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Northwest Researchers Make Tracks with Intelligent Transportation Technologies:

It's one of the biggest headaches that most people face, and chances are good that you've been caught in the mess. Traffic is an increasing problem for communities around the Northwest, and it's only expected to get worse. In the next 30 years, traffic in the Seattle area is expected to grow by 60 percent. More cars on the road means people could lose more time, burn expensive gasoline, and spew more pollutants into the air while sitting in traffic. But Northwest researchers are leading the way in making your trip from point A to point B a lot easier. And their work is becoming increasingly visible. Intelligent transportation research may eventually help commuters have a safer and more efficient trip. Researchers in the field envision an array of technologies for the purpose.

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Working to Save the Burbot

Once a staple for anglers along the banks of the lower Kootenai River, these unusual, eel-like fish are now the focus of conservation efforts.

The Flight of the Hummingbird Decoded

Northwest researchers reveal some of the secrets of this little bird's fast flapping.

University of Washington

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