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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Udseth, Harold R., W00: p.10

Uhrich, Stefanie, A01: p.45

ultrasound imaging and applications

defined, W00: p.11

drug delivery, S99: p.7; A00: p.29

healing applications, A00: p.2429

home devices, W02: p.31

International Space Station tests, W02: p.17

Philips as vendor for, W01: p.10

portable devices, S99: p.7

space biomedicine, A01: p.7

structural integrity of buildings, W02: p.40

Therus Corporation, S99: p.7; W00: p.11

U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, A00: p.21

Uncaria tomentosa, A00: p.15

Undergraduate Astronomy Institute, A00: p.46

underground science laboratories, W02: p.13

undersea volcanos

Juan de Fuca Ridge, W01: p.12

observatories, S00: p.16

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.13, 14, 16

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), S01: p.37

United State Government. See entries under U.S.


Big Bang theory, S99: p.47

expansion, S99: p.8

life in, W00: p.1213

structure of, A01: p.9

Universe, Dr. W. S., A99: p.45

University College of the Caribou, S99: p.41

University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, S99: p.19

University Initiative Fund, S99: p.21; A99: p.30

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Arctic Science Journeys, A99: p.48

Arctic studies, S99: p.29

Disaster Resistant Universities program, W02: p.38

Geophysical Institute, W00: p.15

Inland Northwest Research Alliance membership, W02: p.12

International Arctic Research Center, W00: p.1417

University of Arizona, W02: p.27

University of British Columbia

Angiotech Professorship of Drug Delivery, W01: p.31

biochemistry department, A99: p.11

Biotechnology Laboratory, A99: p.11

Blusson donation to, S99: p.9

board of governors, S01: p.37

Center for Advanced Wood Processing, A99: p.22

David F. Robitaille Professorship in Mathematics and Science Education, W01: p.31

electronic ink research, W00: p.9

Fisheries department, W00: p.33

fisheries holistic management methods, S01: p.37

Forest Sciences Center, A99: p.2122

GEERing UP! program, S99: p.41

genetic counseling program, A01: p.45

immunology department, A99: p.11

microbiology department, A99: p.11

molecular biology department, A99: p.11

natural products chemistry, W02: p.25

Neurodegenerative Disorders Centre, W00: p.34

Pulp and Paper Center, A99: p.21

research parks, W01: p.1617

research vice president position, A00: p.19

Smith Biotechnology Lab, A00: p.23

Software Practices Lab chair, A00: p.15

sustainability grants, A99: p.37

University of California-Berkeley

gecko research, A00: p.8

"green" catalysis research, S99: p.26

power industry research, S99: p.9

University of California-San Diego, A99: p.43

University of California-San Francisco

bone density space research, W02: p.18

developmental biology, A01: p.42

University of Chicago, A99: p.49

University of Delaware, S99: p.26

University of Durham, A01: p.9

University of Hawaii, A99: p.17; W01: p.12

University of Idaho

agriculture science and technology program, W02: p.49

biodiesel research, W02: p.33

Center for Science and Technology, W02: p.11

INRA participation, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

Research Park (UIRP), W01: p.16, 17, 18

University of Illinois, S99: p.9

University of London, A01: p.49

University of Maryland, W02: p.33

University of Michigan, W00: p.36; S01: p.13

University of Minnesota, A01: p.33

University of Montana. See also University of Montana-Missoula

HIV vaccine research, A99: p.9

INRA participation, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

microbiology, S99: p.31

University of Montana-Missoula. See also University of Montana

Center of Biomedical Research Excellence, S01: p.13

Center of Structural and Functional Neuroscience, S01: p.13

conservation leadership program Duke grant, S01: p.13

University of Oklahoma, S99: p.46

University of Oregon. See also University of Oregon-Eugene

Albert B. Sabin Heroes of Science Award, A00: p.19

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

applied physics program, W00: p.39

chemistry patents, W00: p.39

computer equipment grants, A99: p.37

data mining research, A01: p.25

FICS (Fourier imaging correlation spectroscopy), S01: p.7

hunt for Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

Institute of Molecular Biology, S01: p.7

laser array research, A99: p.7

Office of Technology Transfer, A00: p.20

Outstanding Scientist of the Year award, A01: p.39

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.10

physics of thermal turbulence, A00: p.23

quantum laser array experiments, A99: p.7

research Park, W01: p.18

Riverfront Research Park, W01: p.16, 18, 19, 23

women's equity program in chemistry, A01: p.29

University of Oregon-Eugene. See also University of Oregon

American Academy of Arts and Sciences fellows, A01: p.39

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research, A01: p.42

Office of Technology Transfer, A00: p.19

research provost position, A00: p.19

University of Puget Sound, S00: p.38

University of Rochester, S01: p.6

University of Southern California-Los Angeles, A00: p.13; S01: p.29

University of Texas, W00: p.36

University of Toronto, A00: p.38

University of Victoria

astronomy research, A01: p.9

bullfrog invasion research, S01: p.5052

cancer research, A01: p.29

Dr. Zonk, A00: p.20

entrepreneurial MBA programs, W02: p.48

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, A99: p.13

Science Venture program, S99: p.41

sustainability grants, A99: p.37

University of Virginia, W00: p.34; A00: p.21

University of Washington. See also University of Washington-Bothell


Center for Instructional Development and Research, A00: p.47

Center for Mind, Brain, and Learning, S01: p.3843

collaboration efforts, A99: p.6, 26

cross-disciplinary research groups, A99: p.37

Disaster Resistant Universities program, W02: p.38

Extension programs, W02: p.49

Office of Intellectual Property and Transfer, W02: p.49

Office of Research, S99: p.14

Office of Technology Transfer, S99: p.14, 22; W01: p.21

provost, S00: p.49

research and development ranking, W02: p.57

science education outreach, A99: p.46

Telepartners program, W02: p.29, 3132

University Initiative Fund, S99: p.21; A99: p.30

aeronautic engineering, S99: p.3233; A01: p.29

anesthesiology, S99: p.7

aquaculture, A99: p.48

archaeology, A99: p.49; A01: p.4748

Arctic studies, S99: p.30

astrobiology, S99: p.37, 43; S00: p.40


Canadian Computational Cosmology Collaboration, A01: p.9

Department of Astronomy facilities, A99: p.49

Observatory, A99: p.49

student-built telescopes, A00: p.46

Undergraduate Astronomy Institute, A00: p.46

atmospheric sciences

data mining, A01: p.27, 28

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.29

Joint Institute for Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, W00: p.22, 24; A00: p.22

awards, honors and grants

Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award winners, W00: p.45

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows, S99: p.39; A01: p.39

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

autism center endowment, A00: p.15

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation endowed chairs, W00: p.33

blood stem cell research, W01: p.46

Business School's Technology Initiative, S00: p.6

City of Medicine Award, W01: p.31

Ford Motor Company gift, W00: p.3334

Gerald P. Kuiper Prize, A00: p.19

Giants in Science award, S01: p.37

Grant and Contract Services Office, A00: p.20

hepatitis C research funding, W01: p.10

IGERT funding, S00: p.40

Lasker Award winners, S99: p.39

McDonnell grants, A99: p.37

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic grant, S99: p.27

Dr. Murray Theline Research of the Year Award, A00: p.20

National Academy of Engineering fellows, A01: p.39

National Eye Institute, S00: p.25

National Medal of Science winners, S99: p.39

National Science Foundation support, S00: p.1112, 16

nursing endowments, A00: p.15

Packard fellowship awards, S99: p.40

Presidential Award for Excellence, S99: p.40

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

professors' citation frequency, S99: p.40

remote sensing funding, S00: p.25

Roe Medal winners, W00: p.45

Royalty Research Fund grants, S99: p.22


Center for Bioengineering, S99: p.40

Center for Nanotechnology, S99: p.21

chitosan research, A01: p.19

heart tissue growth research, A00: p.3839

malaria and magnetic fields research, A00: p.23

smart polymers and proteins research, A01: p.10

ultrasound research, S99: p.7


Developmental Biology Group, A01: p.42

developmental biology research, A01: p.42

extremophiles research, S01: p.15

History and Philosophy of Science program, W01: p.4950

oral biology program, A99: p.19

biomaterials, A99: p.19; S00: p.31, 33; A00: p.34, 38

botany, S01: p.47; S01: p.4449


Business Plan Competition, A99: p.6

entrepreneurial technology center, W02: p.47

New Venture Creation Lab, W02: p.49

Program in Engineering and Manufacturing Management, W00: p.34; W02: p.49

Program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, S99: p.6, 44; A99: p.6

School of Business, S99: p.6; W00: p.34

startup company support, S99: p.1215

Technology Enterprise Institute, W01: p.2123

Technology Initiative, S00: p.6

Technology Management program, W02: p.47


Center for Process Analytical Chemistry, W01: p.30

electro-optic polymers, A00: p.13

patents, W00: p.39

Pauling Award Symposium, S99: p.48

civil engineering, S00: p.25

computer sciences

data mining research, A01: p.25, 27

Human Interface Technology Lab, S00: p.41

Pacific Northwest GigaPop Project, S99: p.1820

virtual reality research, W00: p.33

conservation biology, W01: p.43

earth and space sciences, S01: p.6

ecogenetics, W00: p.35, 36

education, S01: p.41

electrical engineering, S00: p.41


Argo project, W01: p.3234

Center for Urban Water Resources Management, S00: p.25

College of Engineering, A99: p.50

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, W02: p.40

mechanical engineering robotics research, A99: p.23

Program in Engineering and Manufacturing Management, W00: p.34; W02: p.49

Washington Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program, S00: p.25

environmental engineering, S00: p.25

environmental health, W00: p.35, 36

fishery sciences

College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, A99: p.16; W01: p.47

Fisheries/Oceanography Library, S00: p.43

marine reserves program, S00: p.36

spartina research, A99: p.35


College of Forest Resources, W01: p.47; W01: p.37

compost and pollution remediation research, W01: p.37

salmon run forest research, S01: p.54


Genetics Education Networks to Enhance Teaching and Improve Curricula in Science, W00: p.34

Genome Center, S00: p.20; W01: p.31

High School Human Genome Program, S00: p.38

geological sciences

earthquake fault systems, W02: p.35

mapping Northwest geology, W02: p.43

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, W02: p.40

soil studies, S01: p.11

geophysics, A01: p.33

law, A00: p.1213; W02: p.48

marine affairs (See also oceanography)

climate forecasts survey, W00: p.2425

Climate Impacts Group (CIG) , W00: p.20, 2425

School of Marine Affairs, W00: p.24

marine biology

Friday Harbor Laboratories, S00: p.3437; A01: p.42

whale identification, S00: p.41

mathematics, S00: p.25; W01: p.31



Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Unit, A99: p.38

Arthritis Source Web site, W02: p.3031

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, W00: p.35, 36

certification program in research ethics, W00: p.33

Children's Environmental Health Research Center, W00: p.37

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cooperative Research Center, S00: p.41

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, S99: p.27

Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, W02: p.29

E-Medicine program, W02: p.29

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

Human Subjects Division, A99: p.38

Markey Molecular Medicine Center, W01: p.46

Medical Center, A00: p.26

Medical Genetics Clinic, A01: p.45

National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, W02: p.21

National Space Biomedical Research Institute participation, A01: p.6

orthopaedics and sports medicine, W02: p.30

patient-centered clinical education, S01: p.37

Physicians Network, W02: p.31

Program for Educational Transformation Through Technology (PETTT), W02: p.30

School of Medicine

Department of Medicine, S99: p.40

foundation, S99: p.14

GENETICS project, W00: p.34

human subjects database, A99: p.43

impacts of, S00: p.49

startups and, S00: p.13

stem-cell gene therapy, S01: p.13

School of Nursing, A00: p.15

School of Public Health and Community Medicine, W00: p.36; W01: p.46

Viral Hepatitis Laboratory, W01: p.10

Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center, S01: p.12


air pollution and asthma studies, W00: p.6

autism, A00: p.15

blood stem cells, W01: p.46

chronic fatigue, S00: p.41

cystic fibrosis research, W00: p.33

food-drug interactions, W01: p.42

Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory Study, W01: p.46

hepatitis C virus, W01: p.10

malaria, A00: p.23

multiple sclerosis, S99: p.27

muscular dystrophy, S01: p.13

space biomedicine, A01: p.68

microbiology, S00: p.40

molecular biotechnology, S00: p.24; S00: p.23

nanotechnology, S01: p.2627

neurology, S01: p.13


Argo project, W01: p.3234

black smoker research, A99: p.15; S00: p.16

College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, A99: p.16; W01: p.47

earthquakes and fluid circulation research, W01: p.12

Fisheries/Oceanography Library, S00: p.43

hydrothermal vent research, S01: p.20; W02: p.8

Joint Institute for Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, W00: p.22, 24; A00: p.22

PRISM (Puget Sound Regional Synthesis Model), A99: p.29

REVEL program, A99: p.16; A99: p.16, 17

ophthalmology, S00: p.25

paleontology, S99: p.8

pathobiology, W02: p.23


Applied Physics Laboratory

Arctic studies, S99: p.28, 29

black smoker recovery, A99: p.15

buoy development, W01: p.34

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.3638

Polar Science Center, W00: p.14

PRISM research, A99: p.31

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.17

ultrasound research, S99: p.7; A00: p.25, 27

Institute for Nuclear Theory, W02: p.13

Physics Education Group, W00: p.46

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

surface chemistry research, A00: p.9

van der Waals attraction research, A00: p.910

political science, A01: p.39

polymer and fiber sciences, A01: p.17

public affairs, A00: p.13; A01: p.1215

radiology, S99: p.7; A00: p.25


Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.1011; S00: p.16

Seattle fault research, W02: p.41

Seismic Hazards Investigation for Puget Sound (SHIPS), W02: p.39

Seismology Lab, S00: p.16

Special Collections, S00: p.43

University of Washington Press, W01: p.3841

Washington Technology Center (See Washington Technology Center)

zoology, S01: p.3236

University of Washington-Bothell. See also University of Washington

air pollution studies, S01: p.8

Giants in Science award, S01: p.37

University of Wisconsin

conservation leadership programs, S01: p.13

"green" catalysis research, S99: p.26

power industry research, S99: p.9

University of Wisconsin-Madison

estrogen reception research, S01: p.37

extremophiles research, S01: p.18

University Transportation Centers program, A99: p.37

university-industry partnerships

grants for, S99: p.16

high-tech industry partnerships, W02: p.48

University of Washington support of startups, S99: p.1215

unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), S99: p.32

Unmanned Systems Technology Laboratory (USTLAB), W01: p.17, 18

unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), W01: p.17

upward lightning, A01: p.33

upwelling, W02: p.21

URS Corporation, W02: p.35

U.S. Arctic Research Commission, W00: p.14

U.S. Army

blood analyzer grant, W00: p.39

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, A01: p.38

Corps of Engineers, W01: p.16

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, A99: p.34

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, S00: p.32

U.S. Coast Guard, A99: p.36

U.S. Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, W01: p.16

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Services, S99: p.39

Section of Seed and Plant Introduction, S00: p.28

U.S. Department of Commerce, A99: p.27; A01: p.13

U.S. Department of Defense

bio-adhesive research funding, A99: p.19

bioterrorism detection funding, A00: p.34

bio-warfare spore detection, W02: p.33


Strategic Research and Development Program, S01: p.18

TechLink and, W01: p.20

ultrasound research funding, S99: p.7; A00: p.26, 29

U.S. Department of Education

GEAR UP program, W00: p.34

Institute of Global E-Business and Innovation funding, W02: p.48

Telepartners program funding, W02: p.32

U.S. Department of Energy

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, S99: p.29, 30

Bechtel B&W Idaho contract, S00: p.7

biofilm research funding, A99: p.20

Brookhaven National Laboratory, A00: p.31

Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists funding, A01: p.29

energy-saving industrial motors research, A01: p.29

Environmental Health Initiative, A00: p.40

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (See William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory)

human health impacts of environment, A00: p.18

nanotechnology research funding, S01: p.26

national laboratories, A00: p.17

nuclear fusion research funding, A01: p.29

Office of Environmental Management, S00: p.7

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory funding, S99: p.16; A99: p.24

shock physics grant, W00: p.89

soil bacteria research funding, A99: p.19

U.S. Department of Labor, A01: p.15

U.S. Department of Natural Resources, S99: p.11

U.S. Department of Transportation, A99: p.37

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. See EPA

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, S99: p.27

U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, W00: p.29; W00: p.27; W02: p.38

U.S. Federal Laboratory Consortium, A99: p.24

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, W01: p.47

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, S99: p.8; A00: p.27

U.S. Forest Service, A00: p.45

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Earthquake Program, W02: p.35

earthquake research, S99: p.11

extremophile research, S01: p.17

landslide research, S01: p.1112

mapping Northwest geology, W02: p.43

Mineral Resources Division, W01: p.35

National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, W00: p.29

Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, A00: p.23, 45

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network funding, S99: p.10

Seismic Hazards Investigation for Puget Sound (SHIPS), W02: p.39

U.S. government funding gaps, W01: p.20

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. See NASA

U.S. National Climatic Data Center, A00: p.21

U.S. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, A00: p.11

U.S. National Institutes of Health

Alzheimer's research funding, A00: p.49

blood stem cell research funding, W01: p.46

brain research grants, S01: p.13

Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists funding, A01: p.29

coordination with PNNL, A00: p.18

cystic fibrosis therapy grant, W00: p.34

Diabetes Prevention Program, A99: p.42

funding levels for Oregon Science & Health University, W01: p.20

as funding source, S00: p.11

Ginkgo biloba research, W01: p.46

heart tissue research funding, A00: p.38

hepatitis C research funding, W01: p.10

HIV vaccine research, A99: p.9

imaging technology funding, A01: p.44

Institutional Development Award Program, S01: p.13

marker gene research funding, W01: p.19

muscle contraction research funding, A01: p.39

nanotechnology research funding, S01: p.26

National Eye Institute, S00: p.25

National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases, A99: p.40

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, W02: p.21

natural products research funding, W02: p.25

research ethics program funding, W00: p.33

Small Business Innovative Research Grants (SBIR), A00: p.15; W02: p.21

Superfund Basic Research Centers, A00: p.11

U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. See NOAA

U.S. National Oceanographic Partnership Program, W01: p.32

U.S. National Park Service

Big Sky Institute and, A00: p.45

biodiesel fuels, W02: p.33

hunt for Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

Northwestern interpretive trail, W02: p.43, 45

U.S. National Science Foundation

50th birthday, S00: p.5, 1015

1999 spending levels, W01: p.15

archaeology curriculum funding, W02: p.33

Arctic studies funding, W00: p.14

Arctic System Science Program, S99: p.29

biomedical implants funding, S00: p.33

buoy research, W01: p.34

COAST (Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport project) funding, W02: p.21

Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists funding, A01: p.29

Engineering Research Center grants, A99: p.18, 19; S00: p.33

history of funding to Northwest institutions, S00: p.16

hydrothermal vent, S01: p.20; W02: p.9

IARC funding, W00: p.16

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.28, 30

Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers, S99: p.9

Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training Program, S99: p.43; S00: p.40

International Programs division, S99: p.8

Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

marker gene research funding, W01: p.19

mass extinction research funding, S01: p.6

National Nanotechnology Initiative, S01: p.26

National Ocean Partnership Program, W01: p.34

natural history film-making, A00: p.45

neutrino research funding, W02: p.13

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.36

PEER (Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center), S99: p.11; W02: p.40

power industry research, S99: p.9

PRISM funding, A99: p.31

Project NEPTUNE funding, A99: p.17

red sprite research funding, A01: p.33

REVEL funding, A99: p.17; A99: p.16

thermal turbulence research, A00: p.23

vBNS system, S99: p.19

Vertical Integration in Research and Education program, A99: p.37

U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, W02: p.21

U.S. Office of Naval Research

Arctic studies, S99: p.29, 30

Argo project support, W01: p.32

buoy development, W01: p.34

implantable mini-computers funding, S01: p.34

robotic aircraft grant, S99: p.32

shock physics grant, W00: p.89

U.S. University Grants program, A00: p.15

US West, S99: p.19; W00: p.8

Usachev, Yury, W02: p.15

user logs, A01: p.2526

USGS. See U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Utah State University, S00: p.7; S01: p.12; A01: p.35


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