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Puget Sound: Saving a Northwest Gem:

It's a chilly morning on Bainbridge Island as Paul Dorn slowly moves his net over the still water. Below him, a glittering mob of anchovies dart about, ducking under our boat at the first sense of movement. Our crew of scientists and volunteers watch the hunt intently, bundled up in the morning mist against the backdrop of downtown Seattle across the Puget Sound. The sudden splash of a hungry salmon breaks the silence, mocking our efforts to catch just one wily anchovy. Dorn, a salmon recovery expert with the Suquamish tribe, has invited us along on this hip-wader adventure. We're on a catch-and-release mission to survey the island's shallow waters, tallying the perch, anchovies, crabs, and any other creatures that inhabit this narrow interface between land and sea: the nearshore.

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Methane Hydrates

Off the Northwest coast, scientists explore a reservoir of frozen methane on the seafloor.

Forays into "Citizen Science"

Millions of people and their computers are assisting scientists with projects that range from astronomy and climate prediction to predicting protein structure.

University of Washington

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