Niki and Joe, Vicar’s Close, Wells

Over the last several years, the allure of Europe had been slowly growing, fueled by travel brochures,  travel shows, and ‘Europe through the Back Door’.

In the fall of 2015, we asked the clarifying question ‘If not now, when?’   The obvious response was ‘Now!’  So with the easy decision made, we moved on to more difficult choices.

When faced with the intimidating task of making all the needed arrangements for foreign travel,  it was easy to become discouraged.  A tour group seemed a simpler alternative, but we were hesitant about that option.

We have spent the last 40+ years wandering the western US  on foot, on skis, and in boats of all types.  Could a couple of independent, solitude loving, wilderness aficionados really survive and enjoy a group travel experience? 

Encouraged by the efforts of Rick Steves to educate and to inspire independent travel, we jumped into the unknown.

This website is our way to share the resulting journey, and to encourage others to pursue their own adventures.

Come along with us.

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