiver, A01: p.25

ThemeView, A01: p.26, 27

as University of Washington partner, S99: p.19

Wave ID technology, S01: p.7

Pacific Northwest Regional Roundtable for Enhancing Engineering and Technology Education, A99: p.50

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (PNSN), S99: p.1011; S00: p.16

Pacific Northwest Technology Park, W02: p.33

Pacific oyster industry, S00: p.4246

Pacific plate, W02: p.39; W02: p.37

Pacific Seafood Processors Association, W00: p.25

Packard Foundation. See David and Lucile Packard Foundation

PacketEngines, S99: p.19

paclitaxel, W01: p.31

Pagels, Penny, S00: p.38

pain treatments, W02: p.25

Paine Field, W01: p.8

Palczewski, Krzystof, S00: p.25

Palen, Stacey, A00: p.46


dinosaur embryos, S99: p.89

dinosaur imaging, W02: p.5556

gorgons, S99: p.8

Montana State University discovery funding, S00: p.16

Palliser Furniture, Ltd., A99: p.22

paper industry, A99: p.21

paralytic shellfish poison (PSP), A01: p.21

paraoxonase enzyme, W00: p.35, 36, 37

parasites and parasitology

M. cerebralis, S99: p.31

molecular parasitology, W02: p.22

RNA editing and, W02: p.2223

statistics, W02: p.22

telomeres and, A99: p.8

Parker, H. Stewart, A01: p.31

Parker, Keith, S01: p.13

Parkinson Foundation of Canada, W00: p.34

Parkinson's Disease, W00: p.34; A00: p.29

Paroscientific, Inc., W00: p.28

Parsons, Timothy, S01: p.37

particulate pollution, W00: p.6

Pascua, Santino, W01: p.48

Pasko, Victor, A01: p.35

Pass, Dan, W02: p.48

Pasteur Merieux Connaught, A99: p.38


chemical fluid analysis, W00: p.39

digital video, S99: p.7

genes, A01: p.49

lipid tubules drug delivery, S99: p.22

stroke treatments, W00: p.39

technology transfers and, W01: p.21

Pathfinder. See Mars Pathfinder mission

pathobiology, W02: p.23

PathoGenesis, S99: p.14; W00: p.33


airborne, A00: p.34

antibiotic research, S01: p.9

bacterial, S00: p.41

chitosan and, A01: p.19

gatekeepers and, A99: p.44

pathology, S99: p.40

patient community outreach awards, A00: p.19

patient-centered clinical education, S01: p.37

Patrick, David L., W01: p.31


data mining and, A01: p.25

developmental biology and, A01: p.41

Patterson, Ruth, A01: p.19

Pauling Medal. See Linus Pauling Medal

Pauly, Daniel, W00: p.33

Pawelczyk, James A. (Jim), A01: p.7

Payne, Jo, W01: p.48

Pearl Oyster Company, S00: p.44, 45

Pearson, Erik, W01: p.9

Pederson, Arthur, W01: p.33

Penhoet, Edward E., A00: p.20

penitent snow, W01: p.41

Pennell, William, W00: p.21

Pennsylvania State University, A99: p.17; W01: p.12

pentostam treatment, W02: p.23

peptides, W00: p.7; A00: p.15

peridotite, W02: p.8

Perlmutter, Saul, S99: p.8

personalization of Web sites, A01: p.2627

Pestalotiopsis microspora, A99: p.78

pesticides, sensitivity to, W00: p.3537

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, A99: p.21

Petersen, James, S00: p.40

Peterson, Chuck, W02: p.33

Peterson, Jim, S00: p.7

Petralia, Ursula, S00: p.22

petroleum industry

biofilm research and, A99: p.20

oilseed alternatives, A00: p.31

Petrosia contignata, W02: p.26

Pettit, Ghery D., A00: p.48

Pew Charitable Trusts, W00: p.33; A00: p.47

pharmaceutical companies

clinical trials, A99: p.3843; A00: p.23

Enbrel approval, S99: p.8

laboratory automation instruments, S99: p.7

medication development and bioinformatics, S00: p.21

patenting and genetics, A01: p.4950

as private sector ventures, W01: p.20

professorships sponsored by, W01: p.31

science education outreach, A99: p.4647

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, S00: p.21

pharmaceuticals. See also drug delivery

adverse drug reactions, S01: p.10

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

bioinformatics and, S00: p.20

clinical trials, A99: p.3843

diabetes drugs, W00: p.34

drug delivery lipid research, S99: p.22

drug design and bioinformatics, S00: p.23

drug metabolizing enzymes, S01: p.10

drug resistance, W02: p.22

E-medicine access to prescriptions, W02: p.30

food-drug interactions, W01: p.42

harvesting of marine organisms and, W02: p.27

leukemia enzyme treatments, A00: p.43

marine-derived, W02: p.2427, SciScape

nanotechnology and, S99: p.21

pharmacogenetics, S01: p.10

protein drugs, A01: p.49

RNA editing and, W02: p.23

stroke treatments, W00: p.39

pharmacists, Oregon programs for, W02: p.33

pharmacogenetics, S01: p.10

Phase I Small Business Innovative Research Grants (SBIR), A00: p.15

Ph.D education, changes in, A00: p.47

Phelps, Max, A99: p.24

Philips Medical Systems, W01: p.1011

Phillips, Peggy, A99: p.46

photography, glacial, W01: p.3841

photons in solar wind, A99: p.10

photosynthesis, solar energy and, S99: p.47

physical chemistry

Outstanding Scientist of the Year award, A01: p.39

protein modeling, S00: p.23

physical science

nanotechnology and, S01: p.26

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

toxicology biomarkers research, A00: p.11

Physicians Network, W02: p.31


American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows, A01: p.39

anti-matter, W01: p.13

Arctic studies, W00: p.15

children's programs, S99: p.42

compared to developmental biology, A01: p.43

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.25

inquiry-based physics, W00: p.46

Institute for Nuclear Theory, W02: p.13

neutrinos, W02: p.13

quantum phase transitions, A99: p.7

red sprites, A01: p.33

shock physics, W00: p.89

solar physics, A00: p.19

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

surface chemistry, A00: p.9

thermal turbulence, A00: p.23

University of Oregon program, W00: p.39

Physio-Control Corporation, S00: p.17

Pickette, Amber, W01: p.48

Pierson, Beverly, S01: p.17

Pietari, Jaana, A00: p.3637; W01: p.3537

Pincus, Seth, W01: p.46

Pinto-Espinoza, Joaquin, A00: p.37

Pinyuh, Marianne, W00: p.11

Pioneering Metals Corporation, S99: p.9

Piper, Martha, S99: p.9; A00: p.19, 23

Pixelworks, Inc., A01: p.30

placebos, A99: p.42

planets. See also names of specific planets

planetary atmospheric dynamics, A00: p.19

Stardust Mission, S99: p.35

plant speciation, S01: p.4449

plants. See agriculture; botany

Plasma Enhanced Melter (PEM), S00: p.8

plate tectonics

Northwestern geology and, W02: p.44

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.14

PNNL. See Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

poaching elephants, W01: p.44

Poe, Gina, W00: p.37, 38

pointing devices, A99: p.27; S00: p.41

polar bears, S99: p.30

polar science. See Antarctica; Arctic studies

Polar Science Center, W00: p.14

policy making

marine resources, S00: p.36

technology and, S00: p.48

pollination, W00: p.30; S01: p.4648

Pollock, Dave, W02: p.40

pollution. See also air pollution

acid mine drainage, W01: p.3537

Arctic studies, W00: p.17

biomarkers for contaminants, A00: p.1112

bioremediation, S00: p.8

children's experiments, Win. 02: SciScape

ecological restoration, W01: p.16

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.26

groundwater contamination, A99: p.20

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.7

microbial breakdown, S01: p.12

nanotechnology-based cleanup, S01: p.28

oilseed research for alternatives, A00: p.31

oysters and, S00: p.44

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, A00: p.17

tracking air pollution, S01: p.89

polymerase chain reaction (PCR), S00: p.13; S01: p.18


chitosan, A01: p.1619

defined, A01: p.10

electro-optic polymers, A00: p.1314; S01: p.29

Finlayson's work, S99: p.39

implants, S00: p.31

nanotechnology, S01: p.26

smart polymers and proteins, A01: p.10

polypeptides, S00: p.16

polyphosphate kinase (PPK), S01: p.910

polyploidy, W00: p.32

pond scum, W02: p.2526

pool cleaners, A01: p.18

Poreda, Robert, S01: p.6

Port of Benton, Washington, W01: p.20

Porter, Louis, S00: p.9; A00: p.2429

Porter, Stephen, S99: p.40

Portland Hills fault, W02: p.36

Portland State University

extreme life-forms research, S01: p.16

hydrothermal vent research, S01: p.19

Post, Austin, W01: p.3841

Postlethwait, John, S00: p.40

postmodernism, science education and, A00: p.6

potatoes, A01: p.19

Powell, Lura J., A00: p.12, 1618; W02: p.33

power grids

digital relays and power protection, S01: p.22

geomagnetic storms and, A99: p.10

power industry, S99: p.9

Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSerc), S99: p.9

Pratt & Whitney Seattle Aerosciences Center, W02: p.47

Praxair, S99: p.14

Precision Digital Images, Corp., A99: p.5, 6

prehistoric peoples, A01: p.4748

preparedness, earthquake, W02: p.38

prescription drugs. See pharmaceuticals

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, W01: p.31

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), W01: p.31

Price, Heather, W00: p.6

Priess, Jim, A01: p.43

Primex Technologies, Inc., S99: p.37

Princeton University, A99: p.49; W01: p.46

Priscu, John, S00: p.9

PRISM (Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model), A99: p.29


patients and telehealth systems, W02: p.31

Web site personalization and, A01: p.26

private sector

funding gaps, W01: p.20

TechLink matchmaking, W01: p.18

probabilities in climate forecasts, W00: p.2425

produce sorting systems, W01: p.30

Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology (PETTT), W02: p.30

Program in Engineering and Manufacturing Management, W00: p.34; W02: p.49

Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (PEI), S99: p.44; A99: p.6

progressive scalable audio coding, W02: p.10

Prolinx, S99: p.14

prosthetics, nanotechnology and, S01: p.30

protease inhibitors, A99: p.41


amino acids, S00: p.23

anatomy of, S00: p.21

bioinformatics and, S00: p.1824

cardiac cells growing on, A00: p.39

cellular protein secretion research, S99: p.40

coating implants with, S00: p.31

coatings on HIV cells, A99: p.9

developmental biology and, A01: p.42

E. coli and, A99: p.11

nanotechnology and, S01: p.31

P-glycoprotein, W01: p.42

protein cages, W00: p.7

protein folding, S00: p.23

protein phosphorylation, S00: p.1415

proteomics (See proteomics)

recombinant DNA and, A01: p.49

smart polymers and, A01: p.10

tumor necrosis factor, S99: p.8

tumor-suppressing, A01: p.29

viruses and protein cages, W00: p.7


mass spectrometry and, A00: p.18

nanotechnology and, S01: p.31

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory initiative, W01: p.9

ProteoTech, A00: p.15

protozoans, W02: p.22

pseudopterosin, W02: p.27

psychology. See also behavioral research

brain development research and, S01: p.40

genetics counseling coursework, A01: p.45

pattern recognition and data mining, A01: p.25

psychrophiles, S01: p.17

public health, W00: p.45

public interest in Mars Pathfinder mission, A99: p.16

public policies, technology and, S00: p.48

public works in Washington State, S99: p.47

Puget Sound

earthquake activity, S99: p.11

fault systems, W02: p.35

Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model (PRISM), A99: p.29

SHIPS (Seismic Hazards Investigation for Puget Sound), W02: p.39

virtual computer modeling, A99: p.2832

weather patterns, W02: p.5254

Puget Sound Center, W02: p.7

Puget Sound Energy, W00: p.25

Pulcini, Elinor, A99: p.19

Pullman Plant Introduction Station. See Western Regional Plant Introduction Station

Pulp and Paper Center, A99: p.21

Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada, A99: p.21

pulp industry, A99: p.21

Purdue Pharmaceuticals, W00: p.39


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