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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Aagaard, Knut, A01: p.37

Abilene Network, S99: p.19; W02: p.32

Abrey, Caryn Ann, S01: p.5354

Academic Medical Center Research and Training Building, W00: p.39

Academic of the Year award, A00: p.20

accelerators, positron, W01: p.13

Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), A99: p.50

Acea Pharmaceuticals, Inc., W00: p.39

acid mine drainage, W01: p.3537

Ackerman, Eric J., A00: p.41

acoustics. See also sound and audio

Center for Acoustics and Auditory Research, W02: p.10

whale identification, S00: p.41

Active Voice, LLC, A01: p.12

Acton, Loren, A00: p.19

Aculight Corp., A99: p.6

ADAC Laboratories, W01: p.10

Adelberger, Eric, S99: p.39

adhesive force of gecko feet, A00: p.8

Advanced Polymer Systems, A00: p.38

Advanced Technology Laboratories, S99: p.12; W01: p.10

Advanced Technology Park, W01: p.18

Advanced Technology Program, A00: p.17

Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc., A00: p.38

adverse drug reactions, S01: p.10

Aebersold, Reudi, S01: p.26, 3031

Aequorea, A01: p.44

aerial photography of glaciers, W01: p.3841

aerogels, S99: p.36, 38

aeromagnetic surveys of geologic faults, W02: p.37

aeronautic engineering, S99: p.3233, 43

aerosol collectors, A99: p.27

Aerosonde planes, S99: p.32

Aerospace Applications symposium, A99: p.5

aerospace industry

Aerospace North America Conference, W00: p.39

optical engineering, A99: p.5

OPTO-NorthWest presentations, A99: p.6

Primex Technologies, Inc., S99: p.37

Sea Launch Company, W00: p.43

Aerospace North America Conference, W00: p.39

African elephants, population decline of, W01: p.4345

African sleeping sickness, W02: p.22, 23

Agilent Technologies, W01: p.10, 11


National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, W02: p.21

telomeres and fungal research, A99: p.7

Agri-Business Commercialization and Development Center, W01: p.30


awards for educational efforts, S99: p.39

climate change impacts, A01: p.29

fruit infrared testers, W01: p.2830

Integrated Assessment Models and, A99: p.30

laboratory automation instruments, S99: p.7

oilseed plants, A00: p.3033

Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, S00: p.2629

workers' exposure to pesticides, W00: p.35

AIDS Clinical Trials Group network (ACTG), A99: p.40

AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU), A99: p.40

AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Unit (AVEU), A99: p.38

AIDS/HIV virus. See HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

air pollution

Arctic studies, W00: p.16, 17

automobile emissions, S01: p.29

health effects, W00: p.6

tracking smog, S01: p.89

weather forecasting data, S99: p.27

air sterilizing filtration systems, A99: p.27

airborne particles, A99: p.27; A00: p.3435

aircraft and aircraft industry

analog and mixed-mode circuits, S00: p.16

icing problems, W00: p.39

robot manufacturing, A99: p.23

robotic weather stations, S99: p.3233

thermal turbulence, A00: p.23

airlocks, International Space Station, W02: p.18

Akasofu, Syun-Ichi, W00: p.15, 17

Akmal, Tariq, S01: p.37


Alaska-Aleutian Seismic Zone, W00: p.30

earthquakes in, W02: p.38

Alaska Chemical Network, W00: p.17

Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, S99: p.11

Alaskan state government

Arctic studies funding, W00: p.14

Department of Fish and Game, W00: p.25

Albert, Fred, S01: p.18

Albert B. Sabin Heroes of Science Award, A00: p.19

Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award, S99: p.39; W00: p.45

Alfano, Carolyn, W02: p.38

algorithms in data mining, A01: p.25

Allan, Graham, A01: p.17, 19

Allen, Chuck, W01: p.18, 20

Alley, Allen, A01: p.30

Allosaurus fragilis, W02: p.56

Alpers, Charles, S99: p.40

alternative fuels

biodiesel, W02: p.33

fuel cell research, W01: p.46; S01: p.37

nuclear fusion, A01: p.29

sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, A00: p.31

Altman, Lawrence, W00: p.39

aluminum alloys in automobiles, S00: p.8

ALVAC-HIV vaccine, A99: p.38

Alvin submersible, W02: p.9

Alzheimer's disease

Ginkgo biloba research, W01: p.46

National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center, W02: p.21

peptides research, A00: p.15

research funds for, A00: p.49

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, S99: p.39; A01: p.39

American Airlines, F5 software for, A01: p.31

American Association for the Advancement of Science

fellows, S99: p.40

Gates address to, S99: p.14

Lubchenco's presidency, W00: p.45

Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowships, A00: p.4

Outstanding Scientist of the Year awards, A01: p.39

Virtual Puget Sound address, A99: p.30

American Astronomical Society, A00: p.19

American bullfrogs, S01: p.5052

American Chemical Society, S99: p.48; A00: p.18

American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), A99: p.9

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, S99: p.39

American Meteorological Society, W00: p.45

American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), A99: p.15; S00: p.16

American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, W00: p.45

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Ralph Coats Roe Medal, W00: p.45; S00: p.48

Americans for Medical Progress Educational Foundation, A00: p.19

amino acids, modeling, S00: p.23

Amis, W01: p.23

amniocentesis testing, W00: p.11

Amoco Corporation, A99: p.20

analog circuits, S00: p.16

Andersen, Ray, W02: p.25, 26

Anderson, Cathy Keck, A99: p.46

Anderson, Gail, A01: p.39

Anderson, Lyle, A99: p.26

Andrew, Marilee, A00: p.26

angiogenesis, A00: p.39

Angiotech Pharmaceutical, Inc., W01: p.31

Angiotech Professorship of Drug Delivery, W01: p.31

animal diseases. See veterinary medicine

anomalies in climate forecasts, W00: p.24


Arctic/Antarctic Center, St. Petersburg, W00: p.16

Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

Anthony, Robert G., A00: p.20

anthrax detection systems, A00: p.34


bacterial isolation and, A99: p.18

blue-green algae, W02: p.26

cystic fibrosis research, W00: p.33

hospital-acquired infections and, S00: p.32

Leeuwenhoek's work with, A00: p.40

models of, S00: p.18

Murdock grant, S99: p.27

new classes of, S01: p.910

antibodies, A99: p.9; W01: p.46

anti-cancer drugs. See cancer; pharmaceuticals

anti-fungal substances, W02: p.27

anti-matter research, W01: p.13

anti-viral drugs. See pharmaceuticals; viruses

Antle, John, A01: p.29

Apache Point Observatory (APO), A99: p.49

APL (Applied Physics Laboratory). See under University of Washington

Apley, Walt, S00: p.8

Apple Powerbook, W00: p.11

apples, infrared testers for, W01: p.2830

Appliant.com, S99: p.12

applied physics, W00: p.39. See also under University of Washington

Applied Physics Laboratory. See under University of Washington

Applied Process Engineering Laboratory (APEL), W01: p.18, 20


geoducks, A99: p.48

invasive species and, A99: p.34

oyster industry, S00: p.4246

shellfish monitoring, A01: p.2023

AquaLytic Technologies, Inc., W01: p.18

aqueous fluid, earthquakes and, W01: p.12


Arabidopsis thaliana, A00: p.32

developmental biology, A01: p.42

Green Fluorescent Protein in, A01: p.41

Ara-C, W02: p.27

ARCH Venture Partners, S99: p.12

archaea, Project NEPTUNE and, A99: p.14


Coast Salish prehistory, A01: p.4748

curriculum changes, W02: p.33

Fort Clatsop, A99: p.49


earthquake-proof buildings, S99: p.10; W02: p.38, 40

Montana State University-Bozeman pilot building, A99: p.24

ultrasound structural testing, W02: p.40

Arctic Oscillation, A01: p.38

Arctic Science Journeys (ASJ), A99: p.48

Arctic studies

Arctic haze, W00: p.17

Arctic Science Journeys, A99: p.48

automated research station, A00: p.15

IARC Center, W00: p.1417

Ice Station SHEBA, S99: p.2830

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.3638

Arctic System Science Program, S99: p.29

Arctic/Antarctic Center, St. Petersburg, W00: p.16

"Argo": On a Quest for Better Climate Forecasts, W01: p.3234

Argo project, W01: p.3234

Arianespace, W00: p.43

Armstrong, David, A99: p.34

Armstrong, John C., W01: p.13, 20; S01: p.78; A01: p.9; W02: p.4245

Armstrong, Lance, A00: p.49

Armstrong, Spence, W00: p.39

Arnold, J. M. O., W01: p.42


Arthritis Source Web site, W02: p.3031

drug clinical trials, A99: p.4142

immune systems and, S99: p.8

artificial hearts, A00: p.38

artificial intelligence

learning research and, S01: p.41

machine thought and, S99: p.4546

nature studies and, S99: p.47

Aserinsky, Eugene, W00: p.37

Asian Express air currents, S01: p.8

Asian Longhorned beetles, W00: p.4

Association of University Related Research Parks (AURRP), W01: p.15

Association of Washington Businesses, S01: p.22

Association of Western Universities (AWU), A00: p.34

asteroids, W00: p.13; S01: p.6

asthma, W00: p.6; W02: p.26


biomarkers for extraterrestrial life, W01: p.46

collaboration in research, A01: p.68

National Science Foundation funding for, S00: p.13

sea floor research and, A99: p.16

University of Washington degree, S99: p.43

astronauts and astronautics

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

Helms' work as, W02: p.1420

injuries and treatments, A01: p.7

Leovy's work as, A00: p.19

ultrasound applications and, A00: p.26

zero gravity training, A00: p.37


computer data processing needs for research, S99: p.20

dark matter, S99: p.47; A99: p.37; A01: p.9; W02: p.13

data mining, A01: p.24; A01: p.2728

extraterrestrial life, W00: p.1213

Gerald P. Kuiper Prize, A00: p.19

Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), A99: p.49; A01: p.28

Stardust Mission, S99: p.3438

structure of universe, A01: p.9

student-built telescopes, A00: p.46

University of Washington Observatory, A99: p.49


Astrophysical Research Consortium (ARC), A99: p.49

Hubble parameter, A01: p.9

asymmetric cell division, A01: p.43

ATL. See Advanced Technology Laboratories

ATL Ultrasound, S99: p.7, 13; A00: p.26

Atlantis Massif, S01: p.20; W02: p.8

Atlas, Les, W02: p.1011

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program, S99: p.29

atmospheric sciences

American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

Arctic studies, S99: p.29; W00: p.14

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

chemistry of, W00: p.17

data mining, A01: p.27; A01: p.24

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

global warming, A00: p.2122

heavy snows, W02: p.5053

Henry Stommel Research Award, W00: p.45

National Center for Atmospheric Research, S00: p.14

ozone depletion, S00: p.14

Pacific Decadal Oscillation, W00: p.20

PRISM research, A99: p.31

red sprites, A01: p.3235

atomic lasers, wavelengths in, A99: p.7


nanotechnology and, S01: p.25

Pauling's study of, S99: p.48

quantum phase transitions, A99: p.7

shock physics, W00: p.9

AT&T, Reflection software and, W01: p.24

Attachmate, information workers and, A01: p.12

auctions, online, A00: p.12

auditory information, brains and, S01: p.13

aurora borealis, A99: p.10; W00: p.15

autism, research centers for, A00: p.15


aluminum alloys in, S00: p.8

emission problems, S01: p.29

autonomous underwater vehicles, W01: p.34; W02: p.9

Autumn, Kellar, A00: p.8

avionics. See aircraft and aircraft industry

Axial seamount, A99: p.16

Axio Research Corporation, S99: p.49; A00: p.23


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