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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Babul, Arif, A01: p.9

Bacillus anthracis. See anthrax detection systems

Bacillus spores, W02: p.33

Backbone Network Service, vBNS and, S99: p.19

back-scatter radio frequency identification (RFID), S01: p.7


in acid mine drainage, W01: p.35

airborne pathogen sensor, A00: p.34

analysis kits, A99: p.27

antibiotic-resistent, S01: p.9

Arctic Circle, S01: p.17

bacterial communities, A99: p.18–19

commercial applications of, S01: p.18

cyanobacteria, W02: p.25

E. coli research, A99: p.11

environmental cleanup uses, S00: p.40

floating bacteria, A99: p.18

food safety and, S00: p.41

identification, S00: p.41

in Lake Vostok ice cores, S00: p.9

Leeuwenhoek's work with, A00: p.40

low pH conditions and, W01: p.35

medical implants and, S00: p.33

in Mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20

petroleum industry problems, A99: p.20

shellfish safety and, A01: p.21, 23

soil bacteria research, A99: p.20; A99: p.19

sulfer-oxidizing, W02: p.9

virtual modeling, A99: p.31; A99: p.29

white blood cells and, A99: p.44

Bahr, David F., W01: p.31

Bailey, Dave, W01: p.42

Baker, David, S00: p.23

Baker, Ed, A99: p.16

Balian, Estelle, S01: p.11–12

Balistieri, Laurie, W01: p.35, 37

Ball, Diana, W00: p.42

Ballard High School, S00: p.38

Ballard Power Systems, Inc., S01: p.37


cloud measurements, S99: p.29

red sprite research, A01: p.33


electro-optic polymers and, A00: p.13–14

Pacific Northwest GigaPop Project, S99: p.18

sound files and, W02: p.10

Bank of America Corporation, A01: p.31

Bard, Allen J., S99: p.48

Barnett, Debra, A99: p.24

Barnholdt, Ned, W01: p.11

Baron, Dawn, S00: p.17

Baross, John, S99: p.43; A99: p.14; S01: p.16, 19, 21

baseball bats, A99: p.25

Baswell, Gloria, A99: p.41

bathymetry, multibeam, W02: p.39

Battelle-Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. See Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Battini, Jean-Luc, A99: p.44

battlefield deaths, A00: p.29

Battles, Craig, A99: p.23

Bauer, Emily, S99: p.23

Bauer, Susan, A99: p.24; S00: p.8

Bay Partners, S00: p.6

Bayh-Dole Act, S99: p.12; W01: p.16

Baylor College of Medicine, S99: p.8

BC Telecom Inc., S01: p.37

bears, salmon runs and, S01: p.54

Bechtel, James, A00: p.14

Bechtel B&W Idaho, S00: p.7, 8; S01: p.12

Becker, Luann, S01: p.6

Becker, Sandy, A99: p.6

beets, S00: p.27

behavioral research. See also psychology

recording neural and muscular information, S01: p.33

University of Washington and Talaris collaboration, S01: p.38–43

Behee, Lindsey, S00: p.35

Belitz, Dietrich, W00: p.39

Bellevue Community College, W02: p.49

Bender, Donald A., A99: p.25

Benkman, Craig, W00: p.32

Bennett, Robin, A01: p.45

Benson, Keith R., W01: p.49–50

Benton, Washington, W01: p.20

Benyus, Janine M., S99: p.47

Bereano, Philip, A00: p.33

Berg, Barbara, S00: p.38–39; W01: p.43–45

Berg, Bob, S99: p.23

Berg, Celeste, S00: p.38

Berg, Martin, A99: p.23

Berger, David, A99: p.38

Berkebile, Bob, A99: p.24

Berkeley Instruments, W01: p.29, 30

Bernard, Eddie, W00: p.27, 28

Betteridge, Mark, W01: p.18

Beverley, Stephen, W02: p.22

Biery, Nancy Jensen, W01: p.10–11

Big Bang theory, S99: p.47; W00: p.8; W01: p.13

Big Sky Institute, A00: p.45

Big Sky Laser, W01: p.20

Bilby, Robert, S01: p.54

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, W00: p.33; S00: p.25

Billie, Jonah, W01: p.48

BIO '99, S99: p.48

bio-adhesives, extremophiles and, A99: p.19

biobarriers, A99: p.20

BioCapture Air Sampler, A00: p.34, 35


American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

antibiotics, S01: p.9

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

eyesight reactions, S00: p.25

fatty acids, A00: p.32

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.48–49

biochips, spore detection and, W02: p.33

biodiesel, A00: p.33; W02: p.33

biodiversity. See biological diversity

bioelectric effect, A99: p.19


heart tissue growth, A00: p.38–39

malaria and magnetic fields, A00: p.23

microscale component research, S00: p.16

nanotechnology and, S99: p.21

smart polymers and proteins, A01: p.10

telemedicine programs, W02: p.29

bioethics. See ethical issues; medical ethics


bacterial communities, A99: p.18–19

extremophiles, S01: p.17

industrial applications, A99: p.20

BioFilter, A00: p.34

biogeochemistry, Arctic studies in, W00: p.15

bioinformatics overview, S00: p.18–24

bioleaching research, S01: p.19

biological diversity. See also genetic diversity

blue-green algae, W02: p.26

coevolution and, W00: p.31

complexity and, W00: p.32

moths, W00: p.30

biological invaders, A99: p.33–36; S01: p.50–52

biological terrorism, A00: p.34–35; W02: p.33


bioinformatics and, S00: p.18–24

children's programs, S99: p.42

chips in living organisms, S01: p.32–36

conservation biology, W01: p.43

extraterrestrial life possibilities (See extraterrestrial life)

importance in next century, S99: p.50

Intel's collaborative research laboratory and, A01: p.8

machine thought and, S99: p.45

Merck & Co., Inc. grants for, W01: p.46

nanotechnology and, S01: p.26, 27

Reed College building grant, A99: p.37

RNA editing and, W02: p.23

systems biology, W01: p.46

Washington State Outstanding Biology Teacher Award, S00: p.39


biotechnology research funding, W02: p.21

for extraterrestrial life, W01: p.46

for hazardous chemicals, A00: p.11–12


heart tissue, A00: p.38

implants, S00: p.31, 33

Biomedex, W02: p.33

biomedical implants

biofilms and, A99: p.19

immune responses and healing, S00: p.30–33

types of, S00: p.33

biomedical research

chitosan, A01: p.18

Distinguished Young Scholar's award, W00: p.33

lipids and drug delivery, S99: p.22

low-oxygen cells, A01: p.44

NIH funding to University of Montana, S01: p.13

public input, A99: p.43

science education grants, W00: p.34

space biomedicine, A01: p.6–8

toxicology biomarkers, A00: p.11

biometrics, pattern recognition and data mining, A01: p.25

Biomimicry (review), S99: p.47

biomining, concerns about, W02: p.27

biomolecular networks initiative, W01: p.9


biomolecular networks initiative, W01: p.9

nuclear magnetic resonance, S99: p.27

biopharmaceutical industry. See pharmaceutical companies


Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award, W00: p.45

modeling agriculture and climate change, A01: p.29

bioreactors, heart tissue growth and, A00: p.38


biomarker research, A00: p.12

defined, S00: p.8

ecological restoration, W01: p.16


airborne pathogen sensor, A00: p.34

extremophiles research, S01: p.19

microscale component research, S00: p.16

nanotechnology and, S01: p.30

shellfish toxins, A01: p.22, 23

smart polymers and, A01: p.10

stroke treatments, W00: p.39

biosignatures, S01: p.17–18

biosolids, heavy metals and, W01: p.37

BioSurface Technologies Corporation, A99: p.20

Biotechnologies Center (SIRTI), A99: p.26–27


BIO '99, S99: p.48

bioinformatics and, S00: p.19

Cell Systems Initiative, S00: p.23

clinical trials, A00: p.23; W01: p.11

diagnostic imaging needs, W01: p.10–11

environmental molecular sciences, S99: p.25

laboratory automation instruments, S99: p.7

law/technology educational programs and industry, W02: p.47

magnetically-assisted fluidized beds, A00: p.37

marine biotechnology, Win. 02: SciScape

nanotechnology, S99: p.22; S01: p.29

National Institute for Standards and Technology division, A00: p.17

National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases consortium, W02: p.21

pharmacogenetics, S01: p.10

Rathmann as pioneer in, A00: p.20

research incubators, W01: p.20

science education outreach, A99: p.46

as twenty-first century issue, W01: p.24

University of British Columbia biotechnology lab, A99: p.11; A00: p.23

University of Washington-related startups and, S99: p.13

vocational courses, S00: p.38–39

Biotechnology Industry Organization's BIO '99, S99: p.48

Biotechnology Laboratory, University of British Columbia, A99: p.11; A00: p.23

bio-warfare, W02: p.33


acid mine drainage and, W01: p.35

eagles, S01: p.54

invasive grass species and, A99: p.35–36

Birmingham, Joseph, A00: p.34

birth defects, genetics counseling and, A01: p.45

Bitterroot Restoration, Inc. (BRI), W01: p.16

black holes in Big Bang theory, S99: p.47

black smokers

extremophile research and, S01: p.19–21

hydrothermal vents, A99: p.12, 13

Mid-Atlantic hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.8–9

raising from sea floor, A99: p.14, 15

Blackman, Donna, S01: p.20; W02: p.8

Blackman, Harold S., S01: p.12

Blakely, Richard, W02: p.37

Blanton, Nancy, S00: p.42–46

blebs, A00: p.41

bleeding, ultrasound treatments for, A00: p.28

Bliss, Mary, A99: p.24


diagnostics and charge coupled devices, A99: p.27

growing blood vessels, A00: p.39

ultrasound treatments for coagulation, A00: p.28

U.S. Army blood analyzer grant, W00: p.39

blue-green algae, W02: p.25–26

Blusson, Steward, S99: p.9

BNIM Architects, A99: p.24

Boeing Company

Boeing Commercial Space Company, W00: p.41

data mining research, A01: p.25

OPTO-NorthWest participation, A99: p.6

Pacific Northwest Regional Roundtable for Enhancing Engineering and Technology Education, A99: p.50

Reflection software and, W01: p.24

robotics and, A99: p.23

Stardust Mission, S99: p.37

as University of Washington partner, S99: p.19

Bφhringer, Karl, S01: p.34

Boise State University

earthquake fault systems, W02: p.35

INRA participation, S00: p.7; S01: p.12

Bond, Nick, W00: p.22

bone loss, A01: p.6; W02: p.17, 18

book reviews

Biomimicry, S99: p.47

Building Washington, S99: p.47

Darwin among the Machines, S99: p.45–46

The Double Helix, S00: p.48

Glacier Ice, W01: p.38–41

The Little Book of the Big Bang, S99: p.47

Northwest Lands, Northwest Peoples, A00: p.48

Rare Earth, W00: p.12–13

The Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, A00: p.48

Booth, Derek, S00: p.25

Borriello, Gaetano, A01: p.8

Bose, Anjan, S99: p.9

Bose, Satyendra Nath, A99: p.7

Bose-Einstein condensates in quantum laser array experiments, A99: p.7

bosons in Bose-Einstein condensates, A99: p.7

Boston Scientific Corporation

as SeaMED client, S99: p.23

services, S99: p.15; S00: p.4; A00: p.14


The Birds and the Bees of Plant Evolution, S01: p.44–49

chitosan research, A01: p.19

National Plant Germplasm System, S00: p.27, 28

oilseed plants, A00: p.30–33

plant alternatives for fossil fuels, A00: p.31

plant speciation, S01: p.44–49

Western Regional Plant Introduction Station, S00: p.26–29

bottom-pressure recorders (BPRs), W00: p.28

Bourassa-Shaw, Connie, S99: p.6; S99: p.44; A99: p.6

Bracken, Dorothy, W00: p.25

Bradley, Roger, S01: p.13

Bradshaw, Toby, S01: p.44–49

brain research

brain injury treatment grants, S99: p.27

developmental biology, A01: p.43

imaging, W00: p.34

machine thought and, S99: p.45

University of Washington and Talaris collaboration, S01: p.38–43

Branca, Andrew, S00: p.33

Branium.com, W01: p.31

Braun, Michelle, S00: p.30–33; W01: p.14–23

Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE), A01: p.35

Bremner, William, S99: p.40

Brett Bros. Bat (BBB) Company, A99: p.25

Bridges, Richard, S01: p.13

Britannia copper mine, W01: p.36

British Columbia government

Bureau of Legal Dentistry, W01: p.44

Department of Fisheries, A99: p.34

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) research parks, W01: p.16–17

Brocade Communications, S00: p.6

Brock, Thomas, S01: p.18

Brodzinski, Rod, A99: p.24

Brookhaven National Laboratory, A00: p.31

Brown, Sally, W01: p.37

Brownlee, Donald E., S99: p.35, 36, 37; W00: p.12–13

Brownlee particles, S99: p.38

Browse, John, A00: p.31, 33

Brunell, Don, S01: p.22

Buchwald, Dedra S., S00: p.41

Buck, Warren W., S01: p.37

Buckyballs, S01: p.6

Buhler, Kent, W02: p.47

building technologies

earthquake-proof buildings, S99: p.10; W02: p.40

Montana State University-Bozeman pilot building, A99: p.24

ultrasound structural testing, W02: p.40

Building Washington (review), S99: p.47

bullfrogs, S01: p.50–52

bumblebees, pollination and, S01: p.46, 48

Bunch, Ted, S01: p.6

Bunker Hill, Idaho, W01: p.37


Arctic studies, A01: p.37–38

instrument measurements, S99: p.29

next generations of, W01: p.34

North Pole Automated Station, A00: p.15

tsunami detection, W00: p.26–30

Burges, Stephan J., S00: p.25

Burgoyne, David, W02: p.26

Burke Museum, S00: p.36

Burt, Helen, W01: p.31

Business Plan Competition, A99: p.6


business plan-development internships, S99: p.44

diversity in business training, W02: p.47

new business promotion, W02: p.58

startup companies, S99: p.12–15

strategic partnerships for, W02: p.58

University of Washington business school growth, S00: p.6

use of climate forecasts, W00: p.24–25

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

BWX Technologies, S00: p.7

Byram, Scott, A99: p.49


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