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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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J. J. Brenner Oyster Company, S00: p.43

J. S. McDonnell Foundation, A99: p.37

Jachowski, Richard, A00: p.23

Jackson, Anton, S00: p.36

Jackson, Frankie, S99: p.89

Jaech, Jeremy, A99: p.6

Jaffe, Daniel, S01: p.8

Jaffe, David E., W00: p.39

James, Garth, W01: p.36

James, Karen, A00: p.3033, 4042; S01: p.2431

James, Rikki, W01: p.48

Jamieson, Glen, A99: p.3336

JAMSTEC Compact Arctic Drifter (J-CAD), A01: p.38

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, A00: p.15

Japan Prize, S01: p.37

Japanese Frontier Science, W00: p.15

Japanese government

Arctic studies, S99: p.29, 30; W00: p.14

Ministry of Science and Technology, W00: p.16

National Space Development Agency, W00: p.15

Japanese Marine Science and Technology Center of Yokosuka City, A01: p.36, 38

Jarvis, William, S00: p.32

Jason project, W01: p.34

Jayaram, Uma, A00: p.15

J-CAD buoys, A01: p.38

jellyfish, A01: p.44

Jensen, Greg, A99: p.3334

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)

aerogels, S99: p.36

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.13

sea floor interests, A99: p.16

Jobs, Steve, W00: p.45

John F. Kennedy School of Government , S99: p.39

Johns Hopkins University, A99: p.49; W01: p.31

Johnson, H. Paul, W01: p.12

Johnson, Lee, A01: p.18

Johnson, Ronald, S99: p.18; A00: p.13

Johnson & Johnson, S99: p.23

Johnson Space Center

History Archive, A00: p.23

recycling research, A00: p.3637

Virtual Reality Lab, W02: p.18

Johnston, Richard, S00: p.41

Johnstone, Ed, W01: p.47

Joint Global Change Research Institute, W02: p.33

Joint Institute for Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, W00: p.22, 24; A00: p.22

Jonsen, Albert, W00: p.45

Jouvet, Michel, W00: p.37

Jovanovic, Goran, A00: p.36

Jovanovic, Iva, A00: p.37

Juan de Fuca plate

earthquakes and, W02: p.35

locked zone, S99: p.11

map, W02: p.39

Juan de Fuca Ridge

black smokers, A99: p.15

fluid circulation in oceans and, W01: p.12

plate tectonics, A99: p.14

seafloor observatories, A99: p.13; S00: p.16

Juanita High School, S00: p.38

junk science, A00: p.5


Europa, A99: p.14, 16; S00: p.9

noise storm, A00: p.46

Jurassic Park, W02: p.55

Justin Smith Morrill Memorial Award, S99: p.39

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, W00: p.34


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