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Computer Science & Engineering at the Cutting Edge: Mix of top companies and labs make the Northwest an R&D powerhouse

Imagine a future where computers are everywhere–not just on every desk or in every lap, but also contained in miniaturized form in almost every object around you. Increasingly powerful networks bring great leaps forward in computation. Computers catalyze other sciences also, as the power to sift and systematize vast quantities of information races ahead. Now consider that computer systems, networks of computers, and databases will continue to become more complex as they grow smarter, more prevalent, and more powerful. There will be privacy issues as computers become embedded in increasingly everyday items. There will also be new challenges to the security and reliability of networks as connections spring up everywhere.

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Researchers Develop Molecular Claw to Grab Arsenic

Over decades, smelters spread arsenic over Puget Sound, and pesticide use spread it in Central and Eastern Washington. Now, there may be a way to capture this toxin.

Frontline Defense

Oregon company boosts production of high-tech bandage made from a substance derived from crab and shrimp shells.

University of Washington

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