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Going Green: New Approaches to Sustainable Building: Northwest researchers are laying foundations for more environmentally-friendly designs

When Heidi Nymark-Williams and her husband Paul were looking for a new home, they knew they wanted something modern. Turns out, they found one of the most cutting-edge styles around. The couple is now saving big money on a smaller home and loving it. The secret? Their home was built using green technology. In recent years, the concept of designing sustainable buildings has grown tremendously. Builders pay attention to materials needed for construction, and they look at the full life cycle of the product, from how much energy is used in its creation to the environmental impact when the product is finally discarded. Products are designed to last longer and need less maintenance. More research efforts are focused on green technology and buildings than ever before.

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Dead Sea Scrolls Coming in September to Northwest

Exhibit includes four scrolls never before seen by the public and interactive exhibits on the science behind the excavation, conservation, and interpretation of the scrolls.

High Drama for Northwest Estuaries

Mud shrimp have found themselves in a tangle involving invasive species ecology and the multimillion-dollar shellfish industry.

University of Washington

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