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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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La Niña

forecasting, W00: p.23

global warming and, A00: p.21

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.14

ski areas and, W00: p.24

labor force

software companies, A01: p.12–13

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

Laboratory Director of the Year award, A00: p.19

LabTemps, S00: p.24

LaChapelle, Edward R., W01: p.38–41

Lackey, Chantal, S99: p.22

Lageson, David, W02: p.37

Lai, Henry, A00: p.23

Lake, George, S99: p.19–20

Lake Missoula, W02: p.44

Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

laminated baseball bats, A99: p.25

Lamont, Richard, A99: p.19

land, role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

landslides, S01: p.11–12, 13

Lane, Neal, S99: p.40

Lang, Thomas F., W02: p.18

lanthanides, A99: p.7

laser arrays, A99: p.7

laser optical technologies, S00: p.16

laser-tracker systems, A99: p.23

Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. See Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award

Lassen National Park, S01: p.16

Latah Creek fault, W02: p.36

launching spacecraft, W00: p.40–44


Center for Law, Commerce and Technology, A00: p.12–13; W02: p.48

e-commerce issues, A00: p.12–13

health law studies, S99: p.40

law/technology MBA program, W02: p.47

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Cosmology project, S99: p.8

"green" catalysis research, S99: p.26

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, W00: p.8

Lazaro, Catherine C., W01: p.10

Lazarus, Steve, S99: p.12

Lazowska, Ed

on bandwidth, S99: p.19

on computer sciences enrollments, A01: p.13

on endowed chairs in computer science and engineering, W00: p.33

on federal research and development funding, S00: p.5

on Intel/University of Washington collaboration, A01: p.8

as National Academy of Engineering fellow, A01: p.39

on National Science Foundation, S00: p.11

on Nelson's directorship, A00: p.12

leaching, acid mine drainage and, W01: p.35

Leavitt, Mark, W01: p.26–27

Ledbetter, Mike, S99: p.29

Lee, Chung-Shing, W02: p.47

Leeuwenhoek, Anton van, A00: p.40–42

Legacy Health System (LHS), S99: p.27

legal issues. See law

Leica's laser-tracker sensors, A99: p.23

Leishmania, W02: p.22

Leishmania Genome Network, W02: p.22

Lentz, Anthony, A99: p.27; W01: p.18

LEO-15 project, A99: p.16–17

Leovy, Conway, A00: p.19

Lerner, Nancy, A99: p.33


Ara-C treatment, W02: p.27

blood stem cell research, W01: p.46

enzymes and, A00: p.43

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, A00: p.43

Leukemia Society of America. See Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Leung, Ruby, W00: p.22

Levenspiel, Octave, W01: p.31

Levi, Margaret, A01: p.39

Lewis, Meriwether, A99: p.49

Lewis and Clark College, A00: p.8

liberal arts education, value of, A00: p.5–6

licensing technology

technology transfers and, W01: p.21

Washington Research Foundation and, S99: p.6

LIDAR (Light Distance and Ranging), W02: p.39

life, extraterrestrial. See extraterrestrial life

life, quality of. See quality of life, implants and

life support systems, recycling in, A00: p.36

LIFEPAK 12, S00: p.17

life's origins. See origins of life

Lifetime Achievement Award, W00: p.45

Light, Russ, W01: p.34

Light Distance and Ranging (LIDAR), W02: p.39

lightning, A01: p.33

Liikala, Sherry, A00: p.34

Lim, Pat, A99: p.36

limits on livable environments, S01: p.16

Lin, Yvonne, W01: p.42

linseed, A00: p.31

Linton, Richard, A00: p.19

Linus Pauling Medal, S99: p.48

Lipe, Bill, W02: p.33

lipid drug delivery methods, S99: p.22

Lippke, Bruce, A99: p.22

Listeria, A00: p.34

Lithophragma parviflorum, W00: p.30

Little, Nan, W01: p.47

Liu, Sally, W00: p.6

Livingnetworks.com, W01: p.18

Locke, Gary, S99: p.48; W02: p.31, 57–58

Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, S99: p.38; A00: p.19

Loftus, Bill, W02: p.11–12

Loftus, Christine, S99: p.22; A99: p.38–43; S01: p.38–43

logging, A99: p.31; W00: p.30

Logsdon, Miles, A99: p.29, 30

Lombardo, Nick, A99: p.24

Long, David, A99: p.7–8

Long, Phil, S00: p.40

Longscope, Dana Warfield, W01: p.31

Loon Lake Recreation Science Program, W01: p.31

Loral Space and Communications, W00: p.43

Los Alamos National Laboratories, S99: p.26; S00: p.7

"The Lost City" hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.8–9

Loughney, Kate, S00: p.21

Lovell, Daniel J., S99: p.8

low-gravity environments

collaboration in research, A01: p.6–8

International Space Station, W02: p.17

NASA research funding, S00: p.25

recycling research and, A00: p.36

low-pH conditions, W01: p.35

Lubchenco, Jane, W00: p.45

Luce, Ryan, S99: p.31

Lucent Technologies, A00: p.14

Lumpkin, Tom, S00: p.29

lung disorders

cystic fibrosis therapy grant, W00: p.34

PathoGenesis grant, W00: p.33

Lynch, Michael, S99: p.40

Lynn, Kelvin, W01: p.13

Lyons, Walter, A01: p.34


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