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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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Sabin award. See Albert B. Sabin Heroes of Science Award


disaster resistant universities, W02: p.38

food safety and bacteria, S00: p.41

monitoring shellfish safety, A01: p.20–23

safflower oilseed research, A00: p.31

Sage, Helen, A00: p.39

Salesin, David, S99: p.14


genotyping, S00: p.38

mitten crab impact on, A99: p.35

restoring runs, S01: p.53–54

role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

Salmonella, A00: p.34

Samarasekera, Indira, A00: p.19

Sample, Joe, A99: p.25

Samuel and Althea Stroum Foundation, W00: p.33

San Andreas Fault system, S99: p.11

San Juan County, Washington

Board of County Commissioners, S00: p.36

Marine Resources Committee, S00: p.36

San Juan Islands

Friday Harbor Laboratories, S00: p.35

prehistory, A01: p.47–48

Sandia National Laboratory, A01: p.27

Sarachik, Edward, A99: p.30; W00: p.22

Sarti, Dennis, S99: p.7

Satellite Industry Association, W00: p.41


Arctic studies, S99: p.28

Argo project, W01: p.32

geomagnetic storms and, A99: p.10

IARC center, W00: p.15

pollution transport studies, W00: p.17

Quikscat, S00: p.41

Satellite Industry Association, W00: p.41

Sea Launch Company, W00: p.40–44

seismic measurements, S99: p.11

transmission interference, S01: p.8

transmitting ultrasound images, A00: p.26

tsunamic buoy warning systems, W00: p.28

weather forecasting, S99: p.32; W00: p.20

Savory, Eve, S99: p.41, 43

Sawyers, Charles, A00: p.43

scanning technologies, S01: p.7–8

scarecrow genes, A01: p.41

scatterometers, S00: p.41

Schemske, Doug, S01: p.44–49

Schneider, Doug, A99: p.48

Schroer, Frank, S99: p.44

Schubert, Charlotte, S99: p.45–47; A99: p.33–36

Schultz, Howard, W01: p.25

Schurr, J. Michael, S01: p.7

Schweikhardt, Gary, W02: p.12

Schweitzer, Edmund O., III, S01: p.22–23

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, S01: p.22–23

Science Advisory Committee (Japan and U.S.), W00: p.15

Science Al!ve program, S99: p.41

Science and Technology Park, Richland, W01: p.20

Science Council of British Columbia, S99: p.41, 43

science education

engineering curriculum, A99: p.50

Gates Foundation grants, S00: p.25

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research grant, W00: p.34

humanities in, W01: p.5–6, 49–50

Immunex outreach, A99: p.46–47

National Science Foundation, S00: p.10

science communication grant, S99: p.27

Science Education Partnership, A99: p.46; S00: p.38, 39

science-in-society classes, W01: p.5

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership, W01: p.47

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science, S00: p.16

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

YES Camps, S99: p.41–43

Science Education Partnership (SEP), A99: p.46; S00: p.38, 39

science film-making programs, A00: p.44–45

Science Implementation Teams, W00: p.15

science literacy

importance of, W00: p.5; S01: p.58–59

need for, W00: p.50–51; S00: p.50–51

SciScape, W02: p.5, SciScape

Science Venture program, S99: p.41

Science World of British Columbia, S01: p.37

science writing

Eve Savory Award for Science Communication, S99: p.41, 43

importance of, W00: p.5, 50–51; S00: p.50–51; S01: p.58–59

science-in-society classes, W01: p.5

Sciences and Tribes Educational Partnership (STEP), W01: p.47–48

SciScape, W02: p.5, SciScape

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

anti-asthma compounds, W02: p.26

Argo project, W01: p.32

buoy development, W01: p.34

hydrothermal vent research, S01: p.20

Lost City vent research, W02: p.8

sculpin, S01: p.54

sea floors

hydrothermal vents, S01: p.20; W02: p.8–9

observatories, A99: p.12–17

tsunamis and, W00: p.27

volcanoes, A99: p.13, 14, 16; S00: p.16; W01: p.12

Sea Grant College Programs, A01: p.21

Sea Grant Program. See Washington Sea Grant; Oregon Sea Grant

Sea Launch Company, W00: p.40–44

sea slugs, S01: p.32–36

sea sponges, W02: p.25, 26, 27; Win. 02: SciScape

Sea-Bird Electronics, W01: p.33

seafood toxicity, A01: p.20–23

Seaglider buoys, W01: p.34

SeaMED, S99: p.23

Seattle, Washington

earthquakes, W02: p.36

fault mapping, W02: p.39

fault systems, W02: p.35

heavy snows, W02: p.51

School Board, S01: p.43

science meetings, S99: p.48–49

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (SBRI), W02: p.22–23

Seattle Central Community College, S00: p.39

Seattle City Light, W00: p.25; S01: p.22

Seattle Instruments Corporation, S99: p.7; S99: p.12

Seattle Specialty Ceramics, S99: p.14

Seattle University

Institute of Global E-Business and Innovation, W02: p.48

MBA information, W01: p.21

SeaWinds instrument, S00: p.41

Sebat, Jon, W02: p.11–12

security, computers. See computer security, data mining and

security, national. See national security

seed collections, S00: p.27

Seiring, Patricia, S01: p.16

Seismic Hazards Investigation for Puget Sound (SHIPS), W02: p.39


earthquakes and fluid circulation, W01: p.12

Latah Creek fault, W02: p.36

network system upgrades, S99: p.10–11

Seismic Hazards Investigation for Puget Sound (SHIPS), W02: p.39

self-assembly (nanotechnology), S01: p.27

self-consciousness, machine thought and, S99: p.46


biochips, W02: p.33

Pixelworks, Inc., A01: p.30

positrons and, W01: p.13


bioterrorism attacks and, A00: p.34

earthquake and tsunamis, S99: p.10, 11

Geodesic Sensor Net, W01: p.18

microscale component research, S00: p.16

nanotechnology and, S01: p.30

radiation sensors, A99: p.24

robotic laser tracking systems, A99: p.23

stroke treatments and, W00: p.39

subcutaneous, A99: p.27

Sentman, Davis, A01: p.33

serpentinization, W02: p.8

setae (hair), A00: p.8, 10

sewage treatment, A99: p.29

Seyler, Amber, S00: p.36

Shaffer, Peter, W00: p.46

Shannon Point Marine Center, A01: p.21

Shapiro, Linda, S99: p.46

Shaw, Glenn, W00: p.17; W00: p.15

Sheehan, Kathy, S01: p.17


geoducks, A99: p.48

invasive crabs and, A99: p.34

monitoring safety, A01: p.20–23

oyster industry, S00: p.42–46

Sheppard, Stephen, A99: p.21

Sherer, Todd T., A00: p.20

Sherrod, Brian, W02: p.39–40, 43, 45

Shi, Galen, S00: p.32

Shi, Yongquiang, A00: p.13

Shipp, Bill, S00: p.8

shipping industry, A99: p.36

Shock Dynamics Center, W00: p.8

shock physics, W00: p.8–9

Shoreline Community College, S00: p.39

Shorewood High School, S00: p.38

shrimp, A01: p.17

Shuman, Randy, A99: p.29

Siberian Division (Russian Academy of Sciences), W00: p.16

Siemens Ultrasound Group, A00: p.27

Sierra Systems, A00: p.15

sigmoid shapes on sun, A99: p.10

signal processing, W02: p.10

silicon dioxide, S99: p.36

silicon industry, gecko adhesion and, A00: p.11

Simenstad, Charles, A99: p.35, 36

Simon Fraser University

Chancellor's Distinguished Service awards, A01: p.39

data mining research, A01: p.25

forensic entomology, A01: p.39

landslide research, S01: p.13

Management of Technology MBA, W02: p.48

research parks, W01: p.16–17

sustainability grants, A99: p.37

Technology, Innovation, Management and Entrepreneurship Center, W02: p.48

wildlife ecology chair, A01: p.39

YES Camps, S99: p.41–43

Simpson, Hunter, S99: p.6

simulations. See computer modeling and simulations

Singh, Steve, W01: p.25

Sinowitz, Mike, W00: p.25

SIRTI (Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute)

current projects, A99: p.26–27

fruit testing research funding, W01: p.29, 30

research parks, W01: p.18

ski areas, W00: p.21, 23

SkiCat system, A01: p.27–28

Skyllingstad, Eric, S99: p.29

sleep research, W00: p.37–38

sleeping sickness, W02: p.22, 23

slime surfaces, A99: p.18

Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), A99: p.49; A01: p.28

Small Business Innovative Research Grants (SBIR), A00: p.15; W02: p.21

SmallWorld.com, A99: p.6

Smith, Lloyd, A99: p.25

Smith, Michael, S99: p.50; A99: p.11; A00: p.23

Smith, Richard D., A99: p.24; W00: p.10; W01: p.9

Smith, Roger, S99: p.8

Smith, Samuel, S99: p.39; S00: p.7; S01: p.41

Smith, Scott, A99: p.33, 35

Smith Biotechnology Lab, A00: p.23

Smithsonian Institution, S99: p.38

smog. See air pollution

Snake River Plain Aquifer, W02: p.11

Snohomish County, A99: p.35; W01: p.8


Arctic studies, S99: p.28

Mt. Baker area snowfall, W00: p.19

La Niρa and snowfall, W00: p.24

Northwest snowpack estimates, W00: p.22

snowmelt virtual modeling, A99: p.31

snowpack and global warming, W00: p.23

Snow, Alan D., A00: p.15

Snow, C. P., W01: p.49

Snutch, Terry, A99: p.11

Snyder, Solomon, W01: p.31

Sobolevski, Andrθ, W01: p.36

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, A99: p.37

Society for American Archaeology (SAA), W02: p.33

Society for Developmental Biology (SDB), A01: p.42

Society of General Internal Medicine, S01: p.37


American Association for the Advancement of Science fellows, S99: p.40

National Medal of Science winners, S99: p.39

SOEST (School of Ocean and Earth Science & Technology, Hawaii), A99: p.17

software. See also computer sciences and technology

bioinformatics, S00: p.24

educational software, S99: p.39

electronic medical records, W01: p.26

Kiczales, Gregor, A00: p.15

parallel processing software, S00: p.8

for semiconductors, A01: p.30

technology transfers and, W01: p.21

WRQ, Inc., W01: p.24–25

software companies. See also names of specific companies

internships, S99: p.44

IT workers and, A01: p.12–15

Software Practices Lab, A00: p.15

soil bacteria research, A99: p.20; A99: p.19


earthquakes and, S99: p.11

landslides and porosity, S01: p.11

liquefaction, W02: p.40

Sokoine University of Agriculture, W01: p.44, 45

Sokolov, Dahlia, A00: p.26

solar energy, S99: p.47

solar explosions, A99: p.10

solar neutrinos, W02: p.13

Solar Physics Division (American Astronomical Society), A00: p.19

solar physics, A00: p.19

solar system

astrobiology program, S99: p.43

fullerene molecules and, S01: p.6

Stardust Mission, S99: p.35

solar wind, A99: p.10

solid oxide fuel cells, W01: p.46

solid waste recycling, A00: p.36

Solid-State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA), W01: p.46

solvents in dry cleaning, A99: p.24

Sommers, Paul, A01: p.12–15

sonar, A01: p.37

sonography. See ultrasound imaging and applications

SonoSite, Inc.

as ATL spinoff, A00: p.26

Entrepreneur of the Year awards, A01: p.31

portable ultrasound, S99: p.7

SonoSite 180, A00: p.29

Sornchamni, Thana, A00: p.37

sound and audio

audio fingerprinting, W02: p.11

auditory information, brains and, S01: p.13

Internet processing, W02: p.10–11

whale identification, S00: p.41

sound waves. See ultrasound imaging and applications

South African Museum, S99: p.8

Southern Oscillation. See El Niρo and the Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Southwestern Medical Center, W00: p.36

soybeans, A00: p.31, 32

space biomedicine

collaboration in research, A01: p.6–8

digital humans, A01: p.7

Human Research Facility, International Space Station, W02: p.17

space exploration and travel

low gravity and, W02: p.17

NASA's approach, A01: p.6

pioneers, A00: p.23

recycling during, A00: p.36

space biomedicine and, A01: p.6

ultrasound applications and, A00: p.26

Space Shuttle Discovery, W02: p.15

Space Station Robotic Arm, W02: p.18

space stations

airlocks, W02: p.18

International Space Station

Expedition Two Crew, W02: p.15–19

Helms' tenure on, W02: p.15

Human Research Facility, W02: p.17

injuries and, A01: p.7

projects on board, S00: p.25

osteoporosis research, W02: p.18

recycling in, A00: p.36

Robotic Arm, W02: p.18

ultrasound applications, W02: p.17

Space Systems/Loral, W00: p.43

space technology

analog and mixed-mode circuits, S00: p.16

biomedical technology, A01: p.6–8

space walks, W02: p.18


Mariner missions, A00: p.19

space travel, W02: p.17

Spacelab 2 Mission, A00: p.19

Stardust Mission, S99: p.34–38

Viking missions, A00: p.19

Spacelab 2 Mission, A00: p.19

spam, Internet service providers and, A00: p.12

Spartina, A99: p.33–36

Spatial Paradigm for Information Retrieval and Exploration (SPIRE), A01: p.27

spawning, oysters, S00: p.44


elephants, W01: p.45

research, S01: p.44–49

species interactions, W00: p.31

spectroscopy, W01: p.29

speech research, S01: p.40

Spence, J. David, W01: p.42

Spencer, Peter, A00: p.11

sperm whales, S00: p.41

spider webs, S99: p.47

SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering), A99: p.5–6

Spokane, Washington

fault systems, W02: p.36

research parks, W02: p.33

Spokane Community College, A99: p.26

Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute. See SIRTI (Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute)

sponges, W02: p.25, 26, 27

spore detection, W02: p.33

sports medicine, W02: p.30

Sputnik-1 mission, W00: p.44

St. John's Wort, W01: p.43

Stadel, Joachim, A01: p.9

Staley, James, S99: p.43

Stamatoyannopoulos, George, W01: p.46

Stamnes, Knut, S99: p.29

Stanford University

antibiotic research, S01: p.9

Office of Science and Technology, S01: p.9

red sprite research, A01: p.35

School of Medicine, W01: p.31

Stannard, Mark, S00: p.29

Starbucks Coffee, W01: p.25

Starkey, Jean, W00: p.7

Starkweather, Gary, A99: p.5

StarMedia Network, A01: p.31


cosmology research, A01: p.9

exploded (See supernovas)

Supernova Cosmology Project, S99: p.8

start-up companies

internships, S99: p.44

technology transfers and, W01: p.21

University of Washington School of Medicine and, S00: p.13

University of Washington support, S99: p.12–15; W01: p.23

Washington Research Foundation support, S99: p.6

Starwave, S99: p.19

state agencies. See names of specific agencies under states

Statistical Science, S99: p.14

statistics, data mining, A01: p.25

Statistics and Epidemiology Research Corporation. See Axio Research Corporation

Staubach Company, W01: p.19

Stayton, Patrick, A00: p.39; A01: p.10

Steacie Prize, A99: p.11

Stead, Doug, S01: p.13

Steele, E. N., S00: p.46; S00: p.45

Steele, Michael, S99: p.29; W00: p.14; A01: p.38

Steele, William P., S99: p.10; W02: p.41

Steier, William, A00: p.13

Stein, Joshua, A00: p.37

Stein, Julie K., A01: p.47–48

Steinberger, Peter, W01: p.46

stem cell research, W01: p.46; S01: p.13

Stennis Space Center (NASA), S99: p.27

Stephan, Al, W00: p.11

Stern, Harry, S99: p.29

Steury, Tim, A99: p.45; W00: p.30–32, 37–38; S00: p.26–29

Stewart, Dean, A01: p.37

Stewart, Phil, A99: p.18

Stoermer, Mark, A99: p.31

Stokes, Gerald M., W02: p.33

Stolc, Viktor, W02: p.33

Stone, Dave, W01: p.17

Stoops, Tracy, S00: p.38, 39

storm clouds, A99: p.29

Stout, Dave, S00: p.29

Stout, Rich, S01: p.17

Strasburg, Jana, W00: p.46

strategic partnerships

business, government, education, and non-profits, W02: p.58

industry-university partnerships, S99: p.16; W02: p.48

national laboratories and, A00: p.17

Strategic Research and Development Program, S01: p.18

Strathmann, Richard, S00: p.36

stratigraphy, W02: p.44

Stratos Product Development, W00: p.11

Strawbridge, Lisa, S99: p.41–43

streams. See rivers and streams

Streidl, Gigi, A99: p.43

Stricherz, Vince, S01: p.6

Stringham, Mike, A00: p.37

Strobel, Gary, A99: p.7–8

stroke treatment patents, W00: p.39

Strom, Leon, W01: p.47

Strom, Suzanne, A01: p.21, 22

Stroum Foundation. See Samuel and Althea Stroum Foundation

structural damage from earthquakes, W02: p.40

Stuart, Kenneth, W02: p.22–23

Stubbs, Christopher, S99: p.8; A99: p.37

Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH), A01: p.38

StudyWeb's Academic Excellence Award, S01: p.37

Sturman, Paul, W01: p.36

subcutaneous sensors, A99: p.27

submarine hotsprings. See hydrothermal vents


Alvin, W02: p.9

ice thickness measurements, S99: p.29

world's smallest, W01: p.17

subsurface science

cleaning-up environmental pollution, S01: p.12

subseafloor microbes, S01: p.21

subsurface microbiology, S00: p.40

subsurface oceanography, W01: p.32

Yellowstone, S01: p.18

Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, W02: p.13

sulfer, W02: p.9

sulfide chimneys, S99: p.43

sulfuric acid, W01: p.35

Sulzbacher, Steve, W02: p.31

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

The Summit at Snoqualmie, W00: p.24


missing neutrinos, W02: p.13

photosynthesis and, S99: p.47

power grids and, A99: p.10

solar neutrinos, W02: p.13

solar physics prize, A00: p.19

solar wind photons, A99: p.10

sunflower oilseed research, A00: p.31, 32

sunspots, A99: p.10

Superfund Centers, A00: p.11

Superfund sites, W01: p.37

Supernova Cosmology Project, S99: p.8

supernovas, S99: p.8

suramin treatment, W02: p.23

surface chemistry, A00: p.9

surface geology, W02: p.36

Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean. See Ice Station SHEBA

surface plasmon-resonance microscopy (SPR), S01: p.31

surveying North Pole, A01: p.36–37

sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, A00: p.31

sustainable building technologies, A99: p.24

Sustainable Development Research Institute, A99: p.37

sustainable development, A99: p.37

sustainable fisheries, W01: p.47

sustainable forestry, A99: p.21–22

Svingen, Orlan, A00: p.23

Sweatman, Tom, A99: p.22

Swenson, Robert, A00: p.45

Swift, Dana, W01: p.34

swinholide A, W02: p.27

Symans, Michael, W02: p.40

synthetic materials, body's response to, S00: p.31

Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science, S00: p.16

systemin hormone, S00: p.16

systems biology, W01: p.46


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