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Center for Microbial Oceanography Research and Education Highlighted in Profiles in Team Science: C-MORE Links Marine Microbes to Ecological Processes

Researchers at C-MORE are focused on a comprehensive understanding of the diverse communities of microbes in the sea: what their genes code for, how they work together to control the flux of energy and matter in the ocean, and how all of this may change in the future. Located at the University of Hawaii, the center is focused on "linking genomes to biomes.” C-MORE programs were recently highlighted in a publication on the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers called Profiles in Team Science (, from which this piece is adapted. Research at C-MORE is organized into four interconnected themes. The first thrust focuses on the diversity of microbial life in the ocean.

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UW Oceanography Lab Unveils Data Visualization "Wall”

Technology developed by Armbrust and colleagues to allow comparison of large-scale images and analysis of complex data sets

Tumor Painting

A toxin from scorpion venom combined with a fluorescent beacon lights up a variety of cancers

University of Washington

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