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Director: Deborah L. Illman, Ph.D., University of Washington

Northwest Science & Technology is developed in part by university students who are learning to articulate technical concepts with clarity and accuracy. They're the next generation of science writers, reporters, and editors who will be called upon to translate scientific advances for the public.

NWS&T is read by business leaders, teachers, elected officials, media members, decision-makers, and interested citizens throughout the region. It's a tool for exploring how science and technology shape our lives in the Northwest and a new way to find out what's going on in our own backyard.

NWS&T helps members of the community make sense of developments in the fast-paced world of science & technology and helps to put these advances in a personal context.

NWS&T is the centerpiece of a laboratory for science and engineering communication where research is underway on improving accuracy of science news reporting; improving the interactions between sources and writers; and discovering ways to enhance public understanding of science & technology.

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