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Tsunami Science in the Northwest: Researchers are working to understand, predict, and mitigate one of Nature's deadliest hazards

Imagine that you are standing on a remote beach on the Washington coast. As you explore the tidal pools and dig your toes into the sand, the waves lap gently along the shore. Then, unexpectedly, the sound of the ocean ceases. The water begins to recede out to sea, farther than the eye can see. Suddenly, in the distance, a giant wave roars landward. You begin to run. The threat of a tsunami hitting the Pacific Northwest became all too real on Feb. 27, 2010, when waves generated from a massive Chilean earthquake propagated across the Pacific Ocean. Seaside towns along the West Coast were put on alert as scientists and citizens waited to see what paths the tsunamis might take.

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Where Did the Mammoths Go?

Why did the North American megafauna go extinct? Scientists have searched for an answer for 50 years: was it climate change, over-hunting by humans, or a cosmic impact?

Chemistry Outreach Program Uses Berry Power

High school labs explore how the dye in some berries can enhance the performance of solar cells. It's all part of a Caltech effort to bring new energy technologies into the curriculum.

University of Washington

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