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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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F5 Networks, Inc., A01: p.3031

FAA. See U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Fade, Richard W. and Susan, A00: p.15

Fain, Sam, S01: p.29

Falkner, Kelly, A01: p.38

Fallen, Brooke, W00: p.910

Fanconi Anemia, A00: p.19

Faris, Jeffrey, A99: p.38

farming. See agriculture

fatty acids in oilseed plants, A00: p.31, 32

faults. See also earthquakes

Northwest fault systems, S00: p.16; W02: p.3441

Northwestern geology and, W02: p.44

Fausto, Nelson, W01: p.10

Fayyad, Usama, A01: p.27

FDA. See U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Fearing, Ronald, A00: p.9

federal agencies. See names of specific agencies under U.S.

Federal Express, W01: p.24

Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)

Laboratory Director of the Year, A00: p.19

technology transfer honors, A99: p.24; S00: p.89

Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986, A99: p.24

Feldbaum, Carl B., S99: p.48

FEMA. See U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency

fermions, A99: p.7

Fernald Laboratory, S00: p.37

Ferroplasma acidarmanus, W01: p.35

Feynman, Richard, S01: p.27

fiber optic networks, S99: p.18; S01: p.29

fiber optic telescopes, A99: p.1217

Fiber Quality Analyzer, A99: p.21


pulp and paper, A99: p.21

spider webs and, S99: p.47

film-making programs, A00: p.4445

filtration systems

air self-sterilizers, A99: p.27

BioFilter, A00: p.34

Findley, Peter, A99: p.6

Finger, John, A99: p.33

Finlay, Brett, A99: p.11

Finlayson, Bruce, S99: p.39

Fipke, Chuck, S99: p.9

Firefly system (MIT), A01: p.26

First Nation peoples

role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

science programs for, S99: p.41

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership, W01: p.4748

Fischer, Edmond, S00: p.1415

fish. See also fishery sciences

acid mine drainage and, W01: p.35

freshwater fish, S01: p.54

genotyping, S00: p.38

marine sticklebacks, S00: p.40

over-fishing study grant, W00: p.33

tracking, A99: p.16

whirling disease, S99: p.31

zebrafish, A01: p.42, 44

fish hatcheries, S01: p.54

Fisher, Charles, A99: p.17; W01: p.12

Fisher, Michael, W02: p.39

Fisheries Research Board of Canada, S01: p.37

Fisheries/Oceanography Library, S00: p.43

fishery sciences. See also fish

holistic management methods, S01: p.37

oyster culture, S00: p.4246

restoring salmon runs, S01: p.5354

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership, W01: p.4748

Fitzmauric, Leona, W01: p.18

Fitzpatrick, Annette, W01: p.46

flat panel displays, A01: p.30

Fleenor, Patrick, W02: p.48

flight, insects, S01: p.35, 36

floating bacteria, A99: p.18

floats. See buoys


ice ages, W02: p.43, 44, 45

landslides and, S01: p.1112

Flow International, A01: p.23

FlowCAMs, A01: p.21

flower speciation, S01: p.4449

fluid circulation in oceans, W01: p.12

Fluid Imaging Technologies, A01: p.21

fluidized bed technology, A00: p.36

Fluke Corporation, W00: p.11

flukes in invasive crabs, A99: p.34

flying robots, S01: p.36

FMA Research, Inc., A01: p.34

Focus Surgery, A00: p.27

Focused Technology Initiative grant, S99: p.16

food crops. See agriculture

food safety, S00: p.41; A01: p.21, 23

food web, salmon runs and, S01: p.54

food-drug interactions, W01: p.42

force, gecko foot adhesion and, A00: p.8

Ford Motor Company, W00: p.3334

forecasting. See weather forecasting

foreign workers in information technology, A01: p.13

forensic entomology, A01: p.39

Forest Renewal BC, A99: p.22; S01: p.13

Forest Sciences Center, A99: p.2122


Canadian research and education center, A99: p.2122

Canadian resources, A99: p.22

forests' role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

logging and ecosystems, W00: p.30

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership (STEP), W01: p.4748

Simon Fraser University geosciences program, S01: p.13

virtual modeling and logging, A99: p.31

Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49

Fortune 500 companies, WRQ software and, W01: p.24

fossil fuels

global warming and, W00: p.20; A00: p.21

plant alternatives, A00: p.31

solid oxide fuel cells, W01: p.46


dinosaur eggs, S99: p.89

dinosaur imaging, W02: p.5556

gorgons, S99: p.8

Montana State University discovery funding, S00: p.16

Fourier imaging correlation spectroscopy (FICS), S01: p.7

Fowler, Garth A., W02: p.40

Fox, Louis, S99: p.20

Francois, Richard, W02: p.23

Franklin High School, S00: p.38

Franza, Robert, S00: p.23

Fraser, Cal, S99: p.31

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

architectural design, S01: p.30

Cancer Prevention Research Program, W00: p.45

cell division research, S99: p.39

Computational Molecular Biology program support, S00: p.24

Developmental Biology Group, A01: p.42

dietary supplements, A01: p.19

Distinguished Young Scholar's award, W00: p.33

elephant genetics, W01: p.43

gene therapy award, A00: p.20

genetic and medical challenges, W00: p.4849

HIV Vaccine Trial Unit, A99: p.38

"Hutch High" program, W00: p.33

immune system research, A99: p.44

McDonnell grants, A99: p.37

National Cancer Institute funding, W02: p.57

Samuel and Althea Stroum Foundation endowment, W00: p.33

Science Education Partnership, A99: p.46; S00: p.38, 39

stem-cell gene therapy research, S01: p.13

Freeman, Krisandra, W00: p.3537

Freilich, Michael, S00: p.41

freshwater environments

salmon runs, S01: p.54

world water budget, Win. 02: SciScape

Freshwater Marine Biomedical Sciences Center , W02: p.25

Frewen, Barbara, S01: p.47

Friday Harbor Laboratories (FHL)

developmental biology, A01: p.42

intelligent systems summer institute, S01: p.34

new focus, S00: p.3437

Friedman, Debra, S00: p.35

Friend, Stephen, A01: p.31

Fritzky, Edward V., S99: p.8

frogs, S01: p.5052; A01: p.42

Frohnmayer, Dave and Lynn, A00: p.19

Frontier Research System for Global Change, W00: p.15

fruit, W01: p.2830

fruit flies, A01: p.42, 43

fuel cell research, W01: p.46; S01: p.37


biodiesel, W02: p.33

fossil fuels, W00: p.20; A00: p.21

fuel cell research, W01: p.46; S01: p.37

nuclear fusion, A01: p.29

solid oxide fuel cells, W01: p.46

sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, A00: p.31

Full, Bob, A00: p.8

fullerene molecules, S01: p.6

Fulton, John, A99: p.24

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), W01: p.48

Funding First partnership, A00: p.49

funding gaps in government and private sector, W01: p.20

fungi, A99: p.78; S01: p.17

fungicides, A01: p.18, 19

Furlong, Clement, W00: p.36; W00: p.35; A01: p.21, 22

fusion-competent vaccines, A99: p.9

Futrell, Jean H., S99: p.2426

fuzzy logic, traffic and, S00: p.41


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