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Table of Contents
Cover Story
Life Sciences
Northwest Explorer

Stunning Glass Sponge Reefs Discovered Near Washington Coast
by Emily Marshall

Seattle's Museum of Flight Affiliates with the Smithsonian Institution
by Keisha McDew

Scientists Reconstruct Ancient Mutational Steps that Led to Modern Protein Function
by Charla Lambert

Northwest Researchers Make Progress Toward the Wireless Future of Medicine
by Kellen Andrilenas

Cover Story

Microscopic Marine Life May Hold Clues to Climate Change
by Kris Ludwig


Return of the Wolves
by Cat Adams

Jet Stream Drives Oregon Coast Fishing Success
by Dan Helman

Lake Tahoe: Barometer for Climate Change
by Bret Norris

Organic Pollutants Ignored by Current Regulations
by Britta Voss


Human Trials Approved for an Implantable Device that Restores Movement in the Partially Paralyzed
by Beryl Hatton

Bacteria from Wastewater Used to Power Microbial Fuel Cells
by Sara Selgrade

Using Space Age Engines to Alleviate Poverty
by Jacqueline Callihan

Holographic Ultrasound Clears Path to Tumor Detection Through Dense Breast Tissue
by Samuel O. Pine


Building Bridges Beyond the Classroom
by Konstantine Kyriacopoulos

Northwest Explorer

Whale Watching and "the Flipper Effect”
by Adam Hamilton

Whale Watching and "the Flipper Effect”
by Adam Hamilton

Life Sciences

Surprising Form of Bacteria Found in Yellowstone's Hot Spot of Diversity
by Beth Martin

WSU Scientists Discover Key Proteins Involved in Plant Reproduction and Defense
by Amelia Bachleda


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