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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Gable, Kevin, S99: p.48


Big Bang theory, S99: p.47

computer data processing needs for research, S99: p.20

cosmology research, A01: p.9

Galaxies software tool, A01: p.27

Galileo spacecraft, A99: p.16

Gallatin, W. Michael, S01: p.9

Galloway, Chris, A99: p.38

Gantz, Wilbur H., W00: p.33

Garrison, Dave, S99: p.42

GASMAP technology, W02: p.17

gasoline, aviation, S99: p.33

gatekeepers in immune systems, A99: p.44

Gates, William H., II, S99: p.6, 14; S00: p.49

Gates, William H., III, W00: p.45; S00: p.19. See also Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

GEAR UP program, W00: p.34

geckos, A00: p.811

GEERing UP! program, S99: p.41

Gelb, Mike, S99: p.22

Gelberg, Howard, W02: p.21

gene therapy

artificial chromosomes and telomeres, A99: p.8

gatekeepers and, A99: p.44

gene delivery systems, W02: p.21

Marker Gene Technologies, W01: p.19

Dr. Murray Theline Research of the Year Award, A00: p.20

muscular dystrophy, S01: p.13

University of Washington grant for research, S01: p.13

GeneLex, S01: p.10

General Motors Corporation, S00: p.8


cellular receptors, A99: p.44

defined, S00: p.20

developmental biology and, A01: p.42

genetic counseling, A01: p.4546

genetic diseases, W02: p.21

genetic diversity. See also biological diversity

telomeres and, A99: p.8

understanding genes and, W00: p.48

Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, S00: p.2629

genetic engineering

evolution and, W00: p.32

potatoes, A01: p.19

Smith, Michael, S99: p.50

viral protein cages, W00: p.7

genetic mutations

cancer and, W02: p.12

genetic drift and biodiversity, W00: p.31

Genetic Research on Western Salmon (GROWS), S00: p.38

genetic testing

biotechnology vocational courses and, S00: p.38

counseling and, A01: p.45

genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)

biotechnology vocational courses and foods, S00: p.38

dangers of, A00: p.33

oilseed plants, A00: p.31, 32

oysters, S00: p.45

viruses, A99: p.38

genetics. See also gene therapy; genes; genetic counseling; genetic testing; genomes and genomics

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

bacteria communities, A99: p.19

bioinformatics and, S00: p.20

cell division research, S99: p.39

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, W00: p.36

data mining and, A01: p.24, 28

drug reactions and, S01: p.10

Epigenomics AG, W02: p.12

fatty acids in plants, A00: p.33

fish evolution, S00: p.40

gene delivery systems, W02: p.21

gene sequences, S00: p.22

genotyping, W00: p.36

geoducks, A99: p.48

HIV fusion with T cells, A99: p.9

McDonnell grants, A99: p.37

Merck & Co., Inc. grants for, W01: p.46

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.4849

pesticide sensitivity and, W00: p.3537

plant speciation, S01: p.4449

polyploidy, W00: p.32

proteomics research, W01: p.9

research costs, A00: p.50

salmon studies, S00: p.38

science education outreach programs, A99: p.46

sea sponges, W02: p.27

Genetics Education Networks to Enhance Teaching and Improve Curricula in Science, W00: p.34

Genome Center, S00: p.20; W01: p.31

genomes and genomics

Arabidopsis thaliana, A00: p.33

bioinformatics and, S00: p.19

coevolution and, W00: p.31

data mining, A01: p.28

defined, A01: p.49

developmental biology and, A01: p.42

elephants and, W01: p.43

fish evolution and, S00: p.40

fungi, A99: p.8

future developments in, S00: p.15

parasites and, W02: p.22

research costs, A00: p.50

space biomedicine and, A01: p.7

GenOne Design, W01: p.22

Geodesic Sensor Net, W01: p.18

geoducks, A99: p.48


aeromagnetic surveys, W02: p.37

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

biosignatures, S01: p.1718

diamond mines, S99: p.9

fault systems, S00: p.16; W02: p.3441

mapping, W02: p.4245

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S00: p.16

seismology network upgrades, S99: p.1011

geomagnetic storms, A99: p.10

geomolecules, S01: p.1718


astrobiology program, S99: p.43

red sprites, A01: p.3235

George Ellery Hale Prize, A00: p.19

Georgiadis, Nick, W01: p.45

Geospiza, S99: p.14; S00: p.24

Gerald P. Kuiper Prize, A00: p.19

Gerhardt, Taryn, W02: p.4749

germplasm, S00: p.27, 28

Gerwick, Bill, W02: p.25

Ghan, Steve, W00: p.23

Giachelli, Cecilia, S00: p.32

GigaPop project, S99: p.1820

Gilbert, Ron, S01: p.8

Gillespie, Alan, S00: p.25

Gillis, Steven, W01: p.25

Ginkgo biloba, W01: p.45, 46

Giuliani, David, A99: p.6

Glacier Ice (review), W01: p.3841


Northwestern geology and, W02: p.44

photography, W01: p.3841

Glickman, Dan, S99: p.39

global circuits, red sprites and, A01: p.35

Global Circulation Models (GCMs), W00: p.21

global climate change. See climate change

global economy, S00: p.49

global marketplaces, engineering and, A99: p.50

Global Medical Connection, W01: p.22

Global Positioning Systems , W02: p.41

global warming. See climate change

Glodowski, Mary, S00: p.38

glues, S01: p.18

gluons, S99: p.47

P-glycoprotein, W01: p.42

GMOs. See genetically-modified organisms

Go2Net, Inc., W01: p.25

Goble, Dale D., A00: p.48

Goddard Institute of Space Sciences, S01: p.6

Goddard Space Flight Center, A99: p.48

Gohrman, Sonny, A99: p.35, 36

Goldin, Daniel S., S99: p.48

Goldman, Erica B., A99: p.78; W00: p.1417; S00: p.3437; W01: p.3841, 4748; W02: p.89

Goldschmidt, Neil, A00: p.20

Goldsmith, Steven, S00: p.6; A00: p.1213

Gonzaga University, A99: p.26

Goodwin, Kevin M., S99: p.7; A01: p.31

Gorbman, Aubrey, S99: p.40

Gordon, David G., A99: p.48; S00: p.46; W02: p.5

Gore, Al, W00: p.14

Gorski, Jack, S01: p.37

Gouterman, Martin, S99: p.48

Governor's Commission on Higher Education, S00: p.49

Govindarajulu, Purnima, S01: p.5152

GPS monitors, W02: p.41

Graham, Anne Krohn, S99: p.26

Granath, Bill, S99: p.31

Grand Teton National Park, W02: p.33

grapefruit food-drug interactions, W01: p.42

grasses, A99: p.3336

Graumlich, Lisa, A00: p.23


collaboration in research, A01: p.68

low-gravity research, S00: p.25

micro-gravity research, A00: p.36

space travel and, W02: p.17

Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, A00: p.45

Green, Phil, S00: p.24

"green" catalysis research, S99: p.26

"green chemistry" initiative, S99: p.39

green crabs, A99: p.33

Green Fluorescent protein (GFP), A01: p.44

"green" technologies, A99: p.24

Greene, Danielle, W02: p.48, 49

greenhouse effect

agriculture and, A01: p.29

Arctic ice pack, A01: p.36

burning fuels and, A00: p.21

chemistry of, W00: p.17

Gregoire, Christine, A00: p.12

Gretch, David, W01: p.10

Greya politella, W00: p.30

Griffith, Thomas, S99: p.48

Groff, Christine, A00: p.1314, 3435

Grogan, Melany Kirschen, W02: p.13

Gronfeldt, Rob, S99: p.42; S99: p.41

Gross, R. M., A00: p.31

groundwater contamination, A99: p.20

Grue, Chris, A99: p.36

GTE, S99: p.19

Gulf War Syndrome, W00: p.36

Gupta, Yash, S00: p.6

Gupta, Yogendra, W00: p.89

Guthrie, Anne, W02: p.38

Gutierrez, Scott, A01: p.4546


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