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A01 = Autumn issue, 2001
A = Autumn
W = Winter
S = Spring

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E. coli

Canadian research, A99: p.11

detecting, A00: p.34

presence in humans, W02: p.27

E Ink, W00: p.9

EA Systems, S00: p.6

Eagle Hardware and Garden, W01: p.25

eagles, salmon runs and, S01: p.54

Early Learning and the Brain conference, S01: p.39, 40

early warning systems for tsunamis, S99: p.11

Earth and Planetary Sciences Department (American Museum of Natural History), A99: p.15

Earth and Sky Radio Broadcast Fellows, A99: p.48

Earth Search Services, S99: p.27

Earthquake Program (USGS), W02: p.35

earthquakes. See also faults

detection systems, S99: p.10–11

fluid circulation and, W01: p.12

landslides and, S01: p.11

Northwest fault system, W02: p.34–41

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S00: p.16

simulations, W02: p.40

slip rates and, W02: p.45

tsunamis and, W00: p.27

East Bank fault, W02: p.37

Eastern Washington University

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

Washington Technology Center grants, S99: p.17

Eaton, David, W00: p.36

Eberhardt, Scott, S99: p.32

e-business and e-commerce

engineering education and, A99: p.50

entrepreneurial education and, W02: p.47

F5 Networks software, A01: p.31

Institute of Global E-Business and Innovation, W02: p.48

legal issues and, A00: p.12–13

WRQ software, W01: p.24

Echols, Louie

on Baross's work, A99: p.14

on PRISM, A99: p.30

SciScape participation, W02: p.5

on shellfish toxin grant, A01: p.21

on STEP, W01: p.48

Eckert, R. Andrew, W01: p.11

ecology and ecosystems

Big Sky Institute, A00: p.45

bullfrogs and Vancouver Island, S01: p.52

forestry and, A99: p.22

human health and, W00: p.30

over-fishing study grant, W00: p.33

restoration of polluted areas, W01: p.16

salmon runs, S01: p.53

speciation and, S01: p.45

E-Commerce Genie, A00: p.13

economic development

impact of startups, S99: p.13

information workers and employment, A01: p.12–15

research parks and, W01: p.15

research universities and, S00: p.49; A01: p.8

technology and impacts on democracy, S00: p.48

technology transfers and, W01: p.21

University of Washington startups, S99: p.12

university posts, A00: p.19

Washington State technology reports, S00: p.41


modeling agriculture and climate change, A01: p.29

research costs vs. disease, A00: p.49–50

transformations in global economy, S00: p.49

ecosystems. See ecology and ecosystems

Edgar, Bruce, A01: p.44

editing RNA, W02: p.22–23

Edmark, K. William, S00: p.17

Edmonds, James, W02: p.33

Ednetics, W01: p.18

Educating for Innovation, W02: p.47–49


distance education, S00: p.7

doctoral level, A00: p.47

experience-based, S00: p.36

IGERT funding, S00: p.40

liberal arts education, A00: p.5–6

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.15

network access to resources, S99: p.20

neurosciences and, S01: p.40

philanthropy in, S01: p.37

rankings of educational institutions, A00: p.47

research universities and economic development, S00: p.49

strategic partnerships for, W02: p.58

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

Year 2000 Washington State Award for Excellence in Teacher Preparation, A00: p.20

Education Commission of the States, S01: p.40

educational media, W01: p.31

educational outreach

Center for Mind, Brain and Learning, S01: p.43

Dr. W. S. Universe, A99: p.45

High School Human Genome Program, S00: p.38

"Hutch High" program, W00: p.33

Immunex outreach, A99: p.46–47

K-20 Network, W02: p.32

Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network, S99: p.10

PRISM, A99: p.32

Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life (REVEL), A99: p.16, 17

Science Education Partnership, S00: p.38, 39

SciScape, W02: p.5, SciScape

Summer Institute in Physics and Physical Science for Precollege Teachers, W00: p.46; S00: p.16

Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science, S00: p.16

Telepartners program, W02: p.29, 31–32

videoconferencing, W02: p.31

Washington Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program, S00: p.25

YES Camps, S99: p.41–43

educational software, S99: p.39

Edwards, Scott, S00: p.36

EEG measurement systems, W01: p.18

efficacy (clinical trials), A99: p.42

eflornithine treatment, W02: p.23

eggs, dinosaur, S99: p.8–9

Einstein, Albert, A99: p.7

Ekbland, Scott, A01: p.29

EKOS Corporation

grants to, S99: p.16

ultrasound drug delivery, S99: p.7

Washington Research Foundation and, W01: p.23

El Niño and the Southern Oscillation (ENSO)

Argo project and, W01: p.32

awareness of, W00: p.24

defined, W00: p.20, 22

National Science Foundation and, S00: p.14

electric fields, red sprites and, A01: p.35

electric power grids. See power grids

Electrical Geodesics, Inc., W01: p.18

electrical signals

brain and, S01: p.39

opto-chips and, A00: p.13–14

electricity and electrical engineering. See also power grids

Intel's collaborative research laboratory and, A01: p.8

Internet audio processing, W02: p.10–11

pattern recognition and data mining, A01: p.25

power industry grants for research, S99: p.9

solid oxide fuel cells, W01: p.46

Electrochemical Society, S99: p.48

electrochemistry artwork, S99: p.26

Electrodynamic Ion Funnel project, W00: p.10

electroencephalgrams (EEGs), W01: p.18

Electroimpact, S99: p.13

electronic ink technology, W00: p.9–10

electronic medical records (EMR software), W01: p.26


flat panel displays, A01: p.30

Primex Technologies, Inc., S99: p.37

electrons, global circuits and, A01: p.35

electro-optic polymers research, S01: p.29

Elend, Mitchell, A99: p.13

elephants, W01: p.43–45

Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, W00: p.45

Ellesmere Island, Canada, A01: p.38

embryology, S00: p.40

E-Medicine program, W02: p.29

E-Medicine Website, W02: p.29

emerging intelligence, machine thought and, S99: p.45–46

Eminent Faculty Award, A01: p.39


communication between academe and employers, A99: p.50

information workers and, A01: p.12–15

startups and, S99: p.14

Washington State statistics, W02: p.57

Enbrel, S99: p.8; A99: p.41–42

Encapsulation Technologies, W01: p.20

endangered species

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), W01: p.44

elephants, W01: p.43–45

endocrinology, W00: p.34

energy demands, climate forecasts and, W00: p.25

energy research and development

energy-saving technologies, A01: p.29

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.7

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, S00: p.8

Energy Washington, W01: p.20

Engaging Science program, W01: p.31

Engineered Biomaterials Center (UWEB), A99: p.19; S00: p.31, 33; A00: p.34, 38

engineering. See also specific types of engineering

black smoker raising, A99: p.15

children's programs, S99: p.42

compared to developmental biology, A01: p.42

curriculum advances, A99: p.50

earthquake-proof buildings, S99: p.10

education grants, S00: p.25

enrollment figures, A01: p.13

entrepreneur of the year awards, S99: p.23

global marketplaces and, A99: p.50

implantable mini-computers, S01: p.33

Intel's collaborative research laboratory and, A01: p.8

nanotechnology, S01: p.25

National Academy of Engineering, W01: p.31

National Science Foundation, S00: p.10

power industry research, S99: p.9

Project NEPTUNE, A99: p.14

Ralph Coats Roe Medal, W00: p.45; S00: p.48

space biomedicine and, A01: p.7

spider webs and, S99: p.47

Stratos Product Development, W00: p.11

surveying software engineers, S99: p.44

toxicology biomarkers research, A00: p.11

University of Washington Business School interest in, S00: p.6

engineering graphics, A00: p.15

Engineering Research Center grants, A99: p.18, 19; S00: p.33


flight control, S01: p.35, 36

forensic entomology, A01: p.39

Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Ernst & Young), W01: p.24, 25, 26–27; S01: p.22–23; A01: p.30–31


Doug Walker, W01: p.24–25

educating for innovation, W02: p.47–49

Mark Leavitt, W01: p.26–27

SeaMED, S99: p.23

SIRTI participation, A99: p.26

University of Washington Business Plan Competition, A99: p.6

University of Washington business school growth, S00: p.6

University of Washington support, S99: p.12–15

Washington State statistics and emphasis on, W02: p.57, 58

Entrepreneur's Access grant, S99: p.16

environmental activism, W00: p.45

environmental health

Environmental Health Initiative, A00: p.40

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

pesticide studies, W00: p.35

Environmental Health Initiative, A00: p.40

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory. See William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)

Environmental News Network, A99: p.48

Environmental Protection Agency. See EPA

environmental restoration. See also conservation

companies, W01: p.20

radioactive wastes and, S01: p.12

urban streams, S00: p.25

environmental sciences

Big Sky Institute, A00: p.45

biofilms, A99: p.18

Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health, W00: p.36

conservation leadership programs, S01: p.13

Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, S99: p.25

environment's role in Northwestern history, A00: p.48

extraterrestrial environments, S99: p.43

extreme environments, S01: p.14–21

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, S00: p.7

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research, S00: p.8; A00: p.17

environmental sensors. See biosensors

Environmental Technologies Center (SIRTI), A99: p.26–27


biofilms and, A99: p.19

Cytochrome P450 3A, W01: p.42

drug metabolizing enzymes, S01: p.10

extremophiles, S01: p.18

leukemia treatments, A00: p.43

marker genes and, W01: p.19

pesticide processing and, W00: p.35

polyphosphate kinase, S01: p.9

proteins and, A01: p.10

in thermophiles, S01: p.16

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

acid mine drainage, W01: p.36

air pollutants and health, W00: p.6

climate change research funding, A01: p.29

"green chemistry" initiative, S99: p.39

Mine Waste Technology Program, W01: p.36

PRISM funding, A99: p.31

stream temperature research funding, S00: p.25

Superfund Basic Research Centers, A00: p.11

Superfund project funding, W01: p.37

EPICenter, A99: p.24

epidemiology. See also names of specific diseases

biostatistics and disease, S00: p.20

chronic fatigue research funding, S00: p.41

economic costs of disease, A00: p.49–50

ecosystems and, W00: p.30

EPA Northwest Center for Particulate Matter and Health, W00: p.6

hospital-acquired infections, S00: p.32

lung infections, W00: p.33

perspectives on challenges, W00: p.48

seafood-borne diseases, A01: p.20–23

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, W02: p.22

Epigenomics AG, W02: p.12

epilepsy, W02: p.25

Epimetrics Corporation, S99: p.7

equity issues for chemistry professors, A01: p.29

Erb, Dawn, A00: p.46

ergonomics, W00: p.11

Eriksen, Charles, W01: p.34

Ernst & Young

Entrepreneur of the Year Award, W01: p.24, 25, 26–27; S01: p.22–23; A01: p.30–31

Northwest Master Entrepreneur of the Year Award, S99: p.23

erosion control, grasses and, A99: p.35

errors in climate forecasts, W00: p.24

erythropoietin, A01: p.50

Escherichia coli. See E. coli

Esslinger, Sean, S01: p.13

estrogen receptors, S01: p.37

estuaries, A01: p.21

ethical issues

biotechnology and, S99: p.50

certification program in research ethics, W00: p.33

clinical trials, A99: p.42

genetics counseling coursework, A01: p.45

Lifetime Achievement Award, W00: p.45

research ethics program, W00: p.33

Eureka Science program, S99: p.41


biosignatures, S01: p.18

ice sheets on, S00: p.9

life on, A99: p.14, 16

microbial life, S99: p.43

evacuations and tsunami warning systems, W00: p.29

evanescent waves, W00: p.10

Evans, Jeremy, S99: p.27

Eve Savory Award for Science Communication, S99: p.41, 43

event-related potentials (ERPs), S01: p.39

Evergreen School, W02: p.5


astrobiology program, S99: p.43

bioinformatics and, S00: p.22

ecosystems and human health, W00: p.30

extraterrestrial life possibilities, W00: p.13

fish evolution, S00: p.40

machine thought and, S99: p.46

plant speciation, S01: p.44–49

submarine hotsprings and, S01: p.19

Ewald, Andy, A01: p.44

Ewert, Eric, A00: p.48

Excite, S99: p.14

Exodus, S00: p.6

exotic species. See biological invaders

Expedition Two Crew, International Space Station, W02: p.15–19

Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), S00: p.16

Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory (review), A01: p.47–48


elephants, W01: p.43

mass extinctions, S01: p.6

extraterrestrial life

extraterrestrial life possibilities, W00: p.12–13

extremophiles and, S01: p.17–19

ice cores and, S00: p.9

possibilities of, W00: p.12–13

testing for, W01: p.46

University of Washington degree, S99: p.43

extraterrestrial materials, S99: p.37

extraterrestrial volcanic activity, A99: p.14

extreme environments

extraterrestrial environments, S99: p.43

life in, S01: p.14–21

microbial life, S00: p.40


bio-adhesives, A99: p.19

defined, S01: p.15

psychrophiles, S01: p.17

eyesight, biochemical reactions in, S00: p.25


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