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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Oak Leaf Award, W01: p.25

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, A00: p.17

Oakland fault, W02: p.37

Ocean Drilling Program, W02: p.9


Arctic studies, S99: p.28; A01: p.36

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

black smokers, A99: p.1215; S00: p.16

coastal processes research, W02: p.21

earthquakes and fluid circulation, W01: p.12

Friday Harbor Laboratories, S00: p.35

Henry Stommel Research Award, W00: p.45

invasive species, A99: p.3336

Lost City hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.89

ocean chemistry, W02: p.8

Oregon State University Internet grant, S00: p.25

oyster culture, S00: p.4246

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.1217

Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life (REVEL), A99: p.17, 16

salmon run restoration, S01: p.5354

Sea Grant Program (See Washington Sea Grant)

Virtual Puget Sound, A99: p.2832

world water budget, Win. 02: SciScape

Odell, Garrett, S99: p.46

Odyssey launch platform, W00: p.44

O'Hara, Patrick, S00: p.19

oil industry. See petroleum industry

Oilseed Engineering Alliance (OEA), A00: p.31

oilseed plants, A00: p.3033

Olmstead, Margie, S01: p.29

Olson, LeRoy, A99: p.15

Olson, Maynard, S00: p.20; W01: p.31

Olson, Susan, A01: p.46

Olympia oysters, S00: p.44

Olympic mountain range, W02: p.44

Olympic Peninsula, Washington, W01: p.47

oncogenes, A01: p.44

O'Neil, Jennifer, A01: p.3031; W02: p.2832

online auctions, A00: p.12

ophthalmology, S00: p.25

OpTest Equipment Inc., A99: p.21

optical engineering, A99: p.56

Optical Sensing and Imaging symposium, A99: p.5

optical tweezers, S01: p.26

optics, spectroscopy and, W01: p.29

Optiva, S99: p.12, 13; A99: p.6

opto-chips, A00: p.1314

OPTO-NorthWest, A99: p.5

oral biology research, A99: p.19

Orca Bay Seafood, W02: p.48

Orchard Rite, Ltd., Inc., S99: p.16

orchards, W01: p.2830

Order of the British Empire, W00: p.45

ore heaps, S01: p.19

Oregon Academy of Sciences, A01: p.39

Oregon Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center, W01: p.46

Oregon Agricultural College, S99: p.48

Oregon Bioscience Association, W01: p.20

Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, A00: p.20

Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, S01: p.11. See also Oregon Health & Science University (post-2001)

Oregon Health & Science University. See also Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology; Oregon Health Sciences University (pre-2002)

Advanced Imaging Research Center, W02: p.21

Doernbecher Children's Hospital, W02: p.21

drug abuse research funding, W02: p.21

pharmacy programs, W02: p.33

proposed merger, S01: p.11

School of Nursing, W02: p.21

Oregon Health Sciences University. See also Oregon Health & Science University (post 2001)

Alzheimer's disease research, A00: p.15

bioinformatics, S00: p.24

biotechnology incubators, W01: p.20

brain injury treatment grant, S99: p.27

Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET), A00: p.1112

Ginkgo biloba research, W01: p.46

governing board, A00: p.20, 49

hearing disorder grant, A99: p.37

immune system research, A99: p.44

leukemia research, A00: p.43

merger plans, S01: p.11

molecular and medical genetics, A01: p.46

Office of Rural Health, A01: p.29

Oregon Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Center, W01: p.46

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, W01: p.31

technology transfer appointments, A00: p.20

Oregon Sea Grant, W02: p.25

Oregon state government

Department of Fish and Wildlife, S01: p.53

Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, W02: p.35, 41

Oregon State University. See also Oregon State University-Corvallis

atmospheric science studies, S99: p.29

Coastal Ocean Advances in Shelf Transport project, W02: p.21

College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, S00: p.25

College of Veterinary Medicine, W02: p.21

Freshwater Marine Biomedical Sciences Center, W02: p.25

hydrothermal vent research, W01: p.12

Keck Foundation grant for marine research, S00: p.25

marine biology, W00: p.45

microscale research, S00: p.16

National Academy of Engineering fellows, W01: p.31

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

North Pole Environmental Observatory, A01: p.36

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.10

pharmacy program changes, W02: p.33

science communication program, S99: p.27

Oregon State University-Corvallis. See also Oregon State University

kalkitoxin research, W02: p.25

natural products chemistry, W02: p.25

Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, A00: p.20

recycling in space program, A00: p.3637

SeaWinds project, S00: p.41

Oregon Wildlife Society Award, A00: p.20

organophosphate pesticides, W00: p.35, 37

organs, growing in laboratory setting, A00: p.38

origins of life

extremophiles and, S01: p.16

hydrothermal vents and, S01: p.19; W02: p.9

sea floor research, A99: p.14

orthopaedics, W02: p.30

Orwig, Greg, S99: p.3233

Osse, Jim, W01: p.34

osteoporosis, W02: p.18

Ostrander, Elaine, W01: p.43

Ostrea gigas, S00: p.44

Ostrea lurida, S00: p.44

outreach programs

AIDs education, A99: p.40

Big Sky Institute, A00: p.45

Center for Mind, Brain and Learning, S01: p.43

Community Outreach and Education Program (COEP), W00: p.36

forestry, A99: p.21

"Hutch High" program, W00: p.33

Immunex, A99: p.4647

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.10

patient community outreach, A00: p.19

PRISM, A99: p.32

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership, W01: p.47

Washington Technology Center, S99: p.16

outsourcing research and development, S99: p.23

Outstanding Scientist of the Year, A01: p.39

over-fishing, W00: p.33

Overland, Jim, S99: p.29; A01: p.37

oyster industry, S00: p.4246; A01: p.2023

Oyster Stew website, S00: p.46

Ozanich, Rich, W01: p.29, 30

ozone, S00: p.14; S01: p.8


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