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Life Sciences
Northwest Explorer

Study Shows Effects of Toxin Exposure Passed to Offspring, Demonstrates New Mechanism for Inheritance of Traits
by Cherie Winner

Oceanic Bacterium Is Big For Its Size
by Colleen F. Craig

OHSU Finding May Offer Hope for Victims of Multiple Sclerosis
by Joel M. Dahms

Cover Story

Going Green: New Approaches to Sustainable Building
by Stephanie Cartier


Mud Shrimp Meets Invasive Parasite
by Eric Wagner

Tracking Air Pollution From Afar
by Chelsey Stevens

Will Global Warming Cause Sagebrush Ecosystems to Shrink?
by Jen Schripsema

Northwest Explorer

Dead Sea Scrolls Coming to the Pacific Northwest
by Eric Wagner

New Director Shapes UW Botanic Gardens for the 21st Century
by Trina Litchendorf

Life Sciences

Understanding Resistance
by David Lawrence

Smallpox Vaccine Shown to Provide Protective Immunity Decades After Vaccination
by Deborah Chang

Seattle Researchers Help Crack the Genetic Code of Three Deadly Parasites
by Mausmi Mehta

Simon Fraser University Professor Pursues Photo-Switches for Cancer Treament
by Kim Gunnerson

Study Seeks Strategies for Fibromyalgia Treatment
by Aaron Stroud

Birth Weight and Growth Patterns Linked to Heart Disease in Adulthood?
by Amy Pletcher

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