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All opinions expressed herein are the view of the authors alone and do not represent the official position or policy of the University of Washington.

Founding Editor:
Deborah L. Illman, Ph.D.
National Science Foundation Discovery Corps Senior Fellow 2006-07
University of Washington (UW)
Box 353740
Seattle, WA 98195-3740

Editorial Assistants:
Kay Greeson
Trina Litchendorf
Amy Pletcher


Joel Dahms has an M.S. in neurobiology and is currently studying science writing at the University of Washington.

Julia DeBaecke is a Ph.D. candidate in organic chemistry at the University of Washington.

Jennifer Glass is a 2006 UW graduate holding double degrees in Earth and Space Sciences and Oceanography.

Marita Graube has a degree in technical communication from the University of Washington and previously has written articles for NWS&T on photonics [Autumn 2003 cover], energy [Autumn 2002 cover], and biomimetic engineering [Winter 2003], among others.

Kay Greeson is a Ph.D. student in Public Health Pathobiology at University of Washington.

Kim Gunnerson is pursuing a doctorate in physical chemistry at the University of Washington.

David Lawrence is a research biologist at the University of Washington.

Trina Litchendorf studies oceanography at the University of Washington.

Kathy F. Mahdoubi is a freelance writer and recently graduated from the editorial journalism program at the University of Washington. She has interned at the Seattle Times.

Amy Pletcher is pursuing a master's degree in technical communication at the University of Washington with a concentration in science news and writing.

Ben Raker is a Seattle-based writer and editor who studied science writing at the University of Washington.

Jen Schripsema earned a B.A. in biology from Colorado College. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in the UW Department of Technical Communication.

Michele Solis is a freelance writer in Seattle.

Eric Wagner is a graduate student in biology at the University of Washington.

Cherie Winner is a writer with the Washington State University News Service, Pullman.

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